2018: Oman

  1. Half brother of Yemen's slain ex-president to head forces (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-17
  2. Avicii's ex-girlfriend posts tribute: 'I love you Tim' (BBC)2018-04-22
  3. Avicii obituary (The Guardian)2018-04-22
  4. Avicii, struggling with health and fame, tried to walk away from it all two years before he died (Washington Post)2018-04-22
  5. The Daphne Project: a milestone in the fight to defend press freedom (The Guardian)2018-04-27
  6. DJ guilty of contempt of court after NHS compensation bid (BBC)2018-04-27
  7. Man Utd: Jose Mourinho hoping for one more signing before window shuts (BBC)2018-07-29
  8. Egypt's Great Pyramid discovery: Mystery finally solved (The New Zealand Herald)2018-11-01
  9. Amnesty says 19 rights activists, lawyers arrested in Egypt (Washington Post)2018-11-01
  10. Gunmen in Egypt attack bus carrying Christians, killing at least 7 and wounding 14 (Washington Post)2018-11-02