2019-03: Ethiopia

  1. How a major anti-colonial victory divided Ethiopia (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-01
  2. Zimbabwe hikes customs, excise duty by 300% (The Star)2019-03-02
  3. Child slaves risk their lives on Ghana's Lake Volta (CNN)2019-03-02
  4. Crashed Ethiopian plane carried at least 19 UN officials (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-11
  5. Government officials, doctors among Ethiopian crash victims (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  6. Ethiopian Airlines: Boeing faces questions after crash (BBC)2019-03-11
  7. Boeing Faces Questions About Its New 737 Max Jets After Ethiopia Crash (New York Times)2019-03-11
  8. China, Cayman Islands suspending Boeing 737 Max 8 flights after Ethiopian Airlines tragedy (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-11
  9. Ethiopian Airlines crash kills 157, spreads global grief (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  10. WATCH: New R. Kelly sex abuse tape discovered, says lawyer (The Star)2019-03-11
  11. New R. Kelly sex abuse tape discovered, says lawyer (The Star)2019-03-11
  12. Ethiopian Airlines grounds its Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet (The Star)2019-03-11
  13. Ethiopian Airlines grounds its Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet after fatal crash (The Star)2019-03-11
  14. R. Kelly 'sexual abuse' tape given to US authorities (BBC)2019-03-11
  15. The Latest: Cayman Airways grounds 2 737 Max 8s after crash (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  16. Ethiopian Airlines grounds Boeing 737 fleet after crash kills 157 (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-11
  17. Live Briefing: Live Updates: China Grounds Boeing 737 Max 8 Planes After Ethiopia Crash (New York Times)2019-03-11
  18. Search for bodies, clues after Ethiopian Airlines Boeing crash (Daily Nation)2019-03-11
  19. Ethiopian Airlines crash: Ramaphosa, DA send heartfelt condolences (The Star)2019-03-11
  20. How Greek man escaped death in Ethiopia crash (Daily Nation)2019-03-11
  21. With 18 Canadians dead, Trudeau calls Ethiopia crash 'devastating' (Daily Nation)2019-03-11
  22. News Daily: Ethiopian Airlines crash and Brexit talks deadlock (BBC)2019-03-11
  23. Following deadly crash Ethiopian Airlines grounds all its Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, says spokesman (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  24. Government officials, doctors, family among Ethiopian Airlines crash victims (The Star)2019-03-11
  25. US has no plans to ground Boeing 737 MAX jets after fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash (The Star)2019-03-11
  26. Ethiopia Plane Crash Highlights U.N.’s Work in World’s Trouble Spots (New York Times)2019-03-11
  27. UN conference opens in Nairobi day after Ethiopian Airlines crash (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-11
  28. UN mourns victims of ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines plane crash (The Star)2019-03-11
  29. Ethiopian Airlines CEO says crew of doomed flight were experienced pilots (The Star)2019-03-11
  30. Ethiopia plane crash: search operation continues at crash site – video (The Guardian)2019-03-11
  31. Boeing in the spotlight after Ethiopian Airlines crash (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-11
  32. Ethiopian Airlines 'black box found' (BBC)2019-03-11
  33. Ethiopian state-affiliated broadcaster reports that black box from crashed plane has been recovered (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  34. Boeing 737 MAX safety record questioned after two tragedies (Daily Nation)2019-03-11
  35. Authorities scramble to find remains, clues into Ethiopian Airlines tragedy (The Star)2019-03-11
  36. US Olympic cycling medalist Kelly Catlin dies at 23 (The Star)2019-03-11
  37. 'Lucky day': How one man missed Ethiopian Airlines flight (BBC)2019-03-11
  38. Aid workers particularly hard hit in Ethiopian crash (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  39. Ethiopia plane crash: what we know about the disaster so far – video (The Guardian)2019-03-11
  40. Ethiopian Airlines crash: Flight recorders found at crash site (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-11
  41. A shredded book, a passport: What 157 victims left behind (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  42. Two minute delay saved Greek man from Ethiopian Airlines tragedy (The Star)2019-03-11
  43. Cockpit voice recorder recovered from Ethiopian Airlines crash wreckage (The Star)2019-03-11
  44. Ethiopian Airlines: Africa's largest carrier (Daily Nation)2019-03-11
  45. Ethiopian Airlines crash – a visual guide to what we know so far (The Guardian)2019-03-11
  46. 'We are mourning': UN staff among Ethiopia plane crash dead (The Guardian)2019-03-11
  47. The Victims of the Ethiopia Plane Crash (New York Times)2019-03-11
  48. More nations ground Boeing 737 MAX 8s as black box is found after Ethiopia crash (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-11
  49. Control system under scrutiny after Ethiopian Airlines crash (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-11
  50. Blade Nzimande mourns Ethiopian Airlines crash victims (The Star)2019-03-11
  51. Greek passenger stopped at gate from boarding doomed flight (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  52. Ethiopia crash: Fresh concerns over safety of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-11
  53. UN staff and humanitarian workers among victims of Ethiopian Airlines crash (CNN)2019-03-11
  54. Man who missed Ethiopian Airlines flight shares emotional post (CNN)2019-03-11
  55. Ethiopian Airlines crash: Nine UK nationals dead, says FCO (BBC)2019-03-11
  56. Greek passenger stopped at gate from boarding doomed Ethiopian flight (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-11
  57. More Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes grounded after deadly Ethiopia crash (The Star)2019-03-11
  58. Ethiopian plane smoked and shuddered before deadly plunge, say witnesses (The Star)2019-03-11
  59. Ethiopia Airlines crash: Who were the victims? (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-11
  60. India orders safety review of aircraft after Ethiopia crash (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  61. Catlin 'not the Kelly we knew' after accidents - father (BBC)2019-03-11
  62. India orders safety review of aircraft after Ethiopia crash (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  63. What We Know About the Ethiopian Plane Crash, and What We Don’t (New York Times)2019-03-11
  64. 'I prayed for their souls': Ethiopians mourn plane crash tragedy (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-11
  65. Witness to Ethiopian Airlines crash says smoke was coming from rear of the plane before it hit the ground. (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  66. Airlines and agencies reassure alarmed passengers about Boeing 737 Max 8 (The Guardian)2019-03-11
  67. A Passenger Missed the Fatal Ethiopian Airlines Flight by 2 Minutes (New York Times)2019-03-11
  68. UN chief warns of ‘relentless’ pushback on women’s rights (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  69. Ethiopian Airlines, Budget, Beat Generation: Your Monday Evening Briefing (New York Times)2019-03-11
  70. What Passengers Need to Know After the Boeing 737 Max 8 Crash (New York Times)2019-03-11
  71. Ethiopian Airlines crash: FAA says Boeing 737 Max 8 is airworthy (BBC)2019-03-11
  72. Ethiopian Airlines crash: six members of Canadian family killed in disaster (The Guardian)2019-03-12
  73. Boeing Scrambles to Contain Fallout From Deadly Ethiopia Crash (New York Times)2019-03-12
  74. Airlines Ground Planes After Fatal Ethiopian Airlines Crash (New York Times)2019-03-12
  75. Where the plane model that crashed in Ethiopia flies (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  76. What We Know About the Ethiopian Plane Crash, and What We Don’t (New York Times)2019-03-12
  77. Tributes flow for victims of Ethiopian Airlines 'UN shuttle' crash (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-12
  78. US regulator demands Boeing modify 737 MAX after Ethiopia crash (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-12
  79. Singapore bans use of Boeing 737 MAX in its airspace (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-12
  80. FAA orders Boeing to make urgent improvements to 737 MAX (Daily Nation)2019-03-12
  81. Boeing 737: Singapore bars entry and exit of 737 Max planes (BBC)2019-03-12
  82. Results of Ethiopian Airlines crash probe needed before conclusions drawn (The Star)2019-03-12
  83. Live Briefing: Ethiopian Airlines Crash Updates: Boeing Plans System Improvements After Second Crash (New York Times)2019-03-12
  84. Ethiopian Airlines, Brexit, Raheem Sterling: Your Tuesday Briefing (New York Times)2019-03-12
  85. Singapore bans use of Boeing 737 MAX in its airspace (Daily Nation)2019-03-12
  86. Nations grounding their Boeing 737s after Ethiopian crash (Daily Nation)2019-03-12
  87. Newly-wed Ethiopia Airlines crash victim's last words to husband (The Star)2019-03-12
  88. Cyclone Idai kills 10 in Mozambique, more destruction expected (The Star)2019-03-12
  89. Ethiopian Airlines crash: Aid worker among Britons killed (BBC)2019-03-12
  90. Deadly plane crash puts dent in Ethiopia’s grand designs (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  91. What it means to ground Boeing 737 Max 8 aeroplanes (Daily Nation)2019-03-12
  92. The Latest: FlyDubai says to continue with Boeing model (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  93. Australian authorities ban Boeing's troubled MAX 8s from entering airspace (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-12
  94. Australia suspends operation of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft model involved in Ethiopian Airlines crash (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  95. UN agency: Thousands trapped in Yemen’s northern flashpoint (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  96. Death toll, damage expected to rise in Malawi flood (The Star)2019-03-12
  97. Australia bars all 737 MAX planes from its airspace (Daily Nation)2019-03-12
  98. I lost my whole family in the Ethiopian Airlines crash, says heartbroken man (The Star)2019-03-12
  99. Oman says it is ‘temporarily suspending’ operations of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft at its airports after Ethiopia crash (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  100. Indonesia, experts wary of linking Boeing crashes (Washington Post)2019-03-12

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