Did you hear the story about the 10 obese hedgehogs? It’s a prickly subject | Jules Howard

Israel (IL)
The Guardian
2018-01-08 (UTC)

With stats showing that many dogs and cats are overweight, news of these porky hedgehogs shows how sadly humans are killing with kindness Reader, I have just returned from a voyage down an alt-right rabbit hole. Battered, bloodied and bruised, I resurface with news of obese hedgehogs . Ten of them. From Israel. These are hedgehogs so morbidly obese that they can no longer roll into a ball. They have now been picked up by a wildlife hospital and put on a strict diet before, hopefully, they can be rereleased. Why the alt-right rabbit hole? Because that’s where the message boards are at their most sinister and hilarious. Over at Breibart , commenters are discussing whether and to what degree these hedgehogs got fat off US government handouts. “It’s nice Israel has the money for this, compliments of American tax money!” says a typical poster, identified only as “Jim”. Continue reading...