2018-02: Canada

  1. Barry Bennell trial: Defence offers no evidence (BBC)2018-02-01
  2. Canadian Senate passes bill to make anthem gender neutral (Washington Post)2018-02-01
  3. Canadian Senate passes bill to make anthem gender neutral (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-01
  4. O Canada: national anthem to be gender neutral after senate vote (The Guardian)2018-02-01
  5. Canada police dig for clues after landscaper tied to deaths (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-01
  6. Canada police dig for clues after landscaper tied to deaths (Washington Post)2018-02-01
  7. Canada's national anthem is now gender neutral (Washington Post)2018-02-01
  8. Canada ordered to fund Indigenous child welfare - again (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-01
  9. Canada's national anthem is now gender neutral (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-02-01
  10. ‘O Canada’ Will Become Gender Neutral With New Lyrics (New York Times)2018-02-01
  11. Teenager shot in the head in front of his screaming mother in a Canada court (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-01
  12. Canada: Sixties Scoop survivors want 'just reparations' (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-02
  13. The top 10 songs and albums on the iTunes Store (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-02
  14. Malcolm Turnbull sidelines Bill Shorten by looking on bright side (The Guardian)2018-02-02
  15. Harassment Reckoning, Amazon Favors, Nafta and You: the Canada Letter (New York Times)2018-02-03
  16. 'I wanted to roll his head,' cousin of murdered Canadian billionaire says in bizarre TV interview (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-03
  17. Six Nations: Zach Mercer, Rhys Patchell & Jacob Stockdale among six to watch (BBC)2018-02-03
  18. Teacher accused of assaulting student over pledge to flag (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-03
  19. Barry and Honey Sherman: The mystery of the strangled billionaires (BBC)2018-02-04
  20. Kim Cattrall appeals for help finding brother missing in Canada (BBC)2018-02-04
  21. Canada under fire for bid to deport Somali refugee (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-05
  22. The Guardian view on Google and Toronto: smart city, dumb deal | Editorial (The Guardian)2018-02-05
  23. Canada confronts colonial past in its own way with low-key removal of statue (The Guardian)2018-02-06
  24. Justin Trudeau corrected a woman for saying mankind: 'We'd like to say peoplekind.' (Washington Post)2018-02-06
  25. Justin Trudeau tells woman to say 'peoplekind' not 'mankind' (The Guardian)2018-02-07
  26. Justin Trudeau criticised after telling woman to use 'peoplekind' instead of 'mankind' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-07
  27. Trudeau to start US tour with talk at University of Chicago (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-07
  28. Trudeau: 'Peoplekind' not 'mankind' (BBC)2018-02-07
  29. Everything You Need to Know Justin Trudeau and ‘Peoplekind’ (New York Times)2018-02-07
  30. Canada PM Trudeau says 'peoplekind' remark was bad humor (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-07
  31. Canada PM Trudeau says ‘peoplekind’ remark was bad humor (Washington Post)2018-02-07
  32. Justin Trudeau apologises for 'dumb joke' after 'personkind' quote goes viral (The Guardian)2018-02-07
  33. The Latest: Prime minister pitches Canada as tech-friendly (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-09
  34. Toronto police: remains of 6 found in serial killer probe (Washington Post)2018-02-09
  35. The women who fought to make Canada's national anthem gender-neutral (BBC)2018-02-09
  36. Canada leads after opening day of figure skating team event (Washington Post)2018-02-09
  37. Trudeau picks up promises amid US immigration uncertainties (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-09
  38. Grisly find in planters in Toronto serial killer case (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-09
  39. A Murder Trial Stirs Emotions About Canada’s Relations With Its Indigenous Population (New York Times)2018-02-09
  40. Tragedy for a Residential School Survivor, and the ‘Real’ Olympics Begin: The Canada Letter (New York Times)2018-02-10
  41. The Latest: Officer in Canada prime minister motorcade hurt (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-10
  42. In US swing, Trudeau mixes job deals with defense of NAFTA (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-10
  43. Canada’s data scientists want to know: How much do you pay for marijuana? (Washington Post)2018-02-10
  44. Slain Colten Boushie's family vows to 'pursue justice' (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-10
  45. Kim Cattrall to Sarah Jessica Parker: You're not my friend (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-10
  46. Justin Trudeau’s Motorcade Involved in Minor Crash in California (New York Times)2018-02-10
  47. Canadian PM Trudeau talks up friendship, ties with LA mayor (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-10
  48. Kim Cattrall criticises 'cruel' Sarah Jessica Parker after brother's death (BBC)2018-02-10
  49. Gas explosion at Bolivia Carnival leaves 6 dead, 28 injured (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-11
  50. Medvedeva dominates, but Canada leads team competition (Washington Post)2018-02-11
  51. Trudeau holds firm as Duterte vows to end Canada and US arms buys (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-02-11
  52. Winter Olympics: Canada's Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford win in the team free skating event (BBC)2018-02-11
  53. Winter Olympics 2018: Speed skaters in dead heat in 5,000m (BBC)2018-02-11
  54. Tolls rises in Bolivia Carnival blast: 8 dead, 40 injured (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-11
  55. Man arrested after running on Los Angeles airport runway (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-11
  56. Officials: 4 killed in Southern California small plane crash (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-11
  57. Killings in Toronto’s Gay Community Expose ‘an Open Wound’ With Police (New York Times)2018-02-11
  58. SAG-AFTRA union sets code of conduct on sexual harassment (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  59. 'Peter Rabbit' team apologizes for making light of allergies (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  60. Canada clinches figure skating team gold, and Russians take silver. U.S. leads Italy for bronze with one event left (Washington Post)2018-02-12
  61. Gold Canada: Team competition a romp for Team Canada (Washington Post)2018-02-12
  62. Winter Olympics: Canada win gold in figure skating team event in Pyeongchang (BBC)2018-02-12
  63. Winter Olympics 2018: ‘Exquisite’ routines seal figure skating gold for Canada (BBC)2018-02-12
  64. Canada gets skating gold, American Anderson wins slopestyle (Washington Post)2018-02-12
  65. Sarah Jessica Parker defended by co-star over Cattrall feud (BBC)2018-02-12
  66. Canada: indigenous groups urge reform after shock of white farmer's acquittal (The Guardian)2018-02-12
  67. Family of Fatally Shot Cree Man to Meet With Trudeau Cabinet Members (New York Times)2018-02-12
  68. Connecticut man charged in connection with fatal crash (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  69. Eric Radford: Skater is first openly gay man to Winter Olympics gold (BBC)2018-02-12
  70. Danielle Herrington covers Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-13
  71. Acquittal in Colten Boushie death spurs call for reform (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-13
  72. No remains found in Toronto yard tied to alleged killer (Washington Post)2018-02-13
  73. No remains found in Toronto yard tied to alleged killer (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-13
  74. Report: Fewer California immigrant students seek college aid (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-13
  75. White farmer's acquittal in murder of indigenous man highlights Canada's racial divide (The Guardian)2018-02-13
  76. Family who buried wrong man sues California county (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  77. Bill Paxton family sues hospital, doctor for wrongful death (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  78. 2nd explosion kills 2 in Bolivian town hit by weekend blast (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  79. Risky dinner: Foraging for food under the frozen sea ice (BBC)2018-02-14
  80. Canada: Gerald Stanley acquittal angers indigenous groups (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-14
  81. How Canada became an offshore destination for 'snow washing' (The Guardian)2018-02-14
  82. Police Scotland chief who quit over car crash deaths joins Met (The Guardian)2018-02-14
  83. Who is cashing in on Canada's marijuana 'Green Rush'? (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-14
  84. Golfer Bill Haas escapes serious injury in fatal crash (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  85. Canadians cut food and heating to afford prescription drugs, report finds (The Guardian)2018-02-14
  86. Scottish club Hearts apologizes to former player over racism (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  87. Lena Dunham pens essay about undergoing hysterectomy at 31 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  88. Man gets 20-40 years in prison in 30-year-old murder cases (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  89. Justin Trudeau pledges full legal framework for indigenous Canadians (The Guardian)2018-02-14
  90. Police say hundreds of illegal marijuana shops operate in LA (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  91. In ‘Paradigm Shift,’ Trudeau Announces Talks on Indigenous People’s Rights (New York Times)2018-02-15
  92. Jeep in hot water over ad showing SUV romping through river (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-15
  93. 'The anti-Trump': New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern earns nickname from Vogue (The Guardian)2018-02-15
  94. California #MeToo advocate hit with new claims of misconduct (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-15
  95. Wallace and Gromit creator goes prehistoric with 'Early Man' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-15
  96. Kenyan judge revokes orders to deport opposition leader (Washington Post)2018-02-15
  97. Women hit back over ex-PM Kim Campbell's sleeveless suggestion (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-15
  98. Peter Thiel retreating from Silicon Valley's tech scene (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-02-15
  99. Cleaning products a big source of urban air pollution, say scientists (The Guardian)2018-02-15
  100. Winter Olympics: Ted-Jan Bloeman's amazing gold-medal back-story (BBC)2018-02-15

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