Brexit is not an end to Britain’s liaison with Europe. It’s just a new beginning | Dan Snow

The Guardian
2019-01-01 (UTC)

History has shown us repeatedly how the lunar pull of Europe is irresistible – and will be until the end of time They are sick of the whole thing. They just want it to be over. No more uncertainty. Brexiteers want resolution. They will be disappointed. Willing something does not make it so. Aethelred wanted Viking raids to stop. The kingdoms of Wales, Scotland and Ireland wished the Norman and Plantagenet monarchs of England would cease their predatory lunges into their territory. Neville Chamberlain hoped that Hitler would be content with Czechoslovakia. Oliver Letwin wished there was an island we could send all migrants to. The hopes of politicians and rulers are whispers in a gale. There is no end state in our relations with Europe. There is only millennia of collaboration, conquest, disputes, exchange, competition and alliance. Continue reading...