2017-04-17: Australia

  1. Meth breaks into the corporate world (The New Zealand Herald)00:50:09
  2. Tiny town in rural Queensland is offering blocks of land for $11 (The New Zealand Herald)01:50:09
  3. Bungling officials sent 104 gun licences to the wrong people in New South Wales (The New Zealand Herald)06:30:14
  4. Federal tax bills: Where does your state rank? (The New Zealand Herald)07:50:13
  5. Teens dies after shark attack off West Australia (The New Zealand Herald)10:50:09
  6. Shark kills 17-year-old surfer in southern Australia (Washington Post)11:40:51
  7. Shark kills 17-year-old surfer in southern Australia (The New Zealand Herald)11:50:10
  8. Mom, sisters watch helplessly as girl dies in shark attack (The Star)14:21:06
  9. MEJORADA DEL CAMPO Journal: Ex-Monk Erects a ‘Cathedral of Faith’ Brick by Brick, and Mostly Alone (New York Times)17:00:03
  10. 17-year-old girl dies from shark attack while surfing, with her mother and sisters looking on (Washington Post)17:20:45
  11. Australian Navy found guilty of lung cancer death of sailor (The New Zealand Herald)20:30:20