2017-04-25: UK

  1. 'I would be dead without football' (BBC)00:40:18
  2. Can plastic roads help save the planet? (BBC)00:40:18
  3. Massive bull shark caught near Swansea causes a stir (The New Zealand Herald)00:50:09
  4. British election: UK Labour facing wipeout as polls suggest Tory majority (The Sydney Morning Herald)01:30:15
  5. Proud UK emu owner shows of bird on a leash outside pub (The New Zealand Herald)02:30:12
  6. Government lacks faith in free market, says energy boss (BBC)07:00:39
  7. UK’s Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election (Washington Post)08:41:02
  8. UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election (The New Zealand Herald)08:50:11
  9. From Park Avenue to the poker table (The Star)08:50:52
  10. Dani King considering Wales switch for 2018 Commonwealth Games (BBC)10:10:29
  11. Arkansas executes 2 inmates on the same gurney, hours apart (The New Zealand Herald)10:50:10
  12. Could 2017 be a tactical election? (BBC)11:00:42
  13. Faye Dunaway feels 'very guilty' over Oscars blunder (BBC)11:30:43
  14. Chris McQueen: Will Australia-born back-rower make England team for Samoa? (BBC)11:50:34
  15. Tom Hardy 'arrests fleeing moped thief' in London (BBC)12:10:42
  16. Nestle to cut 300 jobs in north of UK (BBC)13:00:38
  17. Islamophobia can make UKIP relevant again (Al-Jazeera)13:20:24
  18. Shark attack mum Frankie Gonsalves to be airlifted to UK (BBC)14:10:35
  19. UK man jailed for running global cyberattack business (The New Zealand Herald)15:50:09
  20. US F-35 stealth fighters arrive in Estonia for NATO drills (The New Zealand Herald)15:50:09
  21. London assembly urges mayor to lead campaign on FGM (Al-Jazeera)15:50:16
  22. Is Labour's Brexit plan too subtle? (BBC)15:50:17
  23. Bigamist poses with his other wife on Facebook (The Star)15:50:44
  24. In London, Class Warfare of a Different Stripe (New York Times)16:00:01
  25. Tim Farron: I don't think gay sex is a sin (BBC)16:10:19
  26. 'Gorilla man' still crawling London Marathon (BBC)16:40:27
  27. Army girl, who couldn't bear to 'burden parents', found dead (The Star)16:50:53
  28. Olympic cyclists Laura and Jason Kenny collect CBEs (BBC)17:00:16
  29. Zim massacre ‘a British cover-up’, claims academic (The Star)17:00:46
  30. Britain's pro-Brexit party left divided after 'burqa ban' proposal (Washington Post)17:10:41
  31. Drake named world's most popular recording artist in 2016 (The New Zealand Herald)17:30:13
  32. Election: Theresa May urges voters to 'strengthen my hand' (BBC)18:10:21
  33. UK's Labour Party vows to ditch May's Brexit plan if elected (CNN)18:30:30
  34. Sir Rod Stewart's proud moment as son Liam scores first ice hockey goal for GB (BBC)19:40:15
  35. Kelly Sotherton: British athlete feels third Olympic medal gives career 'more meaning' (BBC)20:20:17
  36. McDonald's to offer all UK staff fixed hour contracts (BBC)20:40:22
  37. General election 2017: Voters in Porthcawl weigh up options (BBC)21:20:26
  38. Suspect in 1978 slayings of British tourists in Belize dies (The New Zealand Herald)21:30:14
  39. McCann breakthrough: Officers chase 'significant' line of inquiry (The New Zealand Herald)21:30:14
  40. Mick Jagger avoids limelight as Charlie Watts wins award (The New Zealand Herald)21:50:08
  41. Review: 'Guardians' returns and it's better than the first (The New Zealand Herald)22:10:10