2019: North Korea

  1. UN organizing national conference in Libya in coming weeks (Washington Post)2019-01-19
  2. Trump, Kim to meet anew after N.Korean visits White House (Daily Nation)2019-01-19
  3. Women raped by Korean soldiers during Vietnam war still awaiting apology (The Guardian)2019-01-19
  4. South Korea wants Trump-Kim summit to be a turning point. Others see it as a last chance. (Washington Post)2019-01-19
  5. Trump says US 'made a lot of progress' with North Korea (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-01-19
  6. Donald Trump hails 'incredible' meeting with North Korean envoy (The Guardian)2019-01-19
  7. Overloaded dinghy carrying 120 migrants sinks, three survive (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-19
  8. Trump’s dual Korean challenges: Talks with North and U.S. troop payment impasse with South (Washington Post)2019-01-20
  9. US, South Korean diplomats attend NKorea talks in Sweden (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-20
  10. US, South Korean diplomats attend NKorea talks in Sweden (Washington Post)2019-01-20
  11. ‘Redefine the skyline’: how Ho Chi Minh City is erasing its heritage (The Guardian)2019-01-21
  12. Sweden: Envoys' talks 'good preparation' for Trump and Kim (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-21
  13. Sweden: Envoys’ talks ‘good preparation’ for Trump and Kim (Washington Post)2019-01-21
  14. Sweden hosts 'constructive' N Korea talks ahead of Trump-Kim meet (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-21
  15. Secret North Korean missile site found, report says (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-21
  16. As second summit announced, report identifies secret North Korean missile site (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-01-22
  17. Report identifies another secret North Korea missile site, one of 20 (Washington Post)2019-01-22
  18. Political shifts, sales slump cast shadow over gun industry (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-22
  19. North Korea: secret missile HQ uncovered as nuclear summit nears (The Guardian)2019-01-22
  20. Report reveals secret North Korea missile base, one of 20 (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-22
  21. Czech lawmakers approve taxation of church restitution plan (Washington Post)2019-01-23
  22. NKorea: Kim orders preparation for 2nd summit with US (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-24
  23. NKorea: Kim orders preparation for 2nd summit with US (Washington Post)2019-01-24
  24. Kim Jong-un expresses 'great satisfaction' at Trump letter ahead of talks (The Guardian)2019-01-24
  25. Kim Jong-un Praises Trump’s ‘Unusual Determination’ to Meet Him (New York Times)2019-01-24
  26. Kim says 'believes in' Trump ahead of second summit - KCNA (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-24
  27. Indonesian in North Korea trial wins appeal for statements (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-24
  28. Indonesian in North Korea trial wins appeal for statements (Washington Post)2019-01-24
  29. Kim Porter, mother to three of Diddy's children, died from pneumonia (BBC)2019-01-26
  30. South Korea: Thaw in ties with North boosts ice fishing festival (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-27
  31. Partial list of winners at Screen Actors Guild Awards (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-28
  32. Kim Jong-un’s edible fashion range: tasty looks for 2019 (The Guardian)2019-01-28
  33. Los Angeles mayor touts major drops in crime in 2018 (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-28
  34. California hotel workers ‘on the brink’ of joining wave of strikes (The Guardian)2019-01-29
  35. Spy agencies doubt North Korea will give up nuclear weapons (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-29
  36. Kim Bok-dong, Wartime Sex Slave Who Sought Reparations for Koreans, Dies at 92 (New York Times)2019-01-29
  37. Intelligence chief contradicts Trump on North Korea and Iran (The Guardian)2019-01-29
  38. US spy chiefs break with Trump on several threats to the US (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-30
  39. North Korea nuclear: US intelligence report says regime to keep weapons (BBC)2019-01-30
  40. Japan-South Korea radar spat shakes stability - when US needs it (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-30
  41. Trump pushes back against US spy chiefs over North Korea and Isis (The Guardian)2019-01-30
  42. Agency chiefs disagree with Donald Trump on threat (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-30
  43. Trump lashes out at US spy chiefs over Iran, North Korea and ISIL (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-30
  44. Trump to say when, where he'll hold 2nd North Korean summit (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-31
  45. US envoy calls for full list of North Korean weapons programmes (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-31
  46. US envoy Stephen Biegun reveals North Korea nuclear pledge (BBC)2019-02-01
  47. U.S. Appears to Soften Timing for List of North Korea’s Nuclear Assets (New York Times)2019-02-01
  48. US North Korea envoy says Trump is ready to 'end this war' (The Guardian)2019-02-01
  49. News Daily: Heavy snowfall and North Korea nuclear pledge (BBC)2019-02-01
  50. Defector accounts paint picture of faithful in North Korea (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  51. Witnesses tell AP about Christianity in North Korea (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  52. A Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam would carry major symbolism for North Korea (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  53. N. Korean Christians keep faith in underground churches (Washington Post)2019-02-02
  54. Christians in N. Korea tell of struggle to practice faith (Washington Post)2019-02-02
  55. Fake eyelash company fined $1m over North Korean imports (The Guardian)2019-02-02
  56. Obituary: Kim Bok-dong, the South Korean 'comfort woman' (BBC)2019-02-03
  57. Trump sees 'good chance' of North Korea deal in second Kim summit (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-04
  58. Fan frenzy as 'Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong-un' meet in Hong Kong (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-04
  59. Five dead, two injured after small plane crashes into California home (The Star)2019-02-04
  60. US envoy, Seoul presidential official talk Trump-Kim summit (Washington Post)2019-02-04
  61. He helped Trump confront North Korea. Now Ji Seong-ho wonders if human rights will be left behind. (Washington Post)2019-02-04
  62. US envoy to head to N Korea to prepare second Trump-Kim summit (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-05
  63. UN says North Korea trying to protect nuclear, missile capability (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-05
  64. North Korea trying to keep its nuclear missiles safe from US strikes, says UN report (The Guardian)2019-02-05
  65. U.S. envoy to visit North Korea with a plan to restart denuclearization talks (Washington Post)2019-02-05
  66. State of the Union 2019: What to expect (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-05
  67. UN experts: North Korea nukes intact, dispersing missiles (Washington Post)2019-02-05
  68. Trump confirms second summit with Kim Jong-un will be in Vietnam within weeks (The Guardian)2019-02-06
  69. Vietnam site for 2nd Trump-Kim summit may bring wins for all (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  70. Second Trump-Kim summit to be held in Vietnam on February 27-28 (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-06
  71. News Daily: Trump-Kim summit and Neeson event cancelled (BBC)2019-02-06
  72. South Korea wants real progress when Trump, Kim meet in Vietnam (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  73. Hopes high for concrete results from 2nd Kim-Trump summit (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  74. U.S. Envoy Arrives in North Korea to Prepare for 2nd Trump-Kim Summit (New York Times)2019-02-06
  75. How Trump’s State of the Union addressed foreign policy (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  76. Analysis: Is Kim Jong Un really ready to make a deal? (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-07
  77. Wariness and hope in S. Korea over second Trump-Kim summit (Washington Post)2019-02-07
  78. South hopeful, wary, but nuke talks crucial for Korean ties (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  79. North Korea pushing flag at center of new loyalty campaign (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  80. Flagging prosperity: North Korea moves on from displays of force (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-08
  81. A Guide to Trump and Kim Jong-un’s Upcoming Summit (New York Times)2019-02-08
  82. Top US envoy returns to S. Korea after Pyongyang visit (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  83. Pristine flora of Korean demilitarised zone inspires English garden (The Guardian)2019-02-08
  84. North Koreans fly the flag in new propaganda push (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-08
  85. US, N. Korean negotiators to meet again before 2nd summit (Washington Post)2019-02-09
  86. US, North Korean negotiators to meet again before Vietnam summit (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-09
  87. Trump says Kim summit will be in Hanoi as envoy hails talks progress (The Guardian)2019-02-09
  88. North Korea nuclear talks: US envoy Biegun prepares for Trump-Kim summit (BBC)2019-02-09
  89. Gruffalo artist Axel Scheffler's Zog transformed for the stage (BBC)2019-02-09
  90. US envoy: 'Hard work' needed before Kim-Trump summit (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-09
  91. 'The lack of arrogance from such a superstar is staggering' - five reasons why Vonn is a sporting icon (BBC)2019-02-09
  92. Trump announces Hanoi for second Kim summit, predicts North Korea will build ‘Powerhouse’ economy (Washington Post)2019-02-09
  93. South Korea, US sign new cost-sharing deal for US troops (Washington Post)2019-02-10
  94. South Korea signs deal to pay more for US troops (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-10
  95. U.S. and South Korea Sign Deal on Shared Defense Costs (New York Times)2019-02-10
  96. United States and South Korea reach stopgap deal on troop cost-sharing   (Washington Post)2019-02-10
  97. Seoul: US, NKorea officials to meet in Asia ahead of summit (Washington Post)2019-02-10
  98. North Macedonia sees a landmark overhaul over name deal (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-10
  99. Trump-Kim summit to focus on NKorea nuke complex, US rewards (Washington Post)2019-02-11
  100. US: Synagogue massacre suspect pleads not guilty to new charges (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-11

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