2019-02: Japan

  1. Throngs gather near Japan embassy to mourn SKorean sex slave (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  2. Throngs gather near Japan embassy to mourn SKorean sex slave (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-01
  3. Throngs gather near Japan embassy to mourn South Korean sex slave (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-01
  4. Japan investigates alleged uranium online auction (BBC)2019-02-01
  5. S Korea mourners gather at Japan embassy for sex slave's funeral (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-01
  6. Philippines tops world internet usage index with an average 10 hours a day (The Guardian)2019-02-01
  7. Nintendo chief: Seeking growth sources as Switch sales slow (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  8. As US questions free trade, EU and Japan usher in new deal (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  9. Our Tokyo Bureau Chief on Where She Finds ‘Bolts of Insight’ (Hint: It’s Outside the Office) (New York Times)2019-02-02
  10. Rare fish catch raises disaster fears in Japan (CNN)2019-02-02
  11. Japan stunned and Qatar are the champions of Asia (CNN)2019-02-02
  12. Japan’s Working Mothers: Record Responsibilities. Little Help from Dads (New York Times)2019-02-02
  13. Behind the Lion Air Crash, a Trail of Decisions Kept Pilots in the Dark (New York Times)2019-02-03
  14. Near site of Fukushima nuclear disaster, a shattered town and scattered lives (Washington Post)2019-02-03
  15. Nissan new X-Trail to be made in Japan instead of Sunderland (BBC)2019-02-03
  16. Near the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, a shattered town and scattered lives (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-03
  17. Newspaper headlines: Cystic fibrosis drugs row and Nissan fallout (BBC)2019-02-04
  18. Women put hair in Sunderland pub pizza for refund (BBC)2019-02-04
  19. Newspaper headlines: Liam Neeson and Greg Clark Nissan letter on front pages (BBC)2019-02-05
  20. Asia welcomes year of the pig with banquets, temple visits (Washington Post)2019-02-05
  21. Japan's deputy PM blames women for nation's falling population (The Guardian)2019-02-05
  22. Japan's deputy prime minister blames women 'not giving birth' for declining population (CNN)2019-02-05
  23. Japan finance minister Aso sorry for criticizing childless (Washington Post)2019-02-05
  24. Official Apologizes After Blaming Childless People for Japan’s Shrinking Population (New York Times)2019-02-05
  25. Japan cancels port call by warship in South Korea amid row (Washington Post)2019-02-05
  26. Where to eat in Asia's foodie capital (CNN)2019-02-05
  27. Japanese minister apologises for comment on Japan's shrinking population (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-05
  28. Hamilton fears Verstappen the most - Red Bull boss Horner (BBC)2019-02-05
  29. Japan PM vows to fight child abuse after 'heart-wrenching' death of girl, 10 (The Guardian)2019-02-07
  30. Fortnite: Pro gamer RizArt 'deeply sorry' for faking age (BBC)2019-02-07
  31. Japan sets date for asteroid 'rock grab' (BBC)2019-02-07
  32. Ariana Grande to Grammys producer: 'You're lying about me" (The Guardian)2019-02-08
  33. Tokyo 2020: Medals to be made from recycled waste (BBC)2019-02-08
  34. Japan urged to eliminate corporal punishment against children (The Star)2019-02-08
  35. The Saturday Profile: ‘Shoplifters’ Director Pierces Japan’s Darker Side (New York Times)2019-02-08
  36. Japanese women push back against Valentine's tradition of 'obligation chocolate' (The Guardian)2019-02-11
  37. Tough times in China? Not for Toyota (CNN)2019-02-11
  38. Thieves stole a 400-year-old bonsai. The grief-stricken owner offered care instructions (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-11
  39. ‘Bonsai Are Like Our Children’: Couple Pleads for Return of Stolen Trees (New York Times)2019-02-12
  40. Nissan cuts profit forecast as it takes £65m Carlos Ghosn charge (The Guardian)2019-02-12
  41. Bonsai theft: Japanese couple robbed of 400-year-old tree (BBC)2019-02-12
  42. Swimming sensation diagnosed with leukemia (CNN)2019-02-12
  43. Nissan cuts profit forecast in first report since ousting Ghosn (CNN)2019-02-12
  44. Japan turns to tech to cut long working hours (BBC)2019-02-13
  45. Valentine's Day: Japan falling out of love with 'obligation chocolates' (BBC)2019-02-13
  46. Taiji dolphin hunt: activists to launch unprecedented legal challenge (The Guardian)2019-02-13
  47. Lawyer defending ex-Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn resigns (The Guardian)2019-02-13
  48. The $89,000 Verdict Tearing Japan and South Korea Apart (New York Times)2019-02-13
  49. Stolen bonsai trees ‘like our children’, couple say in plea to thieves (The Guardian)2019-02-13
  50. Same-sex couples in Japan launch Valentine's Day bid for marriage equality (The Guardian)2019-02-14
  51. Japanese same-sex couples sue for equal marital rights (Washington Post)2019-02-14
  52. Japanese same-sex couples sue for equal marital rights (Washington Post)2019-02-14
  53. Japan’s economy rebounded in final quarter of 2018 (Washington Post)2019-02-14
  54. Why Japanese women are rebelling against Valentine's Day (CNN)2019-02-14
  55. First Lawsuits Are Filed Seeking Recognition of Gay Marriage in Japan (New York Times)2019-02-14
  56. 81-year-old is sole resident of remote, disputed island (CNN)2019-02-15
  57. Japan to recognise Ainu as 'indigenous people' for first time (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-15
  58. Where can you kiss a same-sex partner in Bucharest? A cartoon by Andreea Chirică (The Guardian)2019-02-15
  59. Japan prepares law to finally recognize and protect its indigenous Ainu people (Washington Post)2019-02-15
  60. Doggy massages and canine cheesecake: A reporter unleashed among Japan’s pampered pooches (Washington Post)2019-02-16
  61. Japan PM nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize at US request - report (The Star)2019-02-17
  62. Saidaiji Eyo: Near-naked crowds hunt for lucky sticks at Japan festival (BBC)2019-02-17
  63. I would not sacrifice my happiness - world number one Osaka on split from coach (BBC)2019-02-17
  64. Could homophobia and racism explain why it took so long to catch Canadian serial killer? (The Star)2019-02-19
  65. 'I feel like people are staring at me' - Osaka blames scrutiny for defeat (BBC)2019-02-19
  66. Trump-Kim summit: What's at stake for Japan? (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-20
  67. LGBT group severs links with Navratilova over transgender comments (BBC)2019-02-20
  68. Japan, Fukushima operator told to pay over 2011 nuclear disaster (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-20
  69. Eight years after Fukushima’s meltdown, the land is recovering, but public trust has not (Washington Post)2019-02-20
  70. Moments from LGBT history: London Metropolitan Archives (The Guardian)2019-02-20
  71. Japan’s Hayabusa 2 probe to fire pellet at asteroid to obtain samples (The Guardian)2019-02-21
  72. Japanese spacecraft to attempt landing on distant asteroid (Washington Post)2019-02-21
  73. Strong quake hits Japan’s northernmost main island Hokkaido (Washington Post)2019-02-21
  74. Japanese space probe set to fire bullet into asteroid (CNN)2019-02-22
  75. Okinawa referendum: everything you need to know (The Guardian)2019-02-22
  76. Japanese spacecraft touches down on asteroid to get samples (Washington Post)2019-02-22
  77. Japan’s Hayabusa 2 successfully touches down on Ryugu asteroid (The Guardian)2019-02-22
  78. Hayabusa-2: Japan spacecraft touches down on asteroid (BBC)2019-02-22
  79. Japan probe Hayabusa2 touches down on Ryugu asteroid (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-22
  80. Japan’s Akihito seen as devoted to duties, open to new ideas (Washington Post)2019-02-22
  81. Japan Battles Worst Measles Outbreak in Years (New York Times)2019-02-22
  82. Outrage after Japan minister three minutes late (BBC)2019-02-22
  83. Japanese asteroid hunter touches down (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-22
  84. Japan’s crown prince hopes to continue father’s legacy (Washington Post)2019-02-23
  85. Okinawans set to vote on US military base relocation (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-23
  86. Laughing in defeat and covering tattoos - Bothroyd on how he has adapted to Japanese culture (BBC)2019-02-23
  87. After 30 years, Japanese Emperor still open to new ideas (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-24
  88. Okinawa votes in referendum on US military base relocation (Washington Post)2019-02-24
  89. Japan scholar and translator Donald Keene has died at 96 (Washington Post)2019-02-24
  90. Donald Keene, renowned scholar of Japanese literature, dies aged 96 (The Guardian)2019-02-24
  91. Japan’s emperor marks 30th year of reign at Tokyo ceremony (Washington Post)2019-02-24
  92. 'Test of democracy': Okinawa votes in referendum on US base move (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-24
  93. Okinawa referendum rejects new US military base but Abe likely to press on (The Guardian)2019-02-24
  94. In Japan’s Okinawa, voters deliver a resounding no to new U.S. military base  (Washington Post)2019-02-24
  95. Okinawa voters cause fresh headache for Tokyo with rejection of new US base (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-25
  96. Okinawa referendum rejects relocation for US military base (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-25
  97. Okinawa referendum rejects relocation for US military base (Washington Post)2019-02-25
  98. Japan's Okinawa votes against controversial US base move (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-25
  99. Japan battles worst measles outbreak in a decade (The Guardian)2019-02-25
  100. Jason Kenny says winning, not breaking records, is his motivation (BBC)2019-02-26