2018: Ecuador

  1. Julian Assange: Ecuador seeks mediator in 'unsustainable' standoff (BBC)2018-01-10
  2. Ecuador looks for a way out of Julian Assange embassy ordeal (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-10
  3. New round of oil drilling goes deeper into Ecuador's Yasuní national park (The Guardian)2018-01-10
  4. Colombian rebels attack oil pipelines hours after ceasefire expires (The Guardian)2018-01-10
  5. Julian Assange Fast Facts (CNN)2018-01-12
  6. Ex-Ecuador leader Rafael Correa leaves leftist ruling party (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-16
  7. A German hacker offers a rare look inside the secretive world of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks (Washington Post)2018-01-17
  8. UKIP deputy leader Margot Parker resigns in protest to Henry Bolton (BBC)2018-01-22
  9. Ecuador leader calls Julian Assange an 'inherited problem' (BBC)2018-01-22
  10. Ecuador leader calls Julian Assange a 'problem' (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-22
  11. Ecuador's president calls Julian Assange 'more than a nuisance' (Washington Post)2018-01-22
  12. 'I'm staying on,' insists Ukip leader Henry Bolton despite mass resignations – video (The Guardian)2018-01-22
  13. Thurrock's 17 UKIP councillors quit party (BBC)2018-01-26
  14. 'Depressed' Assange launches new legal bid for freedom (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-26
  15. Referendum results: Ecuadoreans vote to limit presidents to two terms in major blow to former strongman Correa (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-05
  16. Referendum results: Ecuadoreans vote to limit presidents to two terms in major blow to former strongman Correa (Washington Post)2018-02-05
  17. The Latest: Ecuador voters reinstate presidential term limit (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-05
  18. Ecuador Votes to Bring Back Presidential Term Limits (New York Times)2018-02-05
  19. Ecuador referendum boosts president in battle with ex-mentor (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-05
  20. A referendum in Ecuador is another defeat for South America's left-wing populists (Washington Post)2018-02-05
  21. Ecuador votes to limit presidents' terms in blow to Rafael Correa (The Guardian)2018-02-05
  22. 3 Ecuadorean soldiers killed by homemade explosive (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-20
  23. Bolivia president wants dialogue with Chile over coastline (Washington Post)2018-03-21
  24. Review: 'Pacific Rim Uprising' is cheer-at-the-screen fun (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-21
  25. Officials attribute Ecuador attack to dissident FARC rebels (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-21
  26. Mumbai's leopards have killed humans – but could they also be saving lives? (The Guardian)2018-03-23
  27. Keep off our land, indigenous women tell Ecuador's president (The Guardian)2018-03-23
  28. Group: Public in dark about cell tower plans in Grand Teton (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-23
  29. Martin Luther King: a life in dates (Daily Nation)2018-04-01
  30. Commitment to King's unfinished work remains 50 years later (The New Zealand Herald)2018-04-01
  31. Julian Assange Fast Facts (CNN)2018-04-01
  32. Kidnapped journalists appeal to Ecuador's president in video (The New Zealand Herald)2018-04-03
  33. Kidnapped journalists appeal to Ecuador’s president in video (Washington Post)2018-04-03
  34. Delta Air Lines says it was hit by cyberattack (The New Zealand Herald)2018-04-04
  35. Former Catalan police chief charged over role in independence bid (The Guardian)2018-04-05
  36. Delta: Data of 'several hundred thousand' customers exposed (The New Zealand Herald)2018-04-05
  37. 'Children were dying of hunger': the doctor fighting for Ecuador's poor – podcast (The Guardian)2018-05-16
  38. Treatment of Assange is unjust, says former Ecuador minister (The Guardian)2018-05-16
  39. Assange 'split' Ecuador and Spain over Catalan independence (The Guardian)2018-05-16
  40. Ecuador's former president defends spy operation to protect Julian Assange (The Guardian)2018-05-16
  41. Ecuador to remove Julian Assange's extra security from London embassy (The Guardian)2018-05-18
  42. Julian Assange is suffering needlessly. Why not report that? | Melinda Taylor (The Guardian)2018-05-18
  43. Assange's guest list: the RT reporters, hackers and film-makers who visited embassy (The Guardian)2018-05-18
  44. Belgian authorities admit two-year-old girl was shot in the face by police (The Guardian)2018-05-18
  45. The Guardian Essential report, 22 May results (The Guardian)2018-05-22
  46. Ahead of World Cup, amputee soccer teams compete in Ecuador (The New Zealand Herald)2018-06-12
  47. Top Ecuador court upholds $9 billion ruling against Chevron (The New Zealand Herald)2018-07-11
  48. Florists from Ecuador try to break world record (BBC)2018-07-15
  49. Turnbull disappoints Assange on free speech (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-08-01
  50. Dutch court rules Pastafarians cannot wear colanders in ID photos (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-08-19
  51. Arsonist jailed over £8m Rugeley Amazon warehouse blaze (BBC)2018-09-11
  52. Rafik Hariri assassination trial comes to a close in The Hague (Al-Jazeera)2018-09-12
  53. Justin Welby suggests universal credit rollout should be halted (The Guardian)2018-09-12
  54. Speculation over fate of missing Dutchman linked to WikiLeaks (The Guardian)2018-09-14
  55. World's richest person Jeff Bezos commits $2bn to help homeless, pre-schools (The Star)2018-09-14
  56. Dutch police detain 16-year-old after shooting at school (Washington Post)2018-09-14
  57. Assange says Ecuador seeking to end his asylum (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-10-29
  58. Ecuador judge rules against Assange in court case (Washington Post)2018-10-29
  59. Ecuador judge rules against Assange in court case (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-29
  60. Ecuador judge rules against Assange over embassy changes (Washington Post)2018-10-29
  61. Floyd Mayweather v Khabib Nurmagomedov fight 'should happen in UFC' (BBC)2018-10-30
  62. Thousands of Venezuelans on Peru border as deadline nears (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-30
  63. Thousands of Venezuelans on Peru border as deadline nears (Washington Post)2018-10-30
  64. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason plans US tour in 2019 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-31
  65. Raymond Chow, Movie Producer Who Popularized Kung Fu Stars, Dies at 91 (New York Times)2018-11-04
  66. Paul Manafort, Immigration, Stephen Hillenburg: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing (New York Times)2018-11-28
  67. US judge delays ruling on 'interesting' Julian Assange case (Daily Nation)2018-11-28
  68. Charlottesville driver Alex Fields Jr acted in anger, trial told (BBC)2018-11-30
  69. Supporters of Ecuadorian immigrant block federal building (The New Zealand Herald)2018-11-30
  70. Widower of famed herbalist ordered to disclose assets (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-02
  71. Ecuador VP removed, accused of taking kickbacks from aide (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-03
  72. Ecuador VP removed, accused of taking kickbacks from aide (Washington Post)2018-12-03
  73. Manafort tried to broker deal with Ecuador to hand Assange over to US (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-12-04
  74. Charlottesville trial: video shows driver sobbing after learning he killed woman (The Guardian)2018-12-04
  75. INTERPOL rejects Ecuador request to call for Correa’s arrest (Washington Post)2018-12-05
  76. Ecuador president says Assange has sufficient guarantees to leave embassy (Washington Post)2018-12-06
  77. Ecuador: Enough UK guarantees for Assange to leave embassy (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-06
  78. Ecuador president says Assange has sufficient guarantees to leave embassy (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-06
  79. Ecuador says UK has given ‘guarantees’ for Assange to leave embassy (The Guardian)2018-12-06
  80. Ecuador Turns Up Pressure on Assange to Leave Embassy (New York Times)2018-12-06
  81. Ecuador leader says Assange should leave embassy if UK gives guarantees (CNN)2018-12-06
  82. Assange's lawyer rejects deal to end stay in Ecuador's embassy (The Star)2018-12-07
  83. Court rules for officer who shot deaf boy with stun gun (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-07