2019: Nigeria

  1. Ramaphosa to attend SADC double troika summit in Ethiopia (The Star)2019-01-16
  2. Gunmen attack villages in central Mali, kill 20 people (Washington Post)2019-01-16
  3. Nineteen dead after large gold mine collapses in southern Mali (The Star)2019-01-16
  4. Gunmen kill more than 30 Tuareg civilians in ongoing Mali violence (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-01-16
  5. In pictures: The horsemen of Lagos beach (BBC)2019-01-17
  6. Nigeria's era of big spending for election is disappearing (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-17
  7. Thousands flee north-east Nigeria after devastating Boko Haram attack (The Guardian)2019-01-17
  8. Congo Rejects African Union Demand to Delay Election Results (New York Times)2019-01-19
  9. Party of declared Congo vote winner rejects AU intervention (Washington Post)2019-01-19
  10. Al-Qaida-linked jihadists attack UN base in North Mali (Washington Post)2019-01-20
  11. Al-Qaida-linked jihadists attack UN base in North Mali (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-20
  12. Eight UN peacekeepers killed in attack on Mali's Aguelhoc camp (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-20
  13. UN says attack on base in Mali kills eight peacekeepers (The Star)2019-01-20
  14. Backlash in Nigeria as Buhari, Atiku Abubakar shun election debate (Daily Nation)2019-01-20
  15. Attack on base in Mali kills eight peacekeepers: UN (Daily Nation)2019-01-20
  16. 10 U.N. Peacekeepers Killed by Militants in Mali (New York Times)2019-01-20
  17. Mali al-Qaida branch claims responsibility for attack on UN (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-21
  18. Mali al-Qaida branch claims responsibility for attack on UN (Washington Post)2019-01-21
  19. Nigeria leader says President Buhari 'can't hold fair election' (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-21
  20. Nigeria female candidate Oby Ezekwesili quits presidential race (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-24
  21. Nigeria top female candidate drops out of presidential race (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-24
  22. Nigeria top female candidate drops out of presidential race (Washington Post)2019-01-24
  23. Nigeria's top female presidential hopeful quits race (Daily Nation)2019-01-24
  24. Nigeria: Africa's top oil producer, world's extreme poverty capital (The Star)2019-01-25
  25. Nigeria president appoints acting chief justice (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-25
  26. Nigeria govt suspends top judge before elections (Daily Nation)2019-01-25
  27. Nigeria president appoints acting chief justice (Washington Post)2019-01-25
  28. Nigeria opposition calls Buhari's suspension of top judge 'dictatorial' (The Star)2019-01-25
  29. Nigeria's Buhari suspends chief judge; opposition cries foul (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-25
  30. Nigeria’s Leader Suspends Chief Justice 3 Weeks Before Vote (New York Times)2019-01-26
  31. Nigeria's leader suspends chief justice three weeks before presidential election (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-01-26
  32. Nigeria opposition party halts campaign over judge's suspension (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-26
  33. AP Explains: Why Nigeria's election faces multiple threats (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-26
  34. US, EU express concern after Nigeria chief justice suspended (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-26
  35. US, EU express concern after Nigeria chief justice suspended (Washington Post)2019-01-26
  36. Nigeria's Buhari under pressure over judge suspension (Daily Nation)2019-01-27
  37. Nigeria's Senate for emergency session over top judge's ouster (Daily Nation)2019-01-28
  38. Nigeria says top judge's suspension not linked to election (The Star)2019-01-28
  39. Nigeria says top judge's suspension not linked to election (Daily Nation)2019-01-28
  40. Nigeria denies judge’s suspension influenced by election (Washington Post)2019-01-28
  41. Nigeria denies judge's suspension influenced by election (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-28
  42. Nigerian lawyers to strike over suspension of top judge (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-28
  43. Nigerian Boko Haram militants are being given a chance to re-integrate into society. (BBC)2019-01-29
  44. Nigerian vice president calls for free and fair elections (The Star)2019-01-29
  45. UN: Boko Haram threat displaces 30,000 from Nigeria's Rann town (Al-Jazeera)2019-01-29
  46. Boko Haram fear sees 30,000 flee Nigerian town: UN (Daily Nation)2019-01-29
  47. 30,000 Nigerians flee Boko Haram violence in two days, UN says (CNN)2019-01-30
  48. Hong Kong seizes record 8 tonnes of pangolin scales from Nigeria (Daily Nation)2019-02-02
  49. Boko Haram killed 'at least 60' in NE Nigeria: Amnesty (Daily Nation)2019-02-02
  50. Stansted 15 activist: ‘Jail separation from my baby would be horrific’ (The Guardian)2019-02-02
  51. Nigeria vice president’s helicopter crash-lands but all safe (Washington Post)2019-02-02
  52. Nigeria’s army rejects Amnesty report of deadly attack (Washington Post)2019-02-02
  53. They say Boko Haram is gone. One mother’s terror tells another story… (The Guardian)2019-02-02
  54. Nigeria vice president survives second chopper emergency (Daily Nation)2019-02-03
  55. Nigeria's Yemi Osinbajo thanks crew after helicopter crash (Daily Nation)2019-02-03
  56. Nigeria's election preparations thrown into disarray by safety concerns (The Star)2019-02-04
  57. 'Normalised but not normal': Nigerian women call out gropers and catcallers (The Guardian)2019-02-04
  58. Nigeria election 2019: How ‘godfathers’ influence politics (BBC)2019-02-04
  59. Nigerian vice premier survives helicopter crash unscathed (The Star)2019-02-04
  60. Obasanjo's son campaigns for Nigerian President Buhari (Daily Nation)2019-02-05
  61. BMX riding in Lagos: Starboy using sport to keep kids out of trouble (BBC)2019-02-06
  62. Amnesty International has toxic working culture, report finds (The Guardian)2019-02-06
  63. 'The corpses were lying on the streets': Refugees flee Boko Haram (The Star)2019-02-06
  64. Upsurge in Nigerian violence displaces over 59 000 in three months (The Star)2019-02-07
  65. Nigeria elections: All you need to know (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-07
  66. Nigeria elections 2019: All you need to know (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-07
  67. Nigerian elections: Has Boko Haram been defeated? (BBC)2019-02-08
  68. Nigeria's democracy is fading away (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-08
  69. Yemi Osinbajo: Nigeria's vice president (Daily Nation)2019-02-09
  70. Nigeria: African giant struggling with poverty, unrest (Daily Nation)2019-02-09
  71. Cambridge University student Peter Biar Ajak 'detained in hellhole' (BBC)2019-02-09
  72. Peter Obi: Nigeria's new hope as vice president? (Daily Nation)2019-02-09
  73. Does Nigeria's 'generation democracy' want to vote? (BBC)2019-02-10
  74. The Guardian view on Nigeria’s elections: 84m voters deserve better | Editorial (The Guardian)2019-02-10
  75. Nigeria election 2019: Mapping a nation in nine charts (BBC)2019-02-11
  76. Fears mount over possible arson attacks at Nigeria government offices (The Star)2019-02-11
  77. Nigeria election: ‘Mr Honesty’ tainted by failure to tackle corruption (The Guardian)2019-02-11
  78. Suspension of Nigeria's chief judge breaches human rights - UN expert (The Star)2019-02-11
  79. 2 electoral offices burn down a few days before Nigeria's presidential election (CNN)2019-02-11
  80. Nigeria’s Election Brings Dual Crises Back to the Polls: Corruption and Boko Haram (New York Times)2019-02-11
  81. How sex traffickers use black magic to force migrants into prostitution (BBC)2019-02-12
  82. Has Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari honoured his promises? (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-12
  83. Islamic militants’ deadly resurgence threatens Nigeria polls (Washington Post)2019-02-12
  84. Islamic militants' resurgence threatens looming Nigeria elections (The Star)2019-02-12
  85. Nigerian widows sue Shell for complicity in activist deaths (Washington Post)2019-02-12
  86. Nigerian widows confront Shell in court over executions (Daily Nation)2019-02-12
  87. Joy of six: the buildings transformed by 3D hexagon murals (The Guardian)2019-02-12
  88. Boko Haram conflict tops agenda at Nigeria election (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-12
  89. Ogoni widows testify at The Hague over Shell's alleged complicity in killings (The Guardian)2019-02-12
  90. Fears of violence in Nigeria ahead of Saturday vote (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-12
  91. Coalition sets up election as border security fight – politics live (The Guardian)2019-02-12
  92. Deadly stampede in Buhari rally days before Nigeria elections (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-13
  93. Several dead in Buhari rally stampede in Nigeria (Daily Nation)2019-02-13
  94. Deadly stampede in Nigeria at rally days ahead of election (The Star)2019-02-13
  95. US ambassador slams claims of siding against Nigerian president (The Star)2019-02-13
  96. Nigeria in battle against fake news ahead of elections (Washington Post)2019-02-13
  97. Nigeria’s top candidates pledge a peaceful election (Washington Post)2019-02-13
  98. Nigeria's 2019 presidential election in numbers (The Star)2019-02-13
  99. Gospel glamour: how Nigeria's pastors wield political power (The Guardian)2019-02-13
  100. Nigeria election: Religious, ethnic conflict under spotlight (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-13

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