2017: Guinea

  1. Ebola survivors not safe from long term effects (Daily Nation)2017-01-14
  2. Guinea Pig Club veteran takes to the skies for 'final flight' after being diagnosed with terminal cancer (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-23
  3. Africa waits to see who will take over from Deby and Dlamini-Zuma (Daily Nation)2017-01-28
  4. Canada shooting victim dreamed of water for Guinea village (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-01
  5. New AU leader rails against presidential tardiness, slow Internet and media (Daily Nation)2017-02-01
  6. Sierra Leone mudslide: Freetown man lost eight family members (BBC)2017-09-15
  7. Remembering the day the Eritrean press died (Al-Jazeera)2017-09-18
  8. Happiness may be healthier for some cultures than others (CNN)2017-09-26
  9. Angola's political Lazarus (Daily Nation)2017-09-26
  10. Angola's Dos Santos: a family business (Daily Nation)2017-09-26
  11. How banana skins turned on the lights in Lagos ... and then turned them off again (The Guardian)2017-09-26
  12. Enugu in the spotlight: 50 years on, the flame of Biafra still burns (The Guardian)2017-09-26
  13. Nigerian gov’t says Boko Haram contained; president fine (Washington Post)2017-09-26
  14. Angola swears in Joao Lourenco as president (Al-Jazeera)2017-09-26
  15. Angola’s first new president in 38 years vows to fight graft (The Star)2017-09-26
  16. Tortured, abused, deported: Cameroon accused of driving out Nigerian refugees (The Guardian)2017-09-27
  17. Thousands march against corruption in South Africa (Al-Jazeera)2017-09-27
  18. What Is Happening on Manus? The Detainee Crisis Explained. (New York Times)2017-11-02
  19. Red Cross 'outraged' over pilfering of Ebola aid millions by its own staff (The Guardian)2017-11-03
  20. Papua New Guinea police say asylum seekers defy deadline (Washington Post)2017-11-13
  21. Naby Keita: From the streets of Guinea to a record £48m Liverpool move (BBC)2017-11-21
  22. Teen held after kidnapped boy's body is found in freezer (The Star)2017-11-21
  23. Afoty 17: Will an African nation win the World Cup before England (do again)? (BBC)2017-11-24
  24. Interpol: 40 human traffickers arrested, 236 children saved (Washington Post)2017-11-24
  25. 40 human traffickers arrested, 236 children saved from prostitution (The Star)2017-11-24
  26. 40 human traffickers arrested, 236 children saved in massive Interpol-led operation (The Star)2017-11-24
  27. Final frontier for those with wealth out of this world (The New Zealand Herald)2017-12-20
  28. SpaceX unveils new Falcon Heavy rocket before January launch (The New Zealand Herald)2017-12-20