2019-03: Netherlands

  1. 'Bike country No 1': Dutch go electric in record numbers (The Guardian)2019-03-01
  2. Who will take IS fighter and his London 'jihadi bride'? (BBC)2019-03-02
  3. Dutch husband of Shamima Begum wants to take her home (Washington Post)2019-03-03
  4. Dutch firebrand Wilders: Man with knives detained at event (Washington Post)2019-03-11
  5. Van Gogh’s Perennial Appeal (New York Times)2019-03-12
  6. Walmart spent $16B to go big in India. She has to make it work (CNN)2019-03-12
  7. Chinese database publicly lists 'BreedReady' status of 1.8 million women (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-12
  8. Dutch 'blunder building' bans dancing (BBC)2019-03-13
  9. Good enough to eat? The toxic truth about modern food (The Guardian)2019-03-16
  10. Buyer beware: Amsterdam seeks to ban buy-to-let on newbuild homes (The Guardian)2019-03-18
  11. Man opens fire on Dutch tram, several hurt (BBC)2019-03-18
  12. Several injured in shooting in Utrecht (The Guardian)2019-03-18
  13. Several wounded in shooting in Dutch city of Utrecht (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-18
  14. Police in Dutch city of Utrecht report ‘multiple’ injuries as result of a shooting in residential neighborhood (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  15. Dutch police: Multiple injuries in shooting on tram (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-18
  16. Dutch police: Multiple injuries in shooting on tram (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  17. Several injured after shooting in tram in Dutch city of Utrecht (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-18
  18. Several injured in Utrecht tram shooting, Dutch police say (CNN)2019-03-18
  19. Dutch police say investigation into Utrecht shooting is considering possibility of ‘terrorist motive’ (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  20. Gunman Attacks Tram Passengers in Utrecht, Dutch Police Say (New York Times)2019-03-18
  21. Several injured after tram shooting in Dutch city of Utrecht (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-18
  22. The Latest: Dutch police considering terrorism in shooting (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  23. Dutch shooting on tram raises fears of terrorism, amid multiple injuries (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  24. Dutch counterterror office raises threat level to maximum in Utrecht province as police hunt for tram gunman (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  25. Dutch military police on “extra alert” at Dutch airports and “vital buildings” due to police manhunt in Utrecht (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  26. Heavily armed police mass outside a building near site of tram shooting in Dutch city of Utrecht (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  27. Dutch police confirm 1 dead, multiple wounded in shooting on tram in city of Utrecht (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  28. One feared dead in Utrecht tram shooting in possible terrorist attack (The Star)2019-03-18
  29. Dutch police name 37-year-old Turkish-born man as linked to tram shooting in Utrecht (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  30. Dutch PM Mark Rutte says nation was hit by an attack in Utrecht, does not exclude terror motive (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  31. Utrecht shooting: 'Three dead' in tram shooting (BBC)2019-03-18
  32. Utrecht mayor: “Terror motive” most plausible reason behind deadly shooting attack on tram in Dutch city (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  33. Utrecht mayor: 3 people have died, 9 wounded in the shooting attack on a tram in the central Dutch city (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  34. Deaths, injuries confirmed in 'terrorist' shooting in Dutch city of Utrecht (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-03-18
  35. Dutch mayor withdraws advice to citizens to remain indoors following deadly tram shooting in Utrecht (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  36. Gunman Aboard a Tram Kills at Least 3 in Utrecht, the Netherlands (New York Times)2019-03-18
  37. Gunman kills three on Dutch tram, mayor says terror likely (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-18
  38. Suspect still at large after three killed in Utrecht shooting (The Star)2019-03-18
  39. Utrecht police chief says suspect in the deadly tram shooting in the Dutch city has been arrested (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  40. Dutch prime minister says some wounded in the Utrecht tram attack ‘are still in critical condition’ (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  41. Dutch justice minister says the suspect in tram shooting ‘was known’ to authorities, without elaborating (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  42. Dutch justice minister tells the AP that the suspect in the Utrecht tram attack ‘had a criminal record’ (Washington Post)2019-03-18
  43. Battle of Supremes: How 'legal fakes' are challenging a $1B brand (CNN)2019-03-18
  44. Utrecht Mayor on Tram Shooting (New York Times)2019-03-18
  45. Dutch shootings: Search for motive after Turkish-born suspect arrested in tram attack (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-18
  46. Dutch prosecutors arrest third over deadly tram shooting (Washington Post)2019-03-19
  47. Motive behind Utrecht tram shooting still unclear (The Star)2019-03-19
  48. Dutch prosecutors: No indication yet that suspected Utrecht tram shooter knew any of the victims (Washington Post)2019-03-19
  49. Letter in Utrecht getaway car may suggest terror motive (The Guardian)2019-03-19
  50. Dutch shooting: Letter suggests motive in Utrecht attack (BBC)2019-03-19
  51. 'No direct links' between Utrecht suspect and victims: Police (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-19
  52. Dutch investigators say terrorism possible motive in Utrecht tram shooting that killed 3 (Washington Post)2019-03-19
  53. Dutch police detain genocide suspect sought by Rwanda (Washington Post)2019-03-19
  54. Dutch police say they have arrested another man on suspicion of involvement in the deadly shooting on an Utrecht tram (Washington Post)2019-03-19
  55. Dutch shootings: Letter in getaway car points to terror motive behind tram attack (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-19
  56. Dutch police continue investigation in deadly tram shooting (Washington Post)2019-03-20
  57. Dutch vote in provincial elections days after tram attack (Washington Post)2019-03-20
  58. 200 evacuated after cruise ship collides with Dutch cargo vessel (The Star)2019-03-20
  59. Dutch government to investigate food safety body after 'sick cow' cases (The Guardian)2019-03-20
  60. Fake pathologist who examined air crash victims faces jail (The Guardian)2019-03-20
  61. South Sudan spends millions on cars, homes instead of peace (Washington Post)2019-03-21
  62. Dutch prosecutors: Suspect in Utrecht tram shooting to be charged with murder or manslaughter with terrorist intent (Washington Post)2019-03-21
  63. Dutch suspect in tram shooting to face terrorism charge (Washington Post)2019-03-21
  64. Dutch authorities investigate ‘terrorist motive’ of attacker who killed 3 people in Utrecht (Washington Post)2019-03-21
  65. New populist star emerges from Dutch local elections (Washington Post)2019-03-21
  66. Anti-immigration party wins most votes in Netherlands election (The Guardian)2019-03-21
  67. Terrorism Charges Planned in Utrecht Shooting, Dutch Prosecutors Say (New York Times)2019-03-21
  68. Suspect in Utrecht shooting 'had terrorist intent' (CNN)2019-03-21
  69. Amsterdam Is to Ban Tours of the Red-Light District (New York Times)2019-03-21
  70. Counter-terror police investigating after five Birmingham mosques attacked with sledgehammer (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-21
  71. Judge extends detention of Utrecht tram shooting suspect (Washington Post)2019-03-22
  72. Prosecutors: Suspect confesses to Utrecht tram shootings that killed 3 people; motive still under investigation (Washington Post)2019-03-22
  73. Suspect in Utrecht Tram Shooting Confessed, Prosecutors Say (New York Times)2019-03-22
  74. Suspect in Utrecht Tram Shooting Confessed, Prosecutors Say (New York Times)2019-03-22
  75. Terror suspect confesses to deadly Utrecht attack (The Star)2019-03-22
  76. Dutch tram shooting suspect confesses to attack that killed three people (The New Zealand Herald)2019-03-23
  77. Forum voor Democratie: Why has the Dutch far right surged? (Al-Jazeera)2019-03-25
  78. Natural History Museum to start dinosaur dig in US (The Guardian)2019-03-25