2019-02: Brazil

  1. Brazil dam disaster: How do you clear tonnes of toxic sludge? (BBC)2019-02-01
  2. Brazilian embassy in Berlin vandalized with rocks, paint (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  3. Death toll in Brazil dam disaster rises to 110 (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-01
  4. Corruption Inquiry Involving Brazilian President’s Son Can Proceed, Court Says (New York Times)2019-02-01
  5. Brazil's Vale knew of risk to area hit by deadly mine disaster (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-01
  6. Brazilians pay homage to victims of dam collapse (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  7. Brazil dam: Startling pictures of Brumadinho collapse (BBC)2019-02-01
  8. Brazilians pay homage to victims of dam collapse (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  9. Brazilians pay homage to victims of dam collapse (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  10. Terrifying dam collapsed in Brazil caught on camera - video (The Guardian)2019-02-01
  11. Brazil: shocking new video captures moment of deadly dam collapse (The Guardian)2019-02-01
  12. Brazil pays homage to victims of dam collapse; toll hits 115 (Washington Post)2019-02-02
  13. Shocking new footage of Brazil dam collapse (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-02
  14. A Deadly River of Mud: Video of Brazil Dam Collapse Emerges (New York Times)2019-02-02
  15. Brazil pays homage to dam victims (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-02
  16. Brazil dam collapse: New video shows moment of dam burst (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-02
  17. See the moment a Brazil dam burst (CNN)2019-02-02
  18. Dam collapse: the desperate search at Brazil's 'ground zero' (The Guardian)2019-02-03
  19. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro ill after surgery (Daily Nation)2019-02-03
  20. Brazil dam collapse: The crucial questions (BBC)2019-02-04
  21. Journalist details mom’s search for son in Brazil dam breach (Washington Post)2019-02-04
  22. Brazil: four women killed every day in 2019, human rights body says (The Guardian)2019-02-04
  23. Brazil’s Sergio Moro looks to overhaul crime fighting (Washington Post)2019-02-04
  24. Jair Bolsonaro in semi-intensive care after colostomy reversal (BBC)2019-02-04
  25. Brazil dam death toll increases, some missing may never be recovered (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-05
  26. Brazil's Bolsonaro in semi-intensive care after abdominal surgery (Daily Nation)2019-02-05
  27. Myanmar’s Hero Was Killed Here. Now U.S. Brands are Setting up Stalls. (New York Times)2019-02-05
  28. The Davos set are cosying up to the far right – and scared of the left | Cas Mudde (The Guardian)2019-02-05
  29. Brazil institute: Potential health crisis in dam breach (Washington Post)2019-02-05
  30. 'I was in my truck as the mudslide hit' (BBC)2019-02-05
  31. Brazil education overhaul aims at ousting ‘Marxist ideology’ (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  32. 'That's going to burst': Brazilian dam workers say they warned of disaster (The Guardian)2019-02-06
  33. Da Silva convicted in second corruption case (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  34. Brazil’s ‘Lula’ Convicted Again of Corruption, Clouding His Political Future (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-07
  35. Brazil’s Lula convicted again, sentenced to 12 more years (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-07
  36. Brazil court hands former president Lula second 12-year sentence for graft (The Star)2019-02-07
  37. Brazil's ex-president Lula convicted in second corruption case (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-07
  38. Lawmaker’s outfit stirs controversy in Brazil (Washington Post)2019-02-07
  39. Berlin International Film Festival to open (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-07
  40. 'Time bomb' warning on mining dam disasters (BBC)2019-02-07
  41. Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s President, Remains in Hospital With Signs of Pneumonia (New York Times)2019-02-07
  42. Brazil president shows symptoms ‘compatible’ with pneumonia (Washington Post)2019-02-07
  43. We thought we'd lost the league - Man City's Silva (BBC)2019-02-07
  44. Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro hospitalised with pneumonia (The Guardian)2019-02-08
  45. Toll in Brazil dam disaster rises to 157 dead, 182 missing (Daily Nation)2019-02-08
  46. Flamengo football club: Ten die in Rio de Janeiro fire (BBC)2019-02-08
  47. 10 people have died in fire at Brazil soccer team complex (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  48. Brazilian mining firm evacuates 500 people from dam area (The Guardian)2019-02-08
  49. Several killed in fire at Flamengo football club training centre (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-08
  50. Fire at Brazilian Youth Soccer Dormitory Kills 10 (New York Times)2019-02-08
  51. The silence of the sirens (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-08
  52. Brazil's mining dams: A disaster waiting to happen? (BBC)2019-02-08
  53. 'Everyone is born a Flamengo fan' - why tragedy will resonate across Brazil (BBC)2019-02-08
  54. Brazil Soccer Club President: Deadly Fire Is Our ‘Worst Tragedy’ in Years (New York Times)2019-02-08
  55. Youth players killed as fire sweeps through football club lodging in Brazil (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-08
  56. 13 suspected drug traffickers killed in Rio shootout (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  57. Why Did the Dam in Brazil Collapse? Here’s a Brief Look. (New York Times)2019-02-09
  58. The silence of the sirens (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-09
  59. Brazil’s Flamengo criticized for licensing issues after fire (Washington Post)2019-02-09
  60. Questions, criticism of Brazil soccer club where 10 killed (Washington Post)2019-02-10
  61. Brazil soccer club promises compensation for fire victims (Washington Post)2019-02-11
  62. Gordon Banks may be best remembered for a wonder save (BBC)2019-02-12
  63. My friend Gordon was a goalkeeper with magic - Pele (BBC)2019-02-12
  64. Brazil environment minister's dismissal of slain Amazon defender stirs outrage (The Guardian)2019-02-12
  65. Slow-going restoration at fire-gutted Brazilian museum (Washington Post)2019-02-12
  66. Brazil's Pataxo depended on a river that's now polluted with mud (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-12
  67. Nationalist strongmen are bent on controlling women’s bodies | Afua Hirsch (The Guardian)2019-02-13
  68. Brazil president leaves hospital after surgery (Washington Post)2019-02-13
  69. Brazil's Bolsonaro leaves hospital after 17-day stay (The Star)2019-02-13
  70. Brazil indigenous groups decry Bolsonaro's escalating attacks (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-13
  71. 'It was execution': 13 dead in Brazil as state pushes new gang policy (The Guardian)2019-02-14
  72. Vogue Brazil director resigns over birthday photos evoking slavery (The Guardian)2019-02-15
  73. Brazil Arrests 8 at Mining Giant Vale Over Deadly Dam Collapse (New York Times)2019-02-15
  74. Brazil mine disaster: police arrest eight employees of mining company (The Guardian)2019-02-15
  75. Brazil Arrests 8 at Mining Giant Vale Over Deadly Dam Collapse (New York Times)2019-02-15
  76. Vogue Fashion Director in Brazil Quits Over Photos That Evoke Slavery Era (New York Times)2019-02-15
  77. Vogue Fashion Director in Brazil Quits Over Photos That Evoke Slavery Era (New York Times)2019-02-15
  78. Di Grassi wins with dramatic last-second overtake - report & video (BBC)2019-02-17
  79. Brazil mining company evacuates people due to dam risk (Washington Post)2019-02-17
  80. Protests erupt in Brazil after death of black teenager who was restrained (The Guardian)2019-02-17
  81. Guru's #MeToo downfall stuns city (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-19
  82. Marighella: revolutionary biopic from Narcos' Wagner Moura criticised by Bolsonaro (The Guardian)2019-02-20
  83. Venezuelans forced to seek basic medical care in Brazil (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-20
  84. Brazil indigenous group mobilises against planned soy railway (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-22
  85. Dark side of cults in Brazil exposed in crackdown (The Star)2019-02-22