2017: Niger

  1. Back on the Mekong Delta, John Kerry finds a man who once tried to kill him and exoneration (Washington Post)2017-01-14
  2. Computer outage grounds Delta flights (CNN)2017-01-30
  3. Peter Capaldi to leave Doctor Who (BBC)2017-01-30
  4. Alleged child abuser Peter Scully 'may still be masterminding porn network' (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-31
  5. Leaders urge migrant screening in Africa to stem Med crossings (Daily Nation)2017-08-29
  6. Niger rains kill more than 40 in and around capital (The New Zealand Herald)2017-08-29
  7. Niger rains kill dozens, displaces thousands (Al-Jazeera)2017-08-29
  8. Leader of anti-migrant Defend Europe campaign to speak at Ukip youth rally (The Guardian)2017-08-31
  9. The mysterious drop in the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean (Washington Post)2017-09-01
  10. Premiership: Saracens 55-24 Northampton Saints (BBC)2017-09-02
  11. Dark arts: Tim Shaw asks for recordings of silence and photos of darkness (The Guardian)2017-09-04
  12. Azerbaijan revelations could herald shake-up at Council of Europe (The Guardian)2017-09-05
  13. ECHR court reverses ruling on sacking over private messages (BBC)2017-09-05
  14. Lake Chad region still needs financial help, aid group says (Washington Post)2017-09-05
  15. Shark-suit wearer runs afoul of Austria’s “burqa ban” law (Washington Post)2017-10-09
  16. Younger farmers and more tractors: Africa needs to scale up, says report (The Guardian)2017-10-10
  17. Nigeria begins mass trials of Boko Haram suspects (Daily Nation)2017-10-10
  18. Trials begin for more than 1,600 Boko Haram suspects (Washington Post)2017-10-10
  19. Niger Attack Lays Bare U.S. Troops’ Long Wait for Medical Help in Africa (New York Times)2017-10-10
  20. Nigerian court convicts 45 in Boko Haram mass trials (Washington Post)2017-10-13
  21. Gunmen kill 12 Niger troops in attack near Mali border (Al-Jazeera)2017-10-21
  22. 13 soldiers killed in latest attack on Niger’s military (Washington Post)2017-10-21
  23. Gunmen kill 13 Niger police in attack near Mali border (The Guardian)2017-10-22
  24. Gunmen Kill 13 Niger Soldiers in Attack Near Mali Border (New York Times)2017-10-22
  25. Frederica Wilson seeks apology from Trump and says Niger is his Benghazi (The Guardian)2017-10-22
  26. Widow of fallen soldier hits out at Trump (BBC)2017-10-23
  27. Niger soldier's widow says Trump phone call 'made me cry even worse' (The Guardian)2017-10-23
  28. 'It made me cry': Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson breaks silence over Donald Trump's condolence call (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-10-23
  29. Parts of Niger and Mali are already lawless. U.S. strategy might make it worse. (Washington Post)2017-10-23
  30. Joint chiefs of staff chair says key facts still missing in Niger ambush (The Guardian)2017-10-23
  31. Troops Ambushed in Niger Waited an Hour to Call for Help, Pentagon Official Says (New York Times)2017-10-23
  32. La David Johnson death: How did US soldiers come under attack in Niger? (BBC)2017-10-23
  33. US special forces unit didn't call for help until an hour into ambush (The New Zealand Herald)2017-10-24
  34. Trump's Niger uproar shines light on the U.S.'s murky African wars (Washington Post)2017-10-24
  35. Football Association has lost trust of public - chairman Greg Clarke (BBC)2017-10-26
  36. Trump declares opioid crisis a public health emergency (BBC)2017-10-26
  37. Opioid crisis: Trump shares brother's fatal addiction story (BBC)2017-10-26
  38. Niger is the perfect example of the US state of perma-war | Trevor TImm (The Guardian)2017-10-27
  39. Green Beret died trying to save comrades from deadly ambush in Niger (The New Zealand Herald)2017-10-29
  40. A-Train at World Series: Astros make tracks with runs, wins (The New Zealand Herald)2017-10-29
  41. In Niger, Where U.S. Troops Died, a Lawless and Shifting Landscape (New York Times)2017-10-29
  42. U.S. Pledges $60 Million For Anti-Terrorism Force in Africa (New York Times)2017-10-31
  43. Toddler found with maggots in nappy, six others living in faece-filled home (The New Zealand Herald)2017-10-31
  44. Militant group in Nigeria’s oil-rich region ends cease-fire (Washington Post)2017-11-03
  45. Gerrymander 5k: run highlights absurdity of Republican redistricting (The Guardian)2017-11-05
  46. Hours before death in Niger, U.S. soldiers were targeting militants in Mali (Washington Post)2017-11-05
  47. Hours before death in Niger, US soldiers were targeting militants in Mali (The New Zealand Herald)2017-11-06
  48. 'Absolutely shocking': Niger Delta oil spills linked with infant deaths (The Guardian)2017-11-06
  49. Three dead, two vanished. The town where women keep disappearing (The New Zealand Herald)2017-11-06
  50. Boris Johnson denies remarks may have hurt case of jailed British-Iranian (Washington Post)2017-11-07
  51. Sheep 'can recognise human faces' (BBC)2017-11-08
  52. Goodbye 140 as Twitter rolls out 280-character limit for all (The Star)2017-11-08
  53. Twitter: 280 characters, 350,000 bad jokes (BBC)2017-11-08
  54. Spectacular views of Northern Lights (BBC)2017-11-08
  55. Sheep can recognize Baaaa-rack Obama’s face, new study shows (Washington Post)2017-11-08
  56. Durham police force asks Twitter to vote if it should use spit hoods (The Guardian)2017-11-09
  57. Steven Seagal accused of harassment by Arrested Development actor Portia De Rossi (The Guardian)2017-11-09
  58. Twitter halts 'broken' verified-profile system (BBC)2017-11-09
  59. Twitter pauses verifications amid backlash (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-11-09
  60. Twitter says its system is 'broken' after far-right organiser wins blue tick (The Guardian)2017-11-09
  61. U.S. soldier in Niger ambush was bound and apparently executed, villagers say (Washington Post)2017-11-10
  62. US soldier in Niger ambush was bound and apparently executed, villagers say (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-11-11
  63. Nazanin husband wants to meet Johnson (BBC)2017-11-11
  64. US, Niger teams visit site to learn about soldiers’ ambush (Washington Post)2017-11-12
  65. A swarm of motorbikes, then heavy fire: testimony sheds new light on Niger attack (The Guardian)2017-11-15
  66. A city in Niger worries a new U.S. drone base will make it a ‘magnet’ for terrorists (Washington Post)2017-11-24
  67. Horse racing suspended at Palermo racetrack over mafia links (The Guardian)2017-12-25
  68. Turbulence ahead as Italian President dissolves Parliament, triggering elections (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-12-28
  69. National Archives: Thatcher refused to share flight with panda (BBC)2017-12-29
  70. Bob Hawke says Turnbull is 'still ashamed' of his Abbott coup (The Guardian)2017-12-30