2019-02-26: North Korea

  1. Trump and Kim in Hanoi: Your need-to-know guide (BBC)01:10:19
  2. North Korea's Kim Jong-un arrives in Vietnam from China (BBC)01:30:16
  3. AP Explains: What everyone wants at the Trump-Kim summit (Washington Post)01:50:56
  4. Train believed to be carrying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has crossed into Vietnam before summit with Trump (Washington Post)01:50:56
  5. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrives in Vietnam by train for summit with Trump (Washington Post)02:00:42
  6. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un steps off armored train in Vietnamese border town ahead of summit with Donald Trump (Washington Post)02:00:42
  7. The Latest: North Korea’s Kim gets in limo after train trip (Washington Post)02:50:38
  8. This Time With Alan Partridge review – an excruciating white-knuckle ride (The Guardian)03:30:03
  9. Mirroring grandfather, Kim rides the rails to Trump summit (Washington Post)08:30:38
  10. North Korea in five figures (Daily Nation)09:20:14
  11. Vietnam Summit Hosts Offer North Korea a Model: Cozy Up to the U.S. (New York Times)09:50:01
  12. Puffer train: Kim's cigarette stop en route to Hanoi (The Guardian)10:30:04
  13. Kim Yo-jong holds ashtray for Kim Jong-un on pre-summit cigarette break – video (The Guardian)10:30:04
  14. Near Kim hotel, North Korean defectors wish for peace (Washington Post)10:30:37
  15. A smoke break and a sprinting interpreter: Vietnam summit offers rare media scrutiny of Kim Jong Un (Washington Post)14:00:41
  16. Trump arrives in Vietnam for second summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un (Washington Post)14:20:45
  17. Kim follows grandfather by riding the rails to Trump summit (The Star)14:20:45
  18. Dutch customs seize 90,000 bottles of vodka believed to be for Kim Jong-un (The Guardian)14:30:13
  19. Alexander Gillespie: Trump-Kim talks yet to match previous agreements (The New Zealand Herald)16:10:05
  20. Editorial: North Koreans might not meet a more amenable US President (The New Zealand Herald)16:30:04
  21. Hanoi summit: Stakes high as Trump and Kim meet (The New Zealand Herald)16:30:04
  22. It’s certainly unconventional. But is it working? Trump’s North Korea strategy wins over some experts  (Washington Post)17:20:51
  23. US-North Korea roller coaster ties add to summit uncertainty (Washington Post)17:40:34
  24. Up to 90,000 bottles of Russian vodka seized en route to North Korea (The Sydney Morning Herald)19:40:05
  25. Seeking North Korea Deal, Trump Seems Willing to Ease U.S. Demands (New York Times)20:00:01
  26. What’s missing from the Trump-Kim summit? North Korea’s atrocious human rights record. (Washington Post)20:20:52
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