2017-01-25: UK

  1. Sex is painful for nearly one in 10 women, study finds (BBC)00:20:20
  2. Murder suspect Briton 'feared for his life' (BBC)00:20:20
  3. Editorial: Parliament Is Back in the Brexit Game (New York Times)02:00:02
  4. UK women face high heels and make-up rules at work: report (Daily Nation)03:50:15
  5. Ryan Mason: Jake Livermore 'feared the worst' after head injury (BBC)04:30:27
  6. Brexit: MPs call for White Paper on EU exit plan (BBC)05:20:35
  7. Wayne Rooney: Sir Alex Ferguson believes record will not be broken again (BBC)06:50:20
  8. US Supreme Court declines to hear polygamy case (Daily Nation)07:50:15
  9. London's dirty air: How bad is it? (BBC)08:20:25
  10. UK workplace study finds women forced to wear heels (The New Zealand Herald)09:30:16
  11. Second man held over 'threats' in Gina Miller Brexit case (BBC)10:50:26
  12. Robert Snodgrass: Hull accept bid of £10m from Burnley for Scottish midfielder (BBC)11:30:31
  13. British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman stands down (BBC)11:40:23
  14. Longtime British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman to step down (The New Zealand Herald)12:30:18
  15. UK police make second arrest over Brexit plaintiff threats (The New Zealand Herald)12:30:18
  16. James Ellington: British sprinter has surgery in UK after bike crash (BBC)12:30:30
  17. Longtime British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman to step down (Washington Post)12:31:01
  18. Corbyn gaffe over injured police officer (BBC)13:30:28
  19. Brexit is still happening, just not the way May hoped (Al-Jazeera)14:10:25
  20. The Latest: EU Brexit talks to take notice of non-EU nations (The New Zealand Herald)14:30:16
  21. UK report: Sexist dress codes common in some sectors (Al-Jazeera)14:30:22
  22. Dow Jones passes 20,000 for first time (BBC)15:00:24
  23. 12 Haitians drown near Turks & Caicos; search ongoing (The New Zealand Herald)15:10:13
  24. Scots edge closer to independence (The New Zealand Herald)16:10:11
  25. Dow Jones cross 20,000-point milestone (Al-Jazeera)18:00:26
  26. Alexandra Shulman: How her time at Vogue shaped British fashion (BBC)18:30:24
  27. Brexit plan: PM Theresa May promises more details for parliament (The Sydney Morning Herald)19:20:10
  28. Aidan Turner: 'You want me to get naked?' (BBC)19:30:34
  29. Chris Patten: UK risks 'selling its honour' on Hong Kong (BBC)20:00:23
  30. Great British Bake Off to air this year on Channel 4 (BBC)20:10:19
  31. Test your knowledge of the Dow Jones industrial average (The New Zealand Herald)20:30:18
  32. Sent Home for Not Wearing Heels, She Ignited a British Rebellion (New York Times)21:30:02
  33. Will Brexit still mean Brexit? (Al-Jazeera)22:00:21
  34. Crews cleaning up diesel spill from pipeline leak in Iowa (The New Zealand Herald)22:50:10
  35. Business Highlights (The New Zealand Herald)23:30:17
  36. When Theresa meets Donald: A geopolitical odd couple with big implications for the West (Washington Post)23:30:57
  37. May to vow to renew special relationship ahead of Trump meeting (BBC)23:50:20