2017: Australia

  1. Phil Mercer: How are Australia's Syrian refugees coping? (BBC)2017-01-01
  2. Roger Federer can win another Grand Slam, says former coach Paul Annacone (BBC)2017-01-01
  3. Melbourne landlord installs coin-operated toilet in tenant's apartment (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-01
  4. 'Cocaine kingpin' Owen Hanson, wanted in Australia, set to plead guilty in US court (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-01
  5. New Year's Eve firework kills Australian father (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-01
  6. Fecal Pollution Taints Water at Melbourne’s Beaches After Storm (New York Times)2017-01-02
  7. Dancer Stacey Tierney from UK found dead in a Melbourne strip club (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-02
  8. Huge lines at Sydney Airport's Virgin Terminal (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-03
  9. Police searching for intruder who allegedly fell asleep in victim's lounge (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-03
  10. Heavy downpours bring flash floods to eastern Australia (Al-Jazeera)2017-01-03
  11. New Zealander arrested following Sydney stabbing (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-03
  12. Marlin drags fisherman into remote waters off Australia (BBC)2017-01-04
  13. Indonesia, Australia military cooperation on hold for 'technical reasons' (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-04
  14. Australian boy killed in choking 'game' (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-04
  15. Indonesia, Australia military co-operation on hold after training materials cause offence (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-04
  16. Indonesia Halts Military Ties to Australia Over Material It Deems Offensive (New York Times)2017-01-04
  17. Indonesia suspends military cooperation with Australia (Al-Jazeera)2017-01-04
  18. Defence Minister Marise Payne denies Australia 'recruits' Indonesian soldiers as spies (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-04
  19. Lizards are so hot in Australia they are asking humans for drinks (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-04
  20. AP Weekly Sports Calendar (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-06
  21. David Bowie beaten by Last Shadow Puppets to record cover prize (BBC)2017-01-06
  22. Sydney University pair beat Oxford and Yale teams to win global debating contest (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-06
  23. Tiger snake bites man and son in Melbourne home (BBC)2017-01-06
  24. No evidence New Zealand man, Joth Wilson, was thrown off a bridge in Australia by a married man as a 'gay hate crime' (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-06
  25. Kiwi dad mourns Tuipulotu 'Tui' Gallaher who told his rescuer to save his cousin first (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-06
  26. David Bowie terminal cancer diagnosis 'three months before death' (BBC)2017-01-06
  27. Chris Brown to box Soulja Boy over social media feud (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-06
  28. Victoria line part suspended after 'person on track' (BBC)2017-01-07
  29. Father of two dies after he was mowed down by car driven by partner (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-08
  30. Australian man Vasco Rodrigues drowns in Bali resort pool (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-08
  31. Australian physiotherapist Vasco Rodrigues found dead in Bali resort pool (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-08
  32. Muesli queen (BBC)2017-01-09
  33. Australian health minister stands down over expense claims (Washington Post)2017-01-09
  34. Australian health minister stands down over expense claims (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-09
  35. Nasa detects two space rocks heading towards Earth - but it still can't work out whether one is an asteroid or a comet (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-09
  36. Australian minister Sussan Ley stands aside over expenses scandal (BBC)2017-01-09
  37. East Timor plans to restart border talks with Australia (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-09
  38. Australian health minister probed in property scandal (Al-Jazeera)2017-01-09
  39. Indonesia's Joko Widodo 'hopes' to visit Australia soon despite military rift (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-09
  40. Zoo jokes about woman's snake bite (The Star)2017-01-09
  41. Australia’s Health Minister Goes on Leave in Dispute Over Gold Coast Property (New York Times)2017-01-09
  42. AP FACT CHECK: Alike tales of actors' car trouble are false (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-09
  43. Second woman in a week bitten by wild snake at Queensland's Australia Zoo (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-09
  44. Moon formed from merger of 20 little 'moonlets', new theory suggests (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-09
  45. Asteroid 2017 AG13 slips through Earth's defences (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-09
  46. Heart-stopping footage shows a diver attacked by a bull shark on the Great Barrier Reef (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-09
  47. Kidman: I wish I'd had more children (BBC)2017-01-10
  48. Michael Chamberlain, father of baby killed by dingo, dies (Washington Post)2017-01-10
  49. Michael Chamberlain, father of baby killed by dingo, dies (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-10
  50. New candidate for 'missing element' in Earth's core (BBC)2017-01-10
  51. Australian topless waitress and boyfriend in court on steroid charges (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-10
  52. Guantanamo Bay convict charged with assault in Australia (Washington Post)2017-01-10
  53. Father of baby killed by dingo dies (The Star)2017-01-10
  54. Guantanamo Bay convict charged with assault in Australia (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-10
  55. Sydney International: Johanna Konta beats Daria Gavrilova to reach quarter-finals (BBC)2017-01-10
  56. Saline bags 'tampered with' at hospital (BBC)2017-01-10
  57. Michael Chamberlain, Father of Baby Killed by a Dingo in Australia, Dies at 72 (New York Times)2017-01-10
  58. Obituary: Michael Chamberlain 1944-2017 (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-10
  59. Mystery woman offers Gable Tostee support as he embarks on new career 'eating' novelty oversized meals (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-10
  60. Suburban dream (BBC)2017-01-10
  61. Festival-goer feared for life during dramatic stampede at Falls Festival in Lorne (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-10
  62. Tiny outback town with population of 2,000 becomes an internet sensation overnight (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-10
  63. Michael Chamberlain, who claimed dingo killed his baby in Australia, dies at 72 (Washington Post)2017-01-10
  64. Chamberlain dingo 'didn't take baby' says Australian judge (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-10
  65. US drugs kingpin admits to Australian trafficking in plea deal (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-11
  66. US drugs kingpin Owen Hanson admits to Australian trafficking in plea deal (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-11
  67. Dozens trapped at the top of Movie World roller coaster (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-11
  68. Family booted off Jetstar Australia flight (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-11
  69. Sydney International: Johanna Konta into semi-finals & Dan Evans reaches third round (BBC)2017-01-11
  70. Namesake 'bromance' in Australia delights the internet (BBC)2017-01-11
  71. Rescue bid as twenty trapped on Australia roller coaster (BBC)2017-01-11
  72. New video purports to show Australian man kidnapped in Yemen (Washington Post)2017-01-11
  73. Justin Bieber's custom-made Ferrari 458 up for auction (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-11
  74. Jon and Tracey Stewart's animal sanctuary gets key approval (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-11
  75. Taliban release video showing American, Australian captives (Washington Post)2017-01-11
  76. Australian and US hostages plead for prisoner swap or Taliban will kill them (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-11
  77. Aussie Taliban captive: 'I don't want to die here' (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-11
  78. Rise in suspicious betting patterns in tennis a concern, says TIU report (BBC)2017-01-12
  79. Taliban release video showing American, Australian captives (Washington Post)2017-01-12
  80. Watch: Driver totals Ferarri sportscar trying to impress girl (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-12
  81. Evie Amati, accused of terrifying 7-Eleven axe attack caught on video, faces court (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-12
  82. Aaron Hernandez's tattoos may play role in murder trial (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-12
  83. Australian Open: Laura Robson and Tara Moore beaten in qualifying (BBC)2017-01-12
  84. NZ dad, daughter found in Australia after month at sea (The Star)2017-01-12
  85. Spectacular cloud photographed over Australia (BBC)2017-01-12
  86. Johanna Konta beats Eugenie Bouchard to progress to final in Sydney (BBC)2017-01-12
  87. Rights watchdog slams Australia over refugees (The Star)2017-01-12
  88. AP Weekly Sports Calendar (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-13
  89. Australian Open 2017: Andy Murray to play Ilya Marchenko in first round (BBC)2017-01-13
  90. Gable Tostee dismisses suggestions he may be recharged over Warriena Wright's balcony death (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-13
  91. Phil Mercer: Can music save Australia's failing towns? (BBC)2017-01-13
  92. Australian health minister resigns over expense scandal (Washington Post)2017-01-13
  93. Australian health minister resigns over expense scandal (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-13
  94. Claims New Zealand man Joth Wilson thrown off Australian bridge in 'gay hate crime' unfounded (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-13
  95. Australian minister quits over expenses saga (BBC)2017-01-13
  96. Johanna Konta beats Agnieszka Radwanska to win Sydney International (BBC)2017-01-13
  97. Dan Evans reaches maiden final in Sydney after beating Andrey Kuznetsov (BBC)2017-01-13
  98. WORLD SPORTS at 1330 GMT (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-13
  99. Editorial: Michael Chamberlain - a man of deep conviction and a fighter for the truth (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-13
  100. Australian Open: Hallucinations, long nights and happiness (CNN)2017-01-13

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