Daughter of the Nicaragua revolution – archive, 20 March 1984

Nicaragua (NI)
The Guardian
2018-03-20 (UTC)

20 March 1984: Magda Enriquez joined the Sandinistas secretly in 1976, now she is a member of Nicaragua’s Council of State “Choose between me and the Revolution,” said Magda Enriquez’s husband when he discovered his wife had been working secretly for the Sandinistas in Somoza’s Nicaragua. “Of course, the choice had already been made,” says Magda Enriquez matter of factly. Six years later she is a member of Nicaragua’s Council of State where she represents the Nicaraguan Women’s Association AMNLAE, is happily divorced, and deeply proud of the new life patterns evolving in the country and epitomised by her own six children. At first glance Magda Enriquez might be mistaken for the typical product of the Latin American bourgeoisie sharpened by seven years at a conservative American university. With her purple fingernails, gold chains and dashing scarlet shirt she looks every inch the confident, successful executive. But in fact she is a trained soldier, peasant organiser, articulate exponent of the Sandinistas’s revolution and loving mother of her own five children, who has also swept up and adopted an extra child. Continue reading...