2019: Finland

  1. Freezing Finland hits Europe's winter record low temperature (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-27
  2. Did Finland's basic income experiment work? (BBC)2019-02-03
  3. Finland basic income trial left people 'happier but jobless' (BBC)2019-02-08
  4. Finland's 'free cash' experiment fails to boost employment (The Guardian)2019-02-08
  5. Finland’s Basic Income Trial Boosts Happiness, but Not Employment (New York Times)2019-02-09
  6. Naomi Williams's partner tells inquest she was 'begging for help' before she died (The Guardian)2019-03-15
  7. Paris Jackson: 'Not my role' to defend dad Michael over abuse allegations (BBC)2019-03-15
  8. Final Hatton Garden raider 'Basil' guilty of conspiracy to burgle (BBC)2019-03-15
  9. Hatton Garden ringleader 'Basil' found guilty over £14m heist (The Guardian)2019-03-15
  10. Woman who drowned 3-year-old daughter found guilty of murder (The Guardian)2019-03-15
  11. Going car-less in the country can be hard | Letters (The Guardian)2019-03-15
  12. NSW gun laws: Berejiklian attacks Labor over deal with Shooters party (The Guardian)2019-03-17
  13. Woman jailed for murdering daughter by drowning her in bath (The Guardian)2019-03-18
  14. Hillsborough trial: Duckenfield's admissions of failure 'should be dismissed' (The Guardian)2019-03-18
  15. Baseball star to agree richest deal in sport (CNN)2019-03-20
  16. Cookstown disco crush: Hotel owner arrested over drugs (BBC)2019-03-20
  17. Los Angeles police hit with rare official rebuke over mall killing (The Guardian)2019-03-20
  18. NSW election: Michael Daley stumbles over spending in final debate (The Guardian)2019-03-20
  19. Finland’s health-care system is ranked among the best in the world. Someone tell Nikki Haley. (Washington Post)2019-03-21
  20. Sustainable students: How easy is it to be more environmentally-friendly? (BBC)2019-03-22
  21. Afro hair: How black Finns are taking on racism (BBC)2019-09-01
  22. Finland under pressure to revamp rape laws (The Guardian)2019-09-02
  23. Environmentalist Greens set for gains as Swiss elect parliament (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-10-20
  24. Swiss election: Green parties 'make historic gains' (BBC)2019-10-20