2017-01-25: Japan

  1. Japan reports 1st trade surplus in 6 years on cheaper oil (The New Zealand Herald)04:10:10
  2. Asian markets spurred by Wall Street’s rally (Washington Post)04:30:52
  3. Asian markets spurred by Wall Street rally (The New Zealand Herald)07:50:12
  4. After 19 long years, Japan has a grand champion of sumo once more (Washington Post)07:50:49
  5. Skepticism and Support in South Korea as Ban Ki-moon Weighs Presidential Bid (New York Times)10:10:03
  6. Dorset pupils hospitalised over cocaine scare (BBC)13:10:21
  7. For First Time in Years, Japan Boasts a Sumo Grand Champion (New York Times)13:40:02
  8. Thai official arrested in Japan with 3 paintings from hotel (Washington Post)13:40:54
  9. A tourist in Tokyo Q&A: Toilets, menus and naked bathing (The New Zealand Herald)15:50:12
  10. Japanese aren't so sure about Donald Trump, but they love Ivanka (Washington Post)16:20:49