2018: Laos

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  2. Key Malaysian opposition party suspended ahead of election (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-04-05
  3. 'Hundreds missing' after Laos dam collapse (BBC)2018-07-24
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  9. Hydroelectric dam collapse in Laos leaves several dead, hundreds missing (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-07-24
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  12. Olympic rower Helen Glover and husband Steve Backshall have boy (BBC)2018-07-24
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  21. Thousands of Cambodians evacuated as floods hit (Al-Jazeera)2018-07-25
  22. Swim coach Bob Bowman apologizes for inappropriate texting (The New Zealand Herald)2018-07-26
  23. Laos dam collapse sends floods into Cambodia, forcing thousands to flee (The Guardian)2018-07-26
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  27. Goldie Sayers finally set for 2008 Olympic bronze after Mariya Abakumova appeal fails (BBC)2018-07-26
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  31. Vibeke Skofterud: Former Olympic champion dies in jet-skiing accident (BBC)2018-07-30
  32. News of Laos Dam Failure Didn’t Reach Them, but the Water Did (New York Times)2018-08-01
  33. Thai election officials bar the door to buccaneer activist (Washington Post)2018-09-28
  34. Thai election officials bar the door to buccaneer activist (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-28
  35. AP Photos: Zoo that recalled old Bangkok soon just a memory (The New Zealand Herald)2018-09-29