2019-01: Norway

  1. 4 skiers missing after avalanche in northern Norway (Washington Post)2019-01-03
  2. Four skiers still missing after Norway avalanche (The Guardian)2019-01-03
  3. The Streets' Mike Skinner posts crowdsurfing injury film (BBC)2019-01-21
  4. Only empathy can break the cycle of violence in Israel-Palestine | Simon Baron-Cohen (The Guardian)2019-01-22
  5. Instagram 'helped kill my daughter' (BBC)2019-01-22
  6. 'I've spent a house deposit on fillers' (BBC)2019-01-23
  7. YouTube vows to recommend fewer conspiracy theory videos (The Guardian)2019-01-26
  8. Norwegian Air seeks cash injection (BBC)2019-01-29
  9. Norwegian Air tries to raise cash after warning on profits (The New Zealand Herald)2019-01-29
  10. Norway to build 'floating' tunnel (CNN)2019-01-31