2018-02: UAE

  1. UAE cyber firm DarkMatter slowly steps out of the shadows (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-01
  2. UAE cyber firm DarkMatter slowly steps out of the shadows (Washington Post)2018-02-01
  3. Richard Branson announces Virgin Hotel for Scotland in 2020 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-01
  4. United Arab Emirates opens world’s longest zip line (Washington Post)2018-02-01
  5. United Arab Emirates opens world's longest zip line (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-01
  6. UAE gives Johns Hopkins $50M for new stroke care institute (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-01
  7. Dubai’s got everything else. Why not a floating burger joint? (Washington Post)2018-02-02
  8. Saudi citizen who attended terrorist training camp indicted (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-07
  9. Iranian-Canadian dies in custody in Tehran after crackdown (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-11
  10. Robert De Niro takes aim at Trump's climate change policy (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-11
  11. Scottish Cup: Ayr United 1-6 Rangers (BBC)2018-02-11
  12. Ali at the center of any talk of activism by black athletes (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  13. PM's office says Campion's jobs didn't break rules because she wasn't Joyce's 'partner' (The Guardian)2018-02-12
  14. Greek PM wants parliamentary probe of alleged pharma scandal (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  15. Aramco IPO takes center stage as Nasdaq CEO touts exchange (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  16. Barnaby Joyce denies improper behaviour at function and breaches over Vikki Campion (The Guardian)2018-02-13
  17. Not the end of The World: the return of Dubai's ultimate folly (The Guardian)2018-02-13
  18. PepsiCo puts up better-than-expected as the company pivots (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-13
  19. Acting Czech PM loses lawsuit against claims he collaborated (Washington Post)2018-02-13
  20. Apple CEO leaves investors dangling on future dividend hike (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-13
  21. Chipotle names Taco Bell executive as CEO (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-13
  22. Fresh twist for UAE diners as oysters thrive in warm waters (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  23. Media watchdog: Bahraini journalists targeted in crackdown (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  24. The Latest: Uber CEO wants the 'love back' after rough 2017 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-15
  25. Dubai's archipelago of 300 artificial ‘countries’ is back in business – video (The Guardian)2018-02-15
  26. Goldman CEO's worries over the U.S. economy (CNN)2018-02-15
  27. Airbus takes new €1.3bn hit on A400M troop carrier (BBC)2018-02-15
  28. Sulaiman Al Fahim: Ex-Portsmouth owner jailed for stealing £5m from wife to buy club (BBC)2018-02-15
  29. Fears Australian man held in United Arab Emirates could face firing squad (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-02-15
  30. Rob Lee: Newcastle United 'does not feel like' a huge club (BBC)2018-02-15
  31. Ethiopians reflect on future after PM Desalegn resigns (Daily Nation)2018-02-15
  32. Citigroup CEO scores a 48% raise to $23 million (CNN)2018-02-16
  33. Leicester City 1-0 Sheffield United (BBC)2018-02-16
  34. FA Cup: Leicester City 1-0 Sheffield United highlights (BBC)2018-02-16
  35. Middle East in transition: Oil, women and the IMF (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-17
  36. Reports: Bollywood icon Sridevi dies aged 54 (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-24
  37. Lathmar Holi festival: colour and beating with sticks – in pictures (The Guardian)2018-02-26
  38. Sridevi Kapoor: 'Case closed' in Bollywood star's death (BBC)2018-02-27
  39. Dubai closes case on Indian actress, calls death an accident (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-27
  40. Sridevi's death: Case closed, say Dubai officials (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-27
  41. Dubai police give reason for Bollywood icon Sridevi's bathtub drowning (The Star)2018-02-27