2018: Fiji

  1. Fiji damaged by cyclone, PM sees ‘frightening’ weather ahead (Washington Post)2018-04-03
  2. Attorneys: 'Boys Don't Cry' inmate's IQ too low to execute (The New Zealand Herald)2018-04-03
  3. Charles Lane: There's no appeasing Trump: His policy is to upset the world order (The New Zealand Herald)2018-06-12
  4. How the world came to love Glasgow School of Art (BBC)2018-06-16
  5. Earthquake of magnitude 8.0 strikes near Tonga (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-08-19
  6. Strong, deep undersea quake shakes Fiji; no damage expected (The New Zealand Herald)2018-08-19
  7. Magnitude 8.2 earthquake hits Pacific Ocean, near Tonga and Fiji (The New Zealand Herald)2018-08-19
  8. 8.2-magnitude quake strikes in South Pacific (CNN)2018-08-19
  9. Earthquake of magnitude 8.0 strikes near Fiji, Tonga (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-08-19
  10. Earthquake of magnitude 8.2 strikes near Fiji, Tonga (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-08-20
  11. 'It's Prince, thinking aloud on the piano' (BBC)2018-09-15
  12. Tony Abbott re-endorsed as Liberal candidate for Warringah despite protest vote (The Guardian)2018-09-15
  13. 2018 T20 Blast Finals Day: Who are favourites and who will win the mascot race? (BBC)2018-09-15
  14. T20 Blast final: Worcestershire Rapids beat Sussex Sharks by five wickets (BBC)2018-09-15
  15. Sydney music festival deaths: Two young people dead (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-16
  16. Two dead and two critically ill after suspected overdoses at Defqon.1 festival in Sydney (The Guardian)2018-09-16
  17. Suspected drug overdose at Sydney music festival leaves 2 dead, 13 ill (The Star)2018-09-16
  18. Jacinda Ardern to guest edit New Zealand newspaper on anniversary of suffrage (The Guardian)2018-09-18
  19. Lawsuits filed over St. Louis police 'kettling' practice (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-18
  20. Prince's new basement tape: Just him singing, playing piano (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-18
  21. 'I lost my entire family to a cult': How one woman escaped Grace Road (BBC)2018-09-19
  22. 'History we can be proud of': Jacinda Ardern salutes fight for women's vote (The Guardian)2018-09-19
  23. New Zealand celebrates 125 years of women having the vote (Washington Post)2018-09-19
  24. New Zealand to pay out millions after thousands wrongly evicted for drug use (The Guardian)2018-09-20
  25. Female New Zealand lawmakers celebrate 125 years of women’s suffrage by re-creating all-male photo from 1905 (Washington Post)2018-09-20
  26. Harvard's Hasty Pudding casts first women in 175 years (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-20
  27. A parade of cyclones is slamming the United Kingdom as winter storm season starts with a bang (Washington Post)2018-09-20
  28. Rally seeks answers on St. Louis police shootings (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-20
  29. In photo recreation, New Zealand celebrates 125 years of women voting (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-09-20
  30. Hunt for shark that savaged two people including Kiwi girl at Whitsundays (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-20
  31. Whitsundays shark attacks: drum lines to be set as two tourists remain critical (The Guardian)2018-09-20
  32. Greenpeace's Russel Norman escapes conviction over Amazon Warrior oil survey ship protest (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-21
  33. Baby names: Hunter and Aurora join top 100 (BBC)2018-09-21
  34. Lawsuit: 84-year-old woman repeatedly raped at nursing home (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-21
  35. At least 1 dead after small plane crashes near St. Louis (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-21
  36. Peabody to purchase Shoal Creek coal mine in Alabama (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-21