2019-03: France

  1. A sports hijab has France debating the Muslim veil, again (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-01
  2. France’s minorities are angry, too. But they’re mostly sitting out of the yellow vest protests. (Washington Post)2019-03-01
  3. French, Dutch ministers pledge to strengthen Air France-KLM (Washington Post)2019-03-01
  4. Feminine job titles get go-ahead in France (BBC)2019-03-01
  5. France, Italy finance chiefs seek more business cooperation (Washington Post)2019-03-01
  6. Up for grabs - the Caravaggio the burglars left behind (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-01
  7. Académie Française allows feminisation of job titles (The Guardian)2019-03-01
  8. Coalition is struggling to handle the heat of its own bonfire |Katharine Murphy (The Guardian)2019-03-01
  9. Charlotte Rampling: ‘Depression makes you dead to the world – you've got to build yourself up again’ (The Guardian)2019-03-01
  10. Malian jihadist leader said to have been killed by France is alive (The Guardian)2019-03-02
  11. French yellow vests protest for 16th straight weekend (The Star)2019-03-02
  12. France's Great Debate: National discussion goes behind bars (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-02
  13. Site of Strasbourg synagogue destroyed by Nazis vandalised (The Guardian)2019-03-02
  14. Memorial stone for former synagogue vandalized in France (Washington Post)2019-03-02
  15. French yellow vests protest for 16th straight weekend (Washington Post)2019-03-02
  16. PICS: Yellow vests protest across France for 16th straight weekend (The Star)2019-03-02
  17. The bar on wheels keeping French villages alive (BBC)2019-03-03
  18. Sri Lankans risk it all to seek asylum on tiny island near Africa (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-03
  19. The Guardians of the French Language Are Deadlocked, Just Like Their Country (New York Times)2019-03-03
  20. Balenciaga's autumn-winter show blends chic with touch of reality (The Guardian)2019-03-03
  21. 'We need change': Algerians in Paris join anti-Bouteflika rallies (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-03
  22. In pre-Brexit rush, migrants breach Calais terminal for UK-bound ferry (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-03
  23. Emmanuel Macron plays down diplomatic spat with Italy (The Guardian)2019-03-03
  24. It's an entirely English midfield but who gets in Garth's team of the week? (BBC)2019-03-11
  25. Man City 'teenagers' in Champions League, says Guardiola (BBC)2019-03-11
  26. Meet the fans who are standing up for Michael Jackson (BBC)2019-03-11
  27. Taking Their Time, French Customs Officers Offer Taste of Post-Brexit Mayhem (New York Times)2019-03-11
  28. Policewoman killed by colleague 'playing' with gun (CNN)2019-03-11
  29. France nominated a gay French Moroccan for Eurovision. The response? Cacophony. (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  30. France’s Macron eyes investments in strategic Djibouti (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  31. France’s civil aviation authority closes French airspace to all Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, joining several other nations (Washington Post)2019-03-12
  32. Great Escape veteran Jack Lyon dies, aged 101 (BBC)2019-03-12
  33. Chickens 'teamed up to kill fox' at Brittany farming school (The Guardian)2019-03-12
  34. Ronaldo hat-trick against Atletico sends Juve through (BBC)2019-03-12
  35. Klopp says it is 'mad' to think Champions League exit would help Liverpool's title bid (BBC)2019-03-12
  36. 'This is why they brought me here' - Ronaldo's latest iconic Champions League performance (BBC)2019-03-13
  37. Ronaldo hat-trick lifts Juventus to Champions League quarters (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-13
  38. 'Incredible for English football' to have at least three teams in last eight - Guardiola (BBC)2019-03-13
  39. Is this Man City's best chance to conquer Europe? - Nevin analysis (BBC)2019-03-13
  40. France introduces in-car breathalyser that can disable motor (The Guardian)2019-03-13
  41. Manu Tuilagi: England centre to stay with Leicester Tigers (BBC)2019-03-13
  42. Friend of Manchester knife victim calls for more police on streets (The Guardian)2019-03-13
  43. French Camembert war flares up again over labelling stink (The Guardian)2019-03-13
  44. Messi inspires five-goal Barca to win over Lyon (BBC)2019-03-13
  45. Liverpool win at Bayern to seal quarter-final spot (BBC)2019-03-13
  46. Parris hat-tick sees leaders Man City win seven-goal thriller at Reading (BBC)2019-03-13
  47. Bayern Munich 1-3 Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp says Reds are among Europe's elite again (BBC)2019-03-13
  48. Champions League quarter-finals: Are English teams the new dominant force in Europe? (BBC)2019-03-14
  49. #EthiopianAirlinesCrash black boxes arrive in Paris for analysis (The Star)2019-03-14
  50. Bayern Munich 1-3 Liverpool: win was a mark of Reds' progress - Mark Lawrenson (BBC)2019-03-14
  51. #EthiopianAirlinesCrash black boxes arrive in Paris for analysis (The Star)2019-03-14
  52. France tries to contain oil spill off Atlantic Coast (Washington Post)2019-03-14
  53. France tries to contain fuel spill off Atlantic Coast (Washington Post)2019-03-14
  54. Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max black boxes arrive in Paris (The Guardian)2019-03-14
  55. French gynaecologists' union threatens to stop performing abortions (The Guardian)2019-03-14
  56. Champions League & Europa League draws: All you need to know (BBC)2019-03-15
  57. Mangled black box recovered from Ethiopian Airlines crash site (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-15
  58. Boeing suspends 737 MAX deliveries as France probes black boxes (Daily Nation)2019-03-15
  59. Algerian protesters to take to streets again as elections postponed (The Guardian)2019-03-15
  60. French start analysis Ethiopian Airlines black boxes as new evidence appears (Washington Post)2019-03-15
  61. Heavy security in Algiers for protests against president (Washington Post)2019-03-15
  62. French start analysing Ethiopian Airlines black boxes after new evidence appears (The Star)2019-03-15
  63. He's history: Algeria's ruling party turns its back on Bouteflika (The Star)2019-03-15
  64. Plane crash probe has begun in Paris: Ethiopian Airlines (Daily Nation)2019-03-15
  65. Spurs draw Man City in Champions League, Liverpool could face Man Utd in semis (BBC)2019-03-15
  66. Dutch detain 2 suspected of providing arms for Paris attacks (Washington Post)2019-03-15
  67. Move over, McDonald's: French taco poised for global expansion (The Guardian)2019-03-15
  68. Crowds throng Algerian cities to demand Bouteflika step down (The Star)2019-03-15
  69. Breath-test car lock for French drivers (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-15
  70. Michael Jackson's fans sue alleged victims for 'sullying his memory' (The Star)2019-03-15
  71. Algerians Stage Largest Protest Yet, Rejecting President’s Offer (New York Times)2019-03-15
  72. French yellow vests clash with police in Paris (Washington Post)2019-03-16
  73. French yellow vest protesters clash with police in Paris (Washington Post)2019-03-16
  74. Paris stores looted in new 'yellow vest' riots (The Star)2019-03-16
  75. Yellow vest protests: Violence returns to streets of Paris (BBC)2019-03-16
  76. Violence Surges in Paris as ‘Yellow Vest’ Protest Dwindles in Week 18 (New York Times)2019-03-16
  77. The Latest: French police arrest 100 in Paris riots (Washington Post)2019-03-16
  78. Protests continue in France as demonstrators clash with police (CNN)2019-03-16
  79. 'Yellow-vest' rioting in Paris as anti-Macron protests persist (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-16
  80. France repatriates five children of French militants who joined the Islamic State (Washington Post)2019-03-16
  81. France’s gilets jaunes target luxury shops and restaurant in protests (The Guardian)2019-03-16
  82. FA Cup: Raul Jimenez fires Wolves ahead against Man Utd (BBC)2019-03-16
  83. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Manchester United: Superb hosts reach first FA Cup semi-final in 21 years (BBC)2019-03-16
  84. French violence flares as yellow vest protests enter fourth month (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-16
  85. The Gypsy mayor who wants Gypsies to mix with everyone else (BBC)2019-03-17
  86. French couple barred from calling son Griezmann Mbappe after football heroes (The Guardian)2019-03-17
  87. David Parr: Artist's 'awe' at 1880s artisan decorated house (BBC)2019-03-17
  88. Tunisia seeks extradition of Ben Ali brother-in-law from France (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-17
  89. FA Cup: Solly March scores injury-time equaliser for Brighton after Millwall's David Martin error (BBC)2019-03-17
  90. Crashed Ethiopian 737 Jet’s Data Recorders Downloaded, French Investigators Say (New York Times)2019-03-17
  91. French government unprepared for gilets jaunes riots, critics say (The Guardian)2019-03-17
  92. Germany: Drunk passenger demands high-speed train slow down (Washington Post)2019-03-17
  93. Eurostar tells customers 'don't travel' (BBC)2019-03-17
  94. Macron's bid to 'democratise democracy' and curb the yellow vests (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-18
  95. Sir David Hare: Society shifting women's role in film and theatre (BBC)2019-03-18
  96. French court to rule on Koffi Olomide's assault case (Daily Nation)2019-03-18
  97. French cardinal Philippe Barbarin to tender resignation to pope (Daily Nation)2019-03-18
  98. France seeks answers after police failure to contain rioting (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  99. French cardinal convicted in sex abuse scandal to meet pope (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  100. Eurostar industrial action continues to hit services from Paris (BBC)2019-03-18