2019: Belgium

  1. Survivors are ‘furious’ a Netflix film apparently used footage from a real train crash (Washington Post)2019-01-03
  2. Thousands rally against Hungary's 'slave-law', PM Orban (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-05
  3. DRC election result delayed as half the votes remain uncounted (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-07
  4. Europe’s human rights court to hear Belgian euthanasia case (Washington Post)2019-01-08
  5. BBC Sound of 2019: Grace Carter interview (BBC)2019-01-09
  6. Returned jihadi suspected of stealing Brussels attack data (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-09
  7. Returned jihadi suspected of stealing Brussels attack data (Washington Post)2019-01-09
  8. Eden Hazard has outgrown Chelsea and should leave, says Jermaine Jenas (BBC)2019-01-09
  9. Super-gonorrhoea spread causes 'deep concern' (BBC)2019-01-09
  10. Is Stunning an Animal Before Slaughter More Humane? Some Religious Leaders Say No (New York Times)2019-01-09
  11. Opposition's Felix Tshisekedi declared winner of DRC presidential poll (Daily Nation)2019-01-10
  12. Opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi wins DRC's presidential election (The Star)2019-01-10
  13. Thursday briefing: Speaker nudges May's house of cards (The Guardian)2019-01-10
  14. DRC electoral runner-up declares election results an 'electoral coup' (The Star)2019-01-10
  15. Suspect faces court in Belgium over Jewish museum attack (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-10
  16. We'll see if there is any legal recourse - DRC ruling coalition (The Star)2019-01-10
  17. Trial of Frenchman for Jewish museum attack opens in Brussels (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-10
  18. DR Congo Catholic Church rejects vote result (Daily Nation)2019-01-11
  19. Safe birth of baby born to Ebola survivor hailed as a medical miracle (The Guardian)2019-01-11
  20. Man accused of shooting down UN chief: ‘Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to…’ (The Guardian)2019-01-12
  21. 'Lost Michelangelo' goes missing from Belgian church (The Guardian)2019-01-14
  22. Suspect in Brussels Jewish museum attack refuses to testify (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-15
  23. Suspect in Brussels Jewish museum attack refuses to testify (Washington Post)2019-01-15
  24. Police in Portugal, Belgium break up sham marriages ring (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-15
  25. Police in Portugal, Belgium break up sham marriages ring (Washington Post)2019-01-15
  26. England in West Indies: Joe Root hits 87 in first warm-up game (BBC)2019-01-15
  27. England in West Indies: Olly Stone ruled out of tour by back injury (BBC)2019-01-16
  28. England in West Indies: Stuart Broad takes hat-trick in warm-up game (BBC)2019-01-16
  29. Thousands skip school again to go to Belgium climate protest (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-17
  30. In tit-for-tat Trump 'postpones' Pelosi's overseas travel (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-01-17
  31. EU deplores Nicaragua crackdown, stands ready to help (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-21
  32. EU regulators fine Mastercard more than half a billion euros (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-22
  33. EU calls for tougher checks on golden visa applicants (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-23
  34. EU urges crackdown on 'golden passports' for big investors (BBC)2019-01-23
  35. 32,000 Belgian students march to demand climate protections (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-24
  36. EU launches action against Austria over child benefits move (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-24
  37. 'Brabant killers': ex-gendarme arrested on suspicion of hiding evidence (The Guardian)2019-01-24
  38. Brussels protesters brave cold rain to demand climate action (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-27
  39. Brussels protesters brave cold rain to demand climate action (Washington Post)2019-01-27
  40. PICS: 70 000 protesters descend on Brussels to demand action on climate (The Star)2019-01-27
  41. FA Cup: Holders Chelsea draw Man Utd in FA Cup fifth round (BBC)2019-01-28
  42. Theresa May splits Tories over anti-backstop Brexit deal (The Guardian)2019-01-29
  43. Sentencing of MP who lied to avoid speeding ticket could spark byelection (The Guardian)2019-01-29
  44. Labour MP Fiona Onasanya jailed for lying to avoid speeding ticket (The Guardian)2019-01-29
  45. Brexit twist: Prime Minister May asks MPs to vote against her own deal (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-01-29
  46. Man Utd rescue point against Burnley as Solskjaer's winning run ends (BBC)2019-01-29
  47. Top Brexit official at EU Parliament says there is 'no majority to re-open or dilute' withdrawal agreement (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-29
  48. Comment | Theresa May's Brexit triumph her best day since becoming PM (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-30
  49. News Daily: PM to go back to Brussels, and Apple 'price drop' (BBC)2019-01-30
  50. Wednesday briefing: Never mind the backstop – May seeks EU rematch (The Guardian)2019-01-30
  51. Belgian prosecutors probe theft at attack lawyer's office (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-30
  52. Belgian prosecutors probe theft at attack lawyer’s office (Washington Post)2019-01-30
  53. European Commission chief Juncker says withdrawal agreement 'will not be renegotiated' (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-30
  54. EU Commission chief says bloc "will work day and night" to get Brexit deal over the line despite setbacks (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-30
  55. Kate Spade's niece Rachel Brosnahan is the new face of her label (BBC)2019-01-30
  56. Theresa May faces pressure to clarify backstop changes (The Guardian)2019-01-30
  57. Jewish museum attack suspect condemns lawyer intimidation (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-31
  58. Eurozone economy grows by paltry 0.2 percent in Q4 (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-31
  59. Thousands skip school for 4th climate march in Brussels (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-31
  60. The Brexit delusion: May to demand the impossible? – Politics Weekly podcast (The Guardian)2019-01-31
  61. 'Complicit in tragedy': EU urged to end migrant returns to Libya (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-01
  62. Why is Europe against changing the Brexit agreement? (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-01
  63. Norwich beat Leeds to go top of Championship table (BBC)2019-02-02
  64. Brexit: Theresa May 'determined' to leave EU on time (BBC)2019-02-03
  65. EU, Arab League agree to disagree over meeting statement (Washington Post)2019-02-04
  66. We should have got on with banking royal commission earlier, Turnbull says (The Guardian)2019-02-05
  67. PM to secure Brexit deal that 'commands broad support' (BBC)2019-02-05
  68. Brexit: Theresa May to visit Brussels on Thursday for talks with Jean-Claude Juncker - Politics live (The Guardian)2019-02-05
  69. May to meet Juncker on Thursday to seek Brexit concessions (The Guardian)2019-02-05
  70. Brussels orders recall of 'risky' children's smartwatch (BBC)2019-02-05
  71. News Daily: Body found in Sala search and May in Brussels for Brexit talks (BBC)2019-02-07
  72. How the barcode became a million dollar idea (BBC)2019-02-08
  73. BBC investigative journalists among five arrested in Uganda (The Star)2019-02-08
  74. BBC investigative journalists among five arrested in Uganda (The Star)2019-02-08
  75. Labour MP Luciana Berger faces no confidence vote (BBC)2019-02-08
  76. Brexit: Theresa May to meet Leo Varadkar for Brexit talks (BBC)2019-02-08
  77. Computer says yes: how tech is a force for good (The Guardian)2019-02-08
  78. 747: How the jumbo jet shaped 50 years of flight (BBC)2019-02-09
  79. BBC journalists freed in Uganda amid probe into illegal drugs sale (Daily Nation)2019-02-09
  80. Spike Lee on Liam Neeson racism row: 'It's bad all around' (BBC)2019-02-10
  81. Siemens CEO on Brexit: Nobody invests into uncertainty (CNN)2019-02-11
  82. 150 migrants in 'grave danger' after boat runs into trouble off Libya (The Star)2019-02-11
  83. 'I'll talk, but then I have to call Putin': steakhouse at centre of EU spy alert (The Guardian)2019-02-12
  84. Brexit defeat weakens May's hand in last-ditch Brussels talks (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-14
  85. Pompeo meets with EU’s top diplomat amid Pence attack (Washington Post)2019-02-15
  86. Brexit deal can still be voted through, Theresa May will tell EU leaders (The Guardian)2019-02-15
  87. EU gets heavy-duty on pollution: 1st standards for trucks (Washington Post)2019-02-19
  88. Brussels accuses Orbán of peddling conspiracy theory with Junker poster (The Guardian)2019-02-19
  89. Senior EU official sentenced for rape of junior colleague (Daily Nation)2019-02-19
  90. Salmon farms raided as part of EU competition probe (BBC)2019-02-19
  91. EU slams Romanian govt for diluting anti-corruption fight (Washington Post)2019-02-20
  92. Greta Thunberg tells EU: your greenhouse gas targets are too low (The Guardian)2019-02-21
  93. Reappearance of statue's missing hand reignites colonial row (The Guardian)2019-02-22
  94. EU Parliament election could upend politics across Europe (Washington Post)2019-02-24
  95. African Union seeks to kill EU plan to process migrants in Africa (The Guardian)2019-02-24
  96. EU training mission comes under attack in Mali (Washington Post)2019-02-24
  97. EU court rules halal meat cannot get organic label (Washington Post)2019-02-26
  98. Government relents on rights of EU citizens after MP quits (The Guardian)2019-02-27
  99. Facebook withholding data on its anti-disinformation efforts, EU says (The Guardian)2019-02-28
  100. EU lawmakers: Albania opposition fight damages path to bloc (Washington Post)2019-02-28

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