2018: Palestine

  1. Palestinian 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi is the latest child victim of Israel’s occupation | Harriet Sherwood (The Guardian)2018-01-02
  2. Acknowledging stalled peace process, Trump suggests cutting off aid to Palestinian Authority in tweet (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-02
  3. Trump threatens to cut off US aid to Palestinian Authority (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-02
  4. Trump threatens to cut US aid to Palestinians to force peace talks (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  5. Trump threatens stop to Palestinian aid over Jerusalem row (BBC)2018-01-03
  6. Donald Trump threatens to cut aid to Palestinian territories (Daily Nation)2018-01-03
  7. Palestinians outraged by Trump’s ‘blackmail’ to cut funding (Washington Post)2018-01-03
  8. Palestinians outraged by Trump's 'blackmail' to cut funding (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  9. Hanan Ashrawi to Trump: 'We will not be blackmailed' (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-03
  10. Gaza's health system close to collapse as electricity crisis threatens total blackout (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  11. Trump’s Threat to Cut Palestinian Aid Worries Many in Israel (New York Times)2018-01-03
  12. Israelis voice warnings, Palestinians talk of ‘blackmail’ after Trump threatens to cut funding (Washington Post)2018-01-03
  13. Palestinian government says Gaza power supply to be restored (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  14. Trump threat to cut aid to Palestinians carries risks (Washington Post)2018-01-03
  15. Trump threat to cut aid to Palestinians carries risks (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  16. Palestinian girl who hit soldiers could get long sentence (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  17. What is Unrwa and What Would It Mean if Trump Cuts Its Funding? (New York Times)2018-01-03
  18. Trump threat to cut Palestine aid could 'unravel Oslo' (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-04
  19. Gaza residents to pay Israel for electricity (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-04
  20. We’re not winning in politics, at least we win in horses’ (BBC)2018-01-05
  21. Keen Islamic prayer activists bring a new dawn to Gaza (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  22. Palestinian Nour Tamimi released on bail (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-05
  23. Mega Millions jackpot up to $450M as drawing nears (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  24. As a 2-State Solution Loses Steam, a 1-State Plan Gains Traction (New York Times)2018-01-05
  25. Mega Millions Jackpot-Top 10 largest US Jackpots (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  26. 1 winning ticket sold in $450 million Mega Millions drawing (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  27. 1 Mega Millions ticket matches all 6 numbers to claim $450 million grand prize. (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  28. One lotto ticket wins $627 million in the US (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  29. Palestinians protest Greek Orthodox patriarch for land deals (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  30. Orthodox church leader pelted with eggs and shoes in Bethlehem (Washington Post)2018-01-06
  31. Palestinians rally against Greek Orthodox patriarch (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-06
  32. Mega Millions Jackpot-Top 10 largest US Jackpots (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-07
  33. Israeli group faults response to crimes against Palestinians (Washington Post)2018-01-07
  34. US projects in Palestinian territories face backlash amid calls for boycott (The Guardian)2018-01-07
  35. Arab League aims to nullify Trump's Jerusalem move (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-07
  36. Case against Palestinian teen spotlights her activist family (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-09
  37. Top Hamas official in Gaza wounded in mysterious shooting (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-09
  38. Ahmad Taibi: No deal for Palestine under Donald Trump (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-09
  39. Trump Appears to Endorse Path to Citizenship for Millions of Immigrants (New York Times)2018-01-09
  40. Netanyahu's son brags about prostitutes, $20 billion deal for friend's dad in strip club rant (Washington Post)2018-01-10
  41. Benjamin Netanyahu son’s tape embarrasses premier (Daily Nation)2018-01-10
  42. Palestinian refugees live in fear of Trump aid cuts (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-10
  43. ISIS Declares War on Hamas, and Gaza Families Disown Sons in Sinai (New York Times)2018-01-10
  44. Palestinians say Egyptian forces killed Gaza fisherman (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-13
  45. Blast destroys car in southern Lebanon, wounds 1 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-14
  46. Palestinian unity in doubt ahead of summit on Jerusalem (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-14
  47. Palestinian leader rebukes Trump: 'Shame on you' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-14
  48. Trump to cut millions from UN agency for Palestinian refugees – officials (The Guardian)2018-01-14
  49. Palestinian leader attacks Trump, calling his peace deal the ‘slap of the century’ (Washington Post)2018-01-15
  50. Palestine's Abbas condemns Trump peace move as 'slap of the century' (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-15
  51. Palestinians to get 3G in West Bank, after Israel lifts ban (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-15
  52. US wants to cut money for Palestinian refugees (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-15
  53. Ahed Tamimi is the Palestinian Rosa Parks (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-15
  54. Man acquitted in abuse of boy at animal costume parties (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-15
  55. Lebanon bans new film ‘The Post’ citing Spielberg’s ties to Israel (Washington Post)2018-01-15
  56. Across the Mideast, Palestinians brace for Trump aid cuts (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-15
  57. Across the Mideast, Palestinians brace for Trump aid cuts (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-16
  58. Palestinian leadership revokes recognition of Israel (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-16
  59. Israel reopens Gaza crossing after Hamas tunnel destroyed (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-16
  60. Israel reopens Gaza crossing after Hamas tunnel destroyed (Washington Post)2018-01-16
  61. Will Abbas’s ‘Eff off, Trump’ fury play into the hands of rightwing Israelis? | Ian Black (The Guardian)2018-01-16
  62. Analysis: With a vent at Trump, Abbas exits 'peace process' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-16
  63. Official: US withholds $65M from Palestinian refugee programs, saying UN agency requires 'fundamental re-examination' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-16
  64. US holds back $65m aid to Palestinians (BBC)2018-01-16
  65. Official: US withholds $65M from Palestinian aid programs (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-16
  66. US 'cuts more than half' of UNRWA funding (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-16
  67. Lebanon bans 'The Post' over Spielberg's support for Israel (The Star)2018-01-16
  68. Behind the fiery rhetoric, the Palestinian leadership is cornered, flailing, analysts say (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-16
  69. U.S. Withholds $65 Million From U.N. Relief Agency for Palestinians (New York Times)2018-01-17
  70. Global NGOs criticise drastic US cuts of UNRWA funding (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-17
  71. Fathi Shaqaqi: Don't Kill Him in Damascus (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-17
  72. US to withhold $65m in aid for Palestinian refugees (The Guardian)2018-01-17
  73. Abbas says Trump's policy shift on Jerusalem was 'sinful' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-17
  74. Abbas says Trump’s policy shift on Jerusalem was ‘sinful’ (Washington Post)2018-01-17
  75. Abbas says Trump's decision on Jerusalem was 'sinful' (The Star)2018-01-17
  76. Palestinian Ahed Tamimi to remain in jail during trial (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-17
  77. Palestinian teen to be held until trial for slapping troops (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-17
  78. After US cuts, Palestinian refugee agency seeks donations (Washington Post)2018-01-17
  79. After US cuts, Palestinian refugee agency seeks donations (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-17
  80. Palestinian teen to be held until trial for slapping troops (The Star)2018-01-17
  81. Belgium counters US with $23 million for UN Palestinian fund (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-17
  82. Belgium counters US with $23 million for UN Palestinian fund (Washington Post)2018-01-17
  83. ‘A death sentence’: Palestinians slam U.S. decision to cut aid as U.N. pleads for new donors (Washington Post)2018-01-17
  84. Lebanon’s Hariri overrules ban on ‘The Post’ after public uproar (Washington Post)2018-01-17
  85. U.S. Funding Cut Reignites Debate on Palestinian Refugee Agency (New York Times)2018-01-17
  86. UN pleads for Sh160bn to avert famine in Somalia (Daily Nation)2018-01-18
  87. Pence visit showcases dilemma facing Egypt, Jordan leaders (Washington Post)2018-01-18
  88. Pence visit showcases dilemma facing Egypt, Jordan leaders (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  89. Palestinian killed in fire exchange with Israeli army (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-18
  90. UN: More than half of Somalis need emergency aid (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-18
  91. Palestinians criticise US funding cuts to UNRWA (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-18
  92. What is next for Palestine? (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-18
  93. Belgium pledges $23m to UNRWA after US aid cut (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-18
  94. Official: Pennsylvania officers hurt serving warrant (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  95. Official: A US marshal has been killed, 2 other officers wounded serving warrant in Pennsylvania (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  96. Sexual harassment and assault rife at United Nations, staff claim (The Guardian)2018-01-18
  97. Morning mail: UN staff allege sexual assaults go unpunished (The Guardian)2018-01-18
  98. United Nations staff allege sexual harassment, assault (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-19
  99. Gaza family kills relative after Hamas says he aided Israel (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-19
  100. Why is the US withholding aid for Palestinian refugees? (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-19

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