2017: Qatar

  1. Qatar Open: Sir Andy Murray into second round with 25th straight win (BBC)2017-01-03
  2. FIFA wins legal case over picking Qatar as World Cup host (Washington Post)2017-01-06
  3. FIFA wins legal case over picking Qatar as World Cup host (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-06
  4. Qatar Open: Sir Andy Murray to face Novak Djokovic in final (BBC)2017-01-06
  5. Qatar Open: Novak Djokovic beats Sir Andy Murray in final to end Brit's winning streak (BBC)2017-01-07
  6. Novak Djokovic tops Andy Murray in classic final (CNN)2017-01-07
  7. British man dies working on Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium (BBC)2017-01-20
  8. 'The Workers Cup' sheds light on migrant workers in Qatar (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-21
  9. Chief judge quits over 'begging for Gulf money' (Al-Jazeera)2017-01-23
  10. The Latest: Qatar airline allowing Muslims to travel to US (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-04
  11. Qatar Airways to let barred passengers on US flights (The Star)2017-02-04
  12. Do 'longest flight' records matter? (BBC)2017-02-06
  13. SEPTA riders face delays because of cracks in rail cars (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-06
  14. Qatar Airways sets record for world's longest flight (CNN)2017-02-06
  15. Qatar official: Gulf value-added tax could begin in 2018 (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-07
  16. Qatar says producers sticking to oil output cuts (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-08
  17. Bradley Lowery begins new treatment (BBC)2017-02-08
  18. Shiraaz Mohammed alive, says NGO (The Star)2017-02-17
  19. Desert to ice: Qatar takes on curling at Asian Winter Games (Washington Post)2017-02-18
  20. Qatar's ruler meets Iranian minister in latest Gulf visit (The New Zealand Herald)2017-03-08
  21. Qatar exit permit panel rejects more than quarter of claims (Washington Post)2017-03-16
  22. The boom in flights from the Middle East to the US (Al-Jazeera)2017-03-21
  23. Qatar to boost production from vast underwater gas field (The New Zealand Herald)2017-04-03
  24. Qatar calls for independent probe into chemical attack (Al-Jazeera)2017-04-15
  25. Qatar Airways CEO: Laptop ban doesn't make flying safer (CNN)2017-04-17
  26. 26 hostages, including Qatar royals, freed in bargain (Washington Post)2017-04-22
  27. Marwan Barghouti's health in serious decline: NGO (Al-Jazeera)2017-04-24
  28. Qatar FM: No substitute for Assad's departure (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-09
  29. 3 workers die at Qatar Defense Ministry construction site (Washington Post)2017-05-17
  30. 3 workers die at Qatar Defense Ministry construction site (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-18
  31. Diraz: Clashes grip Ayatollah Isa Qassim's village (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-23
  32. Qatar says state news website hacked, fake article published (Washington Post)2017-05-24
  33. Qatar says State news agency hacked (Daily Nation)2017-05-24
  34. Qatar to 'prosecute perpetrators' of QNA hacking (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-24
  35. Cyberattack against Qatar puts fake news in focus (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-25
  36. Amnesty condemns activist deportation to Saudi Arabia (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-29
  37. Egypt's Sisi approves controversial NGO law (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-29
  38. 'FBI helping Qatar' in QNA hacking investigation (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-02
  39. What's behind recent media attacks against Qatar? (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-04
  40. Four countries cut links with Qatar (BBC)2017-06-05
  41. The Latest: Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties to Qatar (Washington Post)2017-06-05
  42. Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties to Qatar, says Qatari troops pulled from ongoing Yemen war (Washington Post)2017-06-05
  43. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain cut ties to Qatar (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  44. Gulf states and Egypt cut ties with Qatar (Daily Nation)2017-06-05
  45. US official downplays effect of Gulf rift on extremist fight (Washington Post)2017-06-05
  46. Qatar: 'No justification' for cutting diplomatic ties (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  47. Qatar row: Economic impact threatens food, flights and football (BBC)2017-06-05
  48. Gulf diplomatic crisis: Qatar's reaction in full (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  49. Timeline of GCC, Egyptian discord with Qatar (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  50. Qatar diplomatic crisis: How it affects air travel (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  51. Qatar diplomatic crisis: All the latest updates (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  52. Maldives joins 4 other nations in cutting ties with Qatar (Washington Post)2017-06-05
  53. Qatar row: What's caused the fall-out between Gulf neighbours? (BBC)2017-06-05
  54. Who is Qatar's emir? (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  55. Qatar hosts largest US military base in Mideast (CNN)2017-06-05
  56. Food, fuel and flights: How Qatar may suffer (CNN)2017-06-05
  57. Qatari stocks plunge 7% after Arab states cut ties (CNN)2017-06-05
  58. Mideast airlines halt Qatar flights as Gulf crisis escalates (CNN)2017-06-05
  59. Economic impact of Gulf diplomatic rift (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  60. U.S. military says ‘no plans to change our posture in Qatar’ amid Gulf diplomatic crisis (Washington Post)2017-06-05
  61. Qatar could face a food crisis in spat with Arab neighbors (Washington Post)2017-06-05
  62. Abu Dhabi-based airline Etihad says it is suspending flights to Qatar amid Gulf diplomatic rift (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-05
  63. US military: No plans to change our posture in Qatar (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  64. Qatari planes banned from Egyptian and Saudi air space (BBC)2017-06-05
  65. Five facts about Qatar you might not know (BBC)2017-06-05
  66. Middle East move on Qatar exposes rift in region (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-05
  67. Qatar: Decision to cut ties violates our sovereignty (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-05
  68. Qatar FM: Question mark over future of GCC after crisis (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-06
  69. Qatar faces airspace ban as crisis with neighbours grows (BBC)2017-06-06
  70. The Latest: Qatar sports network blocked in UAE (Washington Post)2017-06-06
  71. Qatar, Gulf country rift to hit SA fliers (The Star)2017-06-06
  72. Qatar row: What does it mean for travellers? (BBC)2017-06-06
  73. Qatari riyal under pressure amid Gulf diplomatic rift (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-06
  74. Important milestones in Qatar’s history amid Gulf rift (Washington Post)2017-06-06
  75. Gulf states split from Qatar: experts weigh in (The Star)2017-06-06
  76. Saudi Arabia revokes Qatar Airways licence (Daily Nation)2017-06-06
  77. Gulf blockade disrupts Qatar Airways flights (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-06
  78. Egyptians in Qatar fear being swept up in Gulf crisis (Washington Post)2017-06-06
  79. Qatar row: Trump wades into Gulf stand-off (BBC)2017-06-06
  80. Kuwait steps in to mediate Qatar crisis (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-06
  81. Universities with Qatar campuses monitor diplomatic chaos (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-06
  82. AP Analysis: Qatar crisis exposes a long Gulf family fight (Washington Post)2017-06-06
  83. The Latest: Qatar sports network blocked in UAE (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-06
  84. Qatari flight paths rerouted by Gulf crisis (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-06
  85. Qatar’s crisis is impacting business and millions of people (Washington Post)2017-06-06
  86. Q&A: Qatar’s falling out with its Arab neighbors (Washington Post)2017-06-06
  87. Jordan says it’s reducing level of diplomatic representation in Qatar, canceling local registration for Al-Jazeera TV (Washington Post)2017-06-06
  88. Gazans worried by Qatari crisis (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-06
  89. Russian hackers used false stories to trigger Qatar crisis says FBI: report (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-06-07
  90. Qatar: Royal family ransom deal, hacking, terrorism behind diplomatic crisis (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-07
  91. Russian hackers 'planted false story' behind Mideast crisis (Daily Nation)2017-06-07
  92. UAE: Social media users face jail for Qatar sympathy (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-07
  93. It's 15 years in jail for Qatar sympathisers in UAE (Daily Nation)2017-06-07
  94. Qatar's unifying World Cup vision erodes as nations cut ties (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-07
  95. Emirati diplomat tells AP that Qatar has ‘chosen to ride the tiger of extremism and terrorism’ (Washington Post)2017-06-07
  96. US suspects Russian hackers planted fake news on Qatar crisis (CNN)2017-06-07
  97. Saudi FM: Qatar measures taken with great pain (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-07
  98. UAE ruling family member: Qatar now questioning its leaders (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-07
  99. Qatar in talks with Turkey and Iran on providing food (Al-Jazeera)2017-06-07
  100. Three maps explain how geopolitics has Qatar Airways in big trouble (Washington Post)2017-06-07

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