2019: Iceland

  1. Infrared photos retell the horror of D-Day (CNN)2019-01-01
  2. I underestimated Mayweather, says kickboxer Nasukawa after 140-second loss (BBC)2019-01-01
  3. ‘We don’t have time anymore’: In face of climate change, young people across Europe are protesting for their future (Washington Post)2019-02-15
  4. Plastics reach remote pristine environments, scientists say (The Guardian)2019-02-17
  5. Faeroes to close for tourists due to maintenance (Washington Post)2019-02-20
  6. What Iceland can teach us about paying men and women fairly (BBC)2019-02-22
  7. Iceland to let more than 2,000 whales be killed within the next five years (CNN)2019-02-22
  8. Iceland mayors object to Google snow (BBC)2019-03-11
  9. Danish MP told baby 'not welcome' in parliament chamber (BBC)2019-03-20
  10. Peaceful Iceland amazed by weapons for VP Pence’s security (Washington Post)2019-09-04