2017: Guyana

  1. Volcano in Alaska island chain erupts again _ briefly (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-04
  2. Weather limits search for plane that vanished with 6 aboard (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-04
  3. Bournemouth ABC cinema screens final movie (BBC)2017-01-04
  4. Guyana to raid commercial bank accounts, collect back taxes (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-06
  5. Guyana approves Chinese miner to begin manganese production (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-28
  6. Guyana using $80M to pave jungle highway link to Brazil (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-01
  7. 2 sentenced to death in Guyana for massacre that killed 12 (Washington Post)2017-02-03
  8. 2 sentenced to death in Guyana for massacre that killed 12 (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-03
  9. Guyana temporarily lifts ban on scrap metal exports (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-04
  10. 2 armed open carry advocates arrested inside police station (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-06
  11. Man gets 5 years in prison for smuggling guns to Guyana (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-07
  12. Giant painting of Atlanta battle scene is moving to new site (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-09
  13. The Latest: Diary provides new insight on Cyclorama painters (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-09
  14. 2nd Battle of Atlanta? Giant Civil War painting on the move (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-10
  15. The Latest: 1st piece of Atlanta Cyclorama moved to new home (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-10
  16. The Latest: Manager: Musician meant no harm by gun on plane (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-10
  17. Gun industry seeks to ease gov't restrictions on silencers (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-13
  18. Ethiopia: 11 killed in continued violence in restive region (Washington Post)2017-10-22