2018: Canada

  1. Niagara Falls is coated in ice — and absolutely jaw-dropping (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-01
  2. Ex-hostage Boyle charged with sex assault, confinement (Washington Post)2018-01-02
  3. Freed hostage Joshua Boyle faces 15 criminal charges (BBC)2018-01-03
  4. Cold turns Niagara Falls into icy winter wonderland (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  5. The Latest: Ex-hostage Boyle makes video court appearance (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  6. Ex-hostage Boyle makes video court appearance (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  7. Prominent Canadian theater figure faces harassment claims (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  8. Stuck Canadian moose rescued by snowmobilers (BBC)2018-01-04
  9. Freed Canadian hostage appears in court on criminal charges (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-04
  10. Moose set loose: Canada snowmobilers rescue animal buried in snow (The Guardian)2018-01-04
  11. Canadian theater director's accusers cite unsafe conditions (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  12. Bieber museum exhibit to open in Ontario hometown (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  13. Peru's former strongman leaves hospital with nation split over pardon (The Guardian)2018-01-05
  14. Google on Toronto’s Streets, and a Focus on Food: Canada Letter (New York Times)2018-01-06
  15. Fire as one plane crashes into another at Toronto Pearson airport (The Guardian)2018-01-06
  16. 2 planes collide on the ground at Toronto’s airport (Washington Post)2018-01-06
  17. 2 planes collide on the ground at Toronto's airport (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  18. Passengers witness explosion as two planes collide at Toronto’s Pearson airport – video (The Guardian)2018-01-06
  19. Ontario premier slams coffee shop chain for clawing back minimum wage rise (The Guardian)2018-01-06
  20. Beauty and the beast … how Bergman’s flawed way with women led to great art (The Guardian)2018-01-06
  21. Explosion as two planes collide in Toronto Pearson (BBC)2018-01-06
  22. Flames and screams after two jetliners collide at Toronto airport (Washington Post)2018-01-06
  23. Plane bursts into flames after tarmac collision in Toronto (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  24. Legendary Apollo astronaut John Young has died, aged 87 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  25. Hearing delayed for Canadian ex-hostage Boyle (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-08
  26. Hearing delayed for Canadian ex-hostage Boyle (Washington Post)2018-01-08
  27. Former hostage Joshua Boyle remains in jail after Ottawa court appearance (The Guardian)2018-01-08
  28. Canadian ambassador ordered to delete crass Myanmar holiday photos (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-08
  29. An elderly woman went into the freezing cold to save her husband. They both died. (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-08
  30. Customs officers seize $22M in cocaine hidden in furniture (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-09
  31. Quebec parties oppose marking day against Islamophobia (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-09
  32. Group home administrator pleads guilty in resident's death (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-09
  33. Penn State settles suit over alleged Sandusky abuse in 2007 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-09
  34. Trudeau suggests meeting with Joshua Boyle prior to arrest raised no red flags (The Guardian)2018-01-10
  35. Man on city bus stabs passenger in the face with screwdriver (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-10
  36. Fatal Kansas swatting call suspect accused of Canadian call (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-10
  37. Fatal Kansas swatting call suspect accused of Canadian call (Washington Post)2018-01-10
  38. Man accused of fatal Kansas 'swatting' hoax charged in Canada over similar call (The Guardian)2018-01-10
  39. Canada launches trade complaint against US over duties (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-10
  40. Funeral set for Philadelphia firefighter killed in collapse (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-12
  41. Final defendant pleads guilty in 'Basement of Horrors' case (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-12
  42. Philadelphia library names new city poet laureate (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-12
  43. Man flees after assaulting hijab-wearing schoolgirl in Canada (The Star)2018-01-12
  44. Toronto: 11-year-old Muslim girl 'terrified' after man cuts her hijab (The Guardian)2018-01-12
  45. Toronto police investigating after man cuts girl's hijab (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-12
  46. 11-year-old girl's hijab cut by man while walking to school (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-12
  47. Maine shed blown to Canada by blizzard being saved, returned (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-12
  48. Canadian broadcaster cuts Charles Dutoit's name from radio (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-13
  49. How We Cook, Eat and Drink: The Canada Letter (New York Times)2018-01-13
  50. Toronto Muslim girl 'scared' after attacker cuts hijab (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-13
  51. Migrants Fleeing to Canada Learn Even a Liberal Nation Has Limits (New York Times)2018-01-13
  52. Zambia partners with Ethiopian Airlines to revive national carrier (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  53. The coach who helped North Korea's skaters qualify for the Olympics (BBC)2018-01-14
  54. Peace talks underway with Taliban; or are they? (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-14
  55. About 100 dogs seized from home; woman charged with cruelty (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-15
  56. Girl's claim that man cut hijab with scissors is disputed by Canadian police (The Guardian)2018-01-15
  57. Helicopter for utility work crashes into field, killing 2 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-15
  58. Canada: Attack on girl wearing hijab 'did not happen' (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-15
  59. Judge urges verdicts in Quebec oil train disaster case (Washington Post)2018-01-16
  60. Canada's use of lengthy solitary confinement in jails is unconstitutional – judge (The Guardian)2018-01-18
  61. Canada chasing 5th straight Olympic gold under former player (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  62. A list of the 20 places still vying for Amazon's 2nd HQ (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  63. Selfie clue cracks Canada murder case after two years (The Guardian)2018-01-18
  64. Woman confesses after cops spot murder weapon in her Facebook photo (CNN)2018-01-18
  65. Canadian minister blasts lack of diversity in corporate top jobs (The Guardian)2018-01-18
  66. Amazon's potential HQ2 sites leaves many cities disappointed (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  67. Toronto police arrest man for 2 deaths, say might be more (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  68. Toronto police arrest man for 2 deaths, say might be more (Washington Post)2018-01-18
  69. 3 executions set for Tennessee this year; last was in 2009 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  70. Business Highlights (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  71. Canada embraces indigenous cuisine, a long-silenced culinary tradition (The Guardian)2018-01-19
  72. Not guilty verdict reached in Quebec train disaster trial (Washington Post)2018-01-19
  73. Not guilty verdict reached in Quebec train disaster trial (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-19
  74. The man risking his life to save pink dolphins (BBC)2018-01-19
  75. Linking Youth Funding to Abortion Rights Spawns Backlash in Canada and Beyond (New York Times)2018-01-20
  76. A Canadian Food Fest and Toronto’s Islands: the Canada Letter. (New York Times)2018-01-20
  77. Tom Petty died of accidental drug overdose, says family (The Guardian)2018-01-20
  78. Facebook plan to combat fake news draws skepticism (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-20
  79. Amazon's first automated grocery store opens on Monday (The Guardian)2018-01-21
  80. Multiple people killed billionaire couple who were found in Toronto mansion, private investigators say (Washington Post)2018-01-21
  81. Billionaire Canadian couple 'murdered by multiple people', private investigation finds (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-21
  82. Amazon opens a supermarket with no checkouts (BBC)2018-01-21
  83. Amazon to debut cashier-less store in downtown Seattle (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-21
  84. Last picture of Mylee Billingham, 8, taken less than an hour before father allegedly 'stabbed her to death' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-22
  85. Deaths of Canadian billionaire, wife a tantalizing mystery (Washington Post)2018-01-22
  86. Billionaire couple from Toronto were killed by multiple people, private investigators believe (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-22
  87. Billionaire couple was murdered by multiple killers - PI (The Star)2018-01-22
  88. Ohio ex-trooper gets 30 days in jail for theft of seized gun (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-22
  89. Man gets at least 23 years in prison for school stabbings (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-22
  90. Facebook admits social media sometimes harms democracy (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-22
  91. 'If black shoot them', former Kentucky acting police chief told recruit (The Guardian)2018-01-22
  92. Jury selection for Bill Cosby's retrial slated for March 29 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-22
  93. Whanganui cricketer Akash Gill makes history for Canada at U19 Cricket World Cup (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-22
  94. Canadian climate science faces crisis that may be felt globally, scientists warn (The Guardian)2018-01-23
  95. Rupert Murdoch tells Facebook: pay 'trusted' publishers for their content (The Guardian)2018-01-23
  96. Hawaii emergency official to retire by end of 2018 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-23
  97. Alaska quake prompts tsunami alert (BBC)2018-01-23
  98. Magnitude 8.2 earthquake strikes 175 miles southeast of Kodiak, Alaska; tsunami warning issued (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-23
  99. Massive earthquake off Alaska prompts tsunami warning (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-23
  100. Alaska Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Warning (New York Times)2018-01-23

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