2019-02: Italy

  1. Italy blocks Sea-Watch 3 from leaving port on safety issues (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  2. Schumacher's son visits F1 legend's museum exhibition (BBC)2019-02-01
  3. Italy’s Salvini backs rail project opposed by partner party (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  4. Italian man charged over attack on Liverpool fan Seán Cox (The Guardian)2019-02-01
  5. Nigerian man kills himself in Italy after residence permit denial (The Guardian)2019-02-01
  6. Italy’s Salvini backs EU train line opposed by govt partner (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  7. Italy’s Crackdown on Migrants Meets a Grass-Roots Resistance (New York Times)2019-02-01
  8. Injury ends Italy match after five seconds (BBC)2019-02-02
  9. Watch: 'What a start' Kinghorn double gives Scotland lead (BBC)2019-02-02
  10. La dolce vita slips away again as Italy tumbles back into recession (The Guardian)2019-02-02
  11. Six Nations: Blair Kinghorn scores hat trick as Scotland beat Italy (BBC)2019-02-02
  12. Italian firefighters save teenagers trapped in swollen muddy river – video (The Guardian)2019-02-02
  13. Watch: Townsend 'very pleased' with Scotland's winning start (BBC)2019-02-02
  14. Six Nations: Blair Kinghorn hat-trick seals opening Scotland win v Italy (BBC)2019-02-02
  15. Drivers on Italian Alpine highway stuck for hours after snow (Washington Post)2019-02-02
  16. Avalanches in the Italian Alps kill at least 5 skiers (Washington Post)2019-02-04
  17. Three bodies found in search for skiers missing in Italy (The Guardian)2019-02-04
  18. Novel graphics: Green Book bags the Oscar for most brilliantly bad poster (The Guardian)2019-02-04
  19. Italy tourism minister attacks plans for Venice day-trippers charge (The Guardian)2019-02-05
  20. Tourism minister blasts Venice tax plan as 'useless and damaging' (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-06
  21. Title race will go down to the wire - Guardiola (BBC)2019-02-06
  22. Abu Simbel salvage celebrated as success; challenges persist (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  23. Italy’s government promised to put ‘Italians first,’ but its policies are hurting Italians, too (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  24. Laporte & Jesus send Man City top of table (BBC)2019-02-06
  25. Italy's Italian-first policies are hurting Italians too (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-07
  26. Premier League Darts: Michael van Gerwen says tournament will miss Gary Anderson (BBC)2019-02-07
  27. Lebanese PM calls on Italy to increase investment in Lebanon (Washington Post)2019-02-07
  28. He played on after his eyeball was burst by a stud (CNN)2019-02-07
  29. Spurs' new stadium not ready to host Arsenal match on 2 March (BBC)2019-02-07
  30. France Recalls Ambassador to Italy After Minister Meets ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters (New York Times)2019-02-07
  31. Berlusconi campaigns for centre-right in regional Italian election (The Guardian)2019-02-07
  32. France recalls ambassador to Italy as rift deepens (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-07
  33. Baseball's first black Major League manager dies at 83 (BBC)2019-02-08
  34. France and Italy’s feud is a sign of battles to come (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  35. France: Italy ambassador recall is an important warning (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  36. ‘You’re lucky to get paid at all’: how African migrants are exploited in Italy | Hsiao-Hung Pai (The Guardian)2019-02-09
  37. Rohingya activists demand action against Myanmar at NYC summit (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-09
  38. Italy demolishes Genoa's collapsed bridge for new structure (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-09
  39. Tributes paid to Sala at Premier League matches (BBC)2019-02-09
  40. Wales equal record run of victories with win in Italy (BBC)2019-02-09
  41. Violence mars yellow vest protest in Paris as unrest spreads to Rome (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-10
  42. Spurs beat Leicester to maintain pursuit of leaders (BBC)2019-02-10
  43. Aguero equals Premier League hat-trick record as Man City rout Chelsea to go top (BBC)2019-02-10
  44. Italy: Regional vote pairs far-right League, centrist party (Washington Post)2019-02-10
  45. European Super League - the future of football? (BBC)2019-02-11
  46. Italian-Egyptian singer's victory angers Matteo Salvini (The Guardian)2019-02-11
  47. Last-gasp Boly goal for Wolves denies Newcastle (BBC)2019-02-11
  48. Salvini shifts Italy's security focus from mafia to immigration (The Guardian)2019-02-12
  49. Why Romanian migrant women suffer from 'Italy syndrome' (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-12
  50. Quiz: Can you put these Champions League legends in order? (BBC)2019-02-12
  51. TV detective's pro-migrant message divides Italy (The Guardian)2019-02-12
  52. Robbers rape bank staff in Kampala raid (Daily Nation)2019-02-13
  53. Guy Verhofstadt calls Italian premier 'puppet' in angry exchange (The Guardian)2019-02-13
  54. Take that, Salvini! How musical justice was served in Sanremo | Thea Hawlin (The Guardian)2019-02-13
  55. John Wood’s Circus in Bath and Stonehenge | Letters (The Guardian)2019-02-13
  56. Valentines' Day: How do you say 'I love you' to a buttoned-up Victorian? (BBC)2019-02-13
  57. Valentine's Day Tinder messages aim to stop deportations (The Guardian)2019-02-14
  58. Italy rejects record number of asylum applications (The Guardian)2019-02-14
  59. Your Thursday Briefing (New York Times)2019-02-14
  60. Four people stabbed in football-related violence in Rome (The Guardian)2019-02-14
  61. Valentine's Day: People share their 14 February horror stories (BBC)2019-02-14
  62. Snapchat helps save mum and daughter from car crash (BBC)2019-02-14
  63. Lovesick on Valentine's? Museum of broken hearts has the antidote (Daily Nation)2019-02-14
  64. 'Men told me I wouldn't last.' Now, she's a 'salt queen' (CNN)2019-02-14
  65. Four Men Convicted in Killing of Top Aide to Myanmar’s Leader (New York Times)2019-02-15
  66. Alesha MacPhail trial: friend of alleged killer gives evidence (The Guardian)2019-02-15
  67. Watch highlights: QPR 0-1 Watford (BBC)2019-02-16
  68. 'My daughter has my disability and I'm OK with that' (BBC)2019-02-16
  69. FA Cup: Brighton 2-1 Derby highlights (BBC)2019-02-16
  70. Mikaela Shiffrin wins fourth slalom gold at World Championships (BBC)2019-02-16
  71. FA Cup: Newport County 1-4 Manchester City highlights (BBC)2019-02-16
  72. FA Cup Magic fourth round: Fantastic Foden, nose 'splattering' saves & cabbage-patch pitches (BBC)2019-02-16
  73. Italy needs a hero, and in this 16th-century martyr it can find one | Stephanie Merritt (The Guardian)2019-02-17
  74. Italian populists ask if minister deserves immunity (Washington Post)2019-02-17
  75. FA Cup: Bristol City 0-1 Wolves highlights (BBC)2019-02-17
  76. In Center of Catholicism, New Mormon Temple Invites Curious Romans for a Look (New York Times)2019-02-17
  77. FA Cup: Doncaster Rovers 0-2 Crystal Palace highlights (BBC)2019-02-17
  78. Tiny South Africa beach restaurant crowned best in the world (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-19
  79. 'Young people hold the power': the movement against FGM – in pictures (The Guardian)2019-02-19
  80. “The pope ignored them”: Alleged abuse of deaf children on two continents points to Vatican failings (Washington Post)2019-02-19
  81. Italian senate group votes to block criminal case against Salvini (The Guardian)2019-02-19
  82. Italy Senate blocks Salvini probe into holding migrants on ship (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-19
  83. Italy’s checking if NKorean envoy’s daughter was forced back (Washington Post)2019-02-20
  84. France-Italy railway construction exposes political rifts (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-20
  85. Italy’s economy minister: Alitalia won’t be nationalized (Washington Post)2019-02-20
  86. Abuse victims: Italian law helps bishops dodge investigation (Washington Post)2019-02-21
  87. Italy: Teacher’s ‘experiment’ with black pupil arouses anger (Washington Post)2019-02-21
  88. In the Catholic Church’s Homeland, Clerical Abuse Is Barely a Scandal (New York Times)2019-02-22
  89. Italian minister insists Alpine train tunnel not derailed (Washington Post)2019-02-22
  90. Are controversial adverts for fashion brands accident or design? (BBC)2019-02-23
  91. The view from Italy: How Brexit is viewed on the streets of Rome (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-23
  92. Marella Agnelli, Society’s ‘Last Swan’ and a Passionate Gardener, Is Dead at 91 (New York Times)2019-02-23
  93. Marella Agnelli, widow of Fiat tycoon, dies at 91 in Turin (Washington Post)2019-02-23
  94. Jamie Lee Curtis: Oscars changes are 'missteps, not chaos' (BBC)2019-02-24
  95. Ireland labour to Six Nations win in Italy (BBC)2019-02-24
  96. In pictures: Red carpet glamour (BBC)2019-02-25
  97. Gladiator school: 'I love to hit people' (BBC)2019-02-25
  98. Cue jumper: May takes on Italian PM in impromptu pool game (The Guardian)2019-02-25
  99. Italy's hardline stance on immigration leaves sex trafficked women fearful (The Guardian)2019-02-25
  100. Oscars 2019: Spike Lee says Green Book 'not my cup of tea' (BBC)2019-02-25