2017: Papua New Guinea

  1. Tsunami warning after magnitude 8.4 earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-22
  2. Tsunami warning lifted after magnitude 7.9 earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-01-22
  3. 7.9 quake strikes off Papua New Guinea (CNN)2017-01-23
  4. 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes off Papua New Guinea: USGS (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-03-04
  5. Papua New Guinea hit by 6.5 earthquake, no tsunami expected (Washington Post)2017-03-06
  6. Police in Nepal capital tear down earthquake victim camp (Washington Post)2017-03-14
  7. How cobras evolved their flesh-eating venom (The New Zealand Herald)2017-03-15
  8. Bangladeshi Assault Kills 2 Militants but Fails to End Standoff (New York Times)2017-03-26
  9. Veteran guide who first scaled Everest 10 times hospitalized (Washington Post)2017-04-17
  10. Nepalese get 1st chance in 20 years to vote for local bodies (Washington Post)2017-05-12
  11. Nepalese vote in 1st local elections in 20 years (Washington Post)2017-05-14
  12. Nepal votes in first local elections in 20 years (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-14
  13. Papua New Guinea jailbreak leaves more than a dozen prisoners dead (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-05-15
  14. '17 shot dead' in Papua New Guinea prison breakout (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-15
  15. PNG: Asylum seekers fear for safety ahead of relocation (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-17
  16. Nepal officials doubtful about 4 bodies reported on Everest (Washington Post)2017-05-25
  17. Vote controversy mars PNG elections as counting begins (Al-Jazeera)2017-07-06
  18. MPs and senators will be forced to declare citizenship status, Malcolm Turnbull says (The Guardian)2017-11-06
  19. Q&A: Simon Birmingham faces criticism over rejection of Uluru statement (The Guardian)2017-11-06
  20. PNG court rejects bid to restore power and water to Manus centre (The Guardian)2017-11-07
  21. Manus Island Refugees Fail to Get Power, Water and Food Restored (New York Times)2017-11-07
  22. Turnbull could go to Manus to see what's happening. But that would take courage | Nick McKim (The Guardian)2017-11-07
  23. More than 500 asylum seekers stay in Papua New Guinea camp (Washington Post)2017-11-08
  24. Letter 33: Landing in Manus (New York Times)2017-11-09
  25. Manus standoff 'ringleaders' threatened by Papua New Guinea prime minister (The Guardian)2017-11-09
  26. Manus protest: five charged after Sydney Opera House stunt (The Guardian)2017-11-09
  27. Australia Is Responsible for Manus Island Refugees, U.N. Says (New York Times)2017-11-09
  28. Australia should bring Manus and Nauru refugees to immediate safety, UN says (The Guardian)2017-11-09
  29. Secret footage reveals horrific living conditions in Manus detention centre – video (The Guardian)2017-11-10
  30. Secret footage reveals squalor inside closed Manus detention centre (The Guardian)2017-11-10
  31. Australia predicts conflict between asylum seekers, police (Washington Post)2017-11-10
  32. PNG officials dismantle Manus refugees' makeshift camp – video (The Guardian)2017-11-10
  33. How can the crisis on Manus Island be resolved? (Al-Jazeera)2017-11-10
  34. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern lashes Australia over treatment of Manus Island refugees (The New Zealand Herald)2017-11-11
  35. Leave today or face forcible eviction, men in Manus centre told (The Guardian)2017-11-12
  36. Footage of PNG authorities storming Manus Island to clear 400 men (The New Zealand Herald)2017-11-23
  37. Papua New Guinea’s Police Storm Refugee Camp in Effort to End Stalemate (New York Times)2017-11-23
  38. Papua New Guinea police move to clear Manus detention centre – video (The Guardian)2017-11-23
  39. Manus Island: Fears of violence as PNG forces enter (Al-Jazeera)2017-11-23
  40. Manus Island police use long metal poles to beat refugees and asylum seekers (The Guardian)2017-11-23
  41. Manus Island men moved by force as police storm centre again (The New Zealand Herald)2017-11-24
  42. Papua New Guinea officials remove last refugees from camp (Washington Post)2017-11-24
  43. Manus detention centre cleared of all refugees and asylum seekers (The Guardian)2017-11-24
  44. Australian paramedics fulfil dying woman's wish to go to the beach (Daily Nation)2017-11-24
  45. Manus police pulled my hair and beat me. 'You've damaged our reputation,' they said | Behrouz Boochani (The Guardian)2017-11-24
  46. Migrants Cleared From Manus Camp, and a New Phase Begins (New York Times)2017-11-24
  47. Police clear Manus Island camp (The New Zealand Herald)2017-11-24
  48. New centre at Manus still a construction site, says Tim Costello (The Guardian)2017-11-25
  49. The guidebook that led me to a lost corner of England (BBC)2017-12-26
  50. Marlene Dietrich: An alternative fighter in WWII (Al-Jazeera)2017-12-26