2019: Bahamas

  1. She scammed dozens into giving up their savings so she could stay at the Ritz (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-20
  2. 'Make people want to try harder' (BBC)2019-03-25
  3. Watch: Riders fight on the track during motorbike race in Costa Rica (BBC)2019-03-25
  4. Apple launches its own credit card (BBC)2019-03-25
  5. Watch: Lamborghini driver tries to show off and crashes into a brick wall (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-25
  6. Saudi sisters on the run from abuse and restrictions find a safe third country (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-25
  7. Northwestern Bahamas Braces for Heavy Hit From Hurricane Dorian (New York Times)2019-09-01
  8. Bahamians prepare for Dorian; some evacuate ahead of hurricane’s arrival (Washington Post)2019-09-01
  9. Bahamians prepare for Dorian; some evacuate ahead of hurricane’s arrival (Washington Post)2019-09-01
  10. Bahamas residents warned as Hurricane Dorian bears down (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-01
  11. Northern Bahamas hunkers down as Hurricane Dorian closes in (Washington Post)2019-09-01
  12. Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas braces for category four storm (BBC)2019-09-01
  13. Hurricane Dorian set to hit Bahamas as US fears flooding instead of direct strike (The Guardian)2019-09-01
  14. Bahamas brace for impact as Hurricane Dorian closes in (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-01
  15. Hurricane Dorian Batters Bahamas as ‘Catastrophic’ Storm (New York Times)2019-09-01
  16. Hurricane Dorian: category 5 storm hits Bahamas before tracking towards Florida – updates (The Guardian)2019-09-01
  17. Morning mail: Bahamas battens down, farm lobby on reef science, Australia's dirty fuel (The Guardian)2019-09-01
  18. Hurricane Dorian: where will the storm hit and what damage will it bring? (The Guardian)2019-09-01
  19. Hurricane Dorian strengthens as it gets closer to Bahamas, US (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-01
  20. Dorian hits the Bahamas with gusts of 354km/h as Florida braces for impact (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-01
  21. Hurricane Dorian hammers Bahamas, threatens Florida (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-01
  22. Hurricane Dorian hits Bahamas with 295km/h winds, ripping off roofs (The New Zealand Herald)2019-09-01
  23. Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas braces for category five storm (Daily Nation)2019-09-01
  24. ‘Pray for us’: Dorian snapping trees, tearing off roofs in the Bahamas (Washington Post)2019-09-01
  25. Dorian menaces Bahamas after becoming catastrophic category 5 hurricane (The Star)2019-09-01
  26. 'It's devastating': Hurricane Dorian hammers Bahamas, threatens Florida (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-01
  27. Dorian strikes Bahamas with record fury as Category 5 storm (Washington Post)2019-09-02
  28. Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc on Bahamas as 'catastrophic' Category 5 storm – video (The Guardian)2019-09-02
  29. Donald Trump wrongly says Hurricane Dorian will hit Alabama (The Guardian)2019-09-02
  30. Hurricane Dorian hits the Bahamas (CNN)2019-09-02
  31. LOOK: Hurricane Dorian pummels Bahamas (The Star)2019-09-02
  32. Hurricane Dorian Reveals Its Destructive Fury as It Nears Bahamas (New York Times)2019-09-02
  33. Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas battered by 'monster' storm (Daily Nation)2019-09-02
  34. 'Devastating' Hurricane Dorian hits Bahamas, threatens US mainland (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-02
  35. Hurricane Dorian: Category 5 storm lashes the Bahamas (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-02
  36. Hurricane Dorian lashes Bahamas with ferocious winds and flash flooding - video (The Guardian)2019-09-02
  37. ‘I’m begging you, pray for us’: Slow-moving Dorian wreaks devastation in Bahamas (Washington Post)2019-09-02
  38. Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas sees 'unprecedented devastation' (BBC)2019-09-02
  39. 'Pray for us': Bahamas residents tell of terror as Hurricane Dorian hit (The Guardian)2019-09-02
  40. Hurricane Dorian: millions in coastal US warned to 'get out now' ahead of storm (The Guardian)2019-09-02
  41. PICS: Hurricane Dorian pummels Bahamas with another 12 hours to go (The Star)2019-09-02
  42. 'It's unprecedented': Panic as deadly Hurricane Dorian hits (The New Zealand Herald)2019-09-02
  43. Frantic calls for help as Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-02
  44. Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis says at least five people have died in the Abaco Islands (Washington Post)2019-09-02
  45. Hurricane Dorian batters the Bahamas, edges closer to Florida (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-02
  46. Fatalities reported, frantic calls for help as Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-02
  47. What to expect next from Hurricane Dorian (The Guardian)2019-09-02
  48. Hurricane Dorian leaves trail of destruction across the Bahamas – video (The Guardian)2019-09-02
  49. Why isn't Hurricane Dorian moving? (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-02
  50. Dorian triggers massive flooding in Bahamas; at least 5 dead (Washington Post)2019-09-03
  51. Influencers' distasteful hurricane hype as Dorian hits Bahamas (The New Zealand Herald)2019-09-03
  52. The Latest: Dorian, stationary, continues assault of Bahamas (Washington Post)2019-09-03
  53. Abaco Islands, at a Remove From the Bahamas’ Resorts, Feel Hurricane’s Wrath (New York Times)2019-09-03
  54. Hurricane Dorian kills five in Bahamas, US evacuates coast (Daily Nation)2019-09-03
  55. 'A historic tragedy': hurricane stalls over Bahamas causing huge damage (The Guardian)2019-09-03
  56. Hurricane Dorian claims at least five lives in Bahamas (The Star)2019-09-03
  57. Hurricane Dorian weakens but stalls over Bahamas, worsening damage (BBC)2019-09-03
  58. ‘Dorian Won’t Budge’: Bahamas Hammered by Slow-Moving Hurricane (New York Times)2019-09-03
  59. Deadly Hurricane Dorian stalls over Bahamas – video (The Guardian)2019-09-03
  60. US briefing: Hurricane Dorian, California boat fire and death penalty (The Guardian)2019-09-03
  61. Hurricane Dorian: slow-moving storm batters Bahamas – live updates (The Guardian)2019-09-03
  62. Hurricane Dorian Updates: Storm Pounds the Bahamas and Threatens Florida (New York Times)2019-09-03
  63. A major airport in the Bahamas is underwater (CNN)2019-09-03
  64. Hurricane Dorian heads to Florida coast after causing destruction in Bahamas (The Guardian)2019-09-03
  65. Slow-moving Hurricane Dorian pounding the Bahamas for a third punishing day; children among the dead (Washington Post)2019-09-03
  66. Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas with severe flash floods and ferocious wind – video report (The Guardian)2019-09-03
  67. Bahamas' tourism could be devastated for a long time after Hurricane Dorian (CNN)2019-09-03
  68. Dorian Photos: Scenes of Devastation From the Bahamas (New York Times)2019-09-03
  69. Hurricane Dorian hammers the Bahamas – in pictures (The Guardian)2019-09-03
  70. Dorian’s horrific eyewall slammed Grand Bahama Island for 40 hours straight (Washington Post)2019-09-03
  71. In Bahamas, Rescue Efforts Crippled in ‘Crisis of Epic Proportions’ (New York Times)2019-09-03
  72. Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas Residents Share Images of Destruction (New York Times)2019-09-03
  73. Hurricane Dorian: Five dead in Bahamas after 'catastrophic' storm (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-03
  74. Sobering scenes emerge showing Hurricane Dorian’s toll in the Bahamas (Washington Post)2019-09-03
  75. Hurricane Dorian pounds Bahamas for third day; children among dead (The New Zealand Herald)2019-09-03
  76. Upper atmosphere gridlock stalled Dorian over Grand Bahama Island (The New Zealand Herald)2019-09-03
  77. Hurricane Dorian: officials worldwide seek aid amid 'historic tragedy' in Bahamas (The Guardian)2019-09-04
  78. How to Help Hurricane Dorian Survivors in the Bahamas (New York Times)2019-09-04
  79. Hurricane Dorian leaves terrible destruction in Bahamas as it rolls toward U.S. (Washington Post)2019-09-04
  80. Bahamas prime minister says death toll rises to 7 from Hurricane Dorian (Washington Post)2019-09-04
  81. Aerial footage from Bahamas shows Hurricane Dorian destruction – video (The Guardian)2019-09-04
  82. 'Apocalyptic': Hurricane Dorian's destruction sparks humanitarian crisis (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-04
  83. Hurricane Dorian: Death toll rises in Bahamas (BBC)2019-09-04
  84. The last thing my city needs is Woody Allen selling us to the world | Mikel Agirre-Maskariano (The Guardian)2019-09-04
  85. Hurricane Dorian edges towards US east coast after Bahamas (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-04
  86. As Hurricane Dorian moves away from Bahamas, what's next? (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-04
  87. Aerial video reveals destruction on the Bahamas (BBC)2019-09-04
  88. Weakened Dorian begins lashing Florida as death toll in Bahamas rises to seven (The Star)2019-09-04
  89. US briefing: Bahamas storm tragedy, Brexit drama and Hong Kong (The Guardian)2019-09-04
  90. A storm chaser went silent as Dorian slammed the Bahamas. He reemerged with a harrowing story. (Washington Post)2019-09-04
  91. Hurricane Dorian destruction set to cost Bahamas 'up to billions' (The Guardian)2019-09-04
  92. Trail of destruction left behind by Huricane Dorian (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-04
  93. This fisherman lost everything in Hurricane Dorian, including his wife (Washington Post)2019-09-04
  94. Floridians send aid to Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian heads for Carolinas (The Guardian)2019-09-04
  95. Hurricane Dorian bears down on Georgia and Carolinas – live updates (The Guardian)2019-09-04
  96. Hurricane Dorian 'decimated' parts of the Bahamas (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-04
  97. Bahamas lifts Hurricane Dorian storm warnings, assesses ‘catastrophic’ destruction (Washington Post)2019-09-04
  98. A storm chaser went silent as Dorian hit. He reemerged with a harrowing story (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-04
  99. Migrant children separated from family show signs of PTSD: report (Al-Jazeera)2019-09-04
  100. 'We need help': Rescuers in Bahamas face a ruined landscape (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-09-04

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