2018: Kosovo

  1. Kosovo: Controversy over future of Trepca mining firm (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-25
  2. Arsonists destroy Albanian diplomatic vehicle in Greece (Washington Post)2018-02-26
  3. Rita Ora sang for independence, but where is Kosovo heading? (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-27
  4. Greek police seize 105 kilograms of marijuana from Albania (Washington Post)2018-02-27
  5. New born Kosovo (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-27
  6. After Kosovo’s War, Attacks Continued. A Court Now Promises Justice. (New York Times)2018-04-03
  7. Kosovo complains to Albania over toll road tariffs (The New Zealand Herald)2018-04-04
  8. Idaho wildlife officials approve limited grizzly bear hunt (The New Zealand Herald)2018-05-11
  9. Ortega under pressure: Nicaraguans demand resignation (Al-Jazeera)2018-05-11
  10. EU mission in Kosovo to turn into advisory in June (The New Zealand Herald)2018-05-11
  11. Kosovo's president rejects ethnic land swap with Serbia (The New Zealand Herald)2018-08-01
  12. Kosovo President rejects Serbian counterpart's partition proposal (Al-Jazeera)2018-08-01
  13. 12 Kosovo officials accused of paying phony war veterans (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-14
  14. Media and climate change: Why we need a total overhaul (Al-Jazeera)2018-10-20
  15. Cameroon denies deporting Nigerian refugees to unsafe conditions (Al-Jazeera)2018-10-20
  16. Sri Lanka to recall peacekeeping commander on UN request (Washington Post)2018-10-20
  17. Sri Lanka to recall peacekeeping commander on UN request (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-20
  18. Sri Lanka to recall peacekeeping commander on UN request (Washington Post)2018-10-21
  19. UN-AU envoy urges UN to consider action against Sudan rebel (Washington Post)2018-10-22
  20. UN expert: Human rights defenders attacked and criminalized (Washington Post)2018-10-24
  21. South Sudan government, rebels abducted hundreds of women and girls - UN (The Star)2018-10-24
  22. The Saturday Profile: 50 Years Later, a Victim of Ireland’s ‘Laundries’ Fights for Answers (New York Times)2018-10-26
  23. Kosovo: Prime minister says new army will serve world peace (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-10
  24. Serbia warns Kosovo army will substantially worsen tensions (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-13
  25. Bus crash in snowy Serbia kills 3, injures 32 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-16
  26. Kosovo president: Decision to form army 'irreversible' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-16