2018: Russia

  1. Russian army demonstrates latest weapon: Cuddly puppies (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-02
  2. Russian army demonstrates latest weapon: Cuddly puppies (Washington Post)2018-01-02
  3. Don’t neglect Angolan mine clearance pledge | Letters (The Guardian)2018-01-02
  4. What makes Russia’s new spy ship special? (BBC)2018-01-03
  5. Strong factory data, Wall St gains boost Asian share prices (Washington Post)2018-01-03
  6. McMafia makes chilling TV. But the reality is even worse | Luke Harding (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  7. Russian helicopter crashes in Syria, 2 pilots die (Washington Post)2018-01-03
  8. Russian helicopter crashes in Syria, 2 pilots die (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  9. Watch: St Mirren's Stelios Demetriou takes a quick bite during match (BBC)2018-01-03
  10. Trump Tower meeting with Russians 'treasonous', Bannon says in explosive book (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  11. Russia-Trump inquiry: 'FBI knew of collusion allegations during campaign' (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  12. Snow falls in Florida as 12 die in harsh winter weather across US (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  13. Trump Tower meeting with Russian was 'treasonous,' Steve Bannon says (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-03
  14. 'Idiot': Murdoch mocked Trump after phone call on immigration, book claims (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  15. Steve Bannon hits out: Trump Tower meeting was 'treasonous', 'unpatriotic' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  16. Ex-aide Bannon has lost his mind - Trump (BBC)2018-01-03
  17. Trump blasts Bannon after new book (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  18. Trump responds to Steve Bannon's criticisms in new book: 'When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind' (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  19. Trump fires back at Steve Bannon: 'When he was fired, he lost his mind' (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  20. Trump statement in response to Bannon criticism in new book (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  21. Research firm behind 'Steele dossier' attacks 'fake' GOP probes (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-03
  22. Russian doctors and nurses pose with ill and dying patients in sick social media posts (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  23. Paul Manafort sues Robert Mueller, seeking to rein in investigative powers (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  24. Rupert Murdoch called Trump a 'f---ing idiot,' new book claims (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-03
  25. Cheetah at St. Louis Zoo gives birth to 8 cubs (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  26. Morning mail: Trump goes to war with Steve Bannon (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  27. Manafort sues Mueller, Justice Department over Russia probe (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  28. Bannon says Trump Jr meeting with Russians 'treasonous' (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-03
  29. Russia and Venezuela’s Plan to Sidestep Sanctions: Virtual Currencies (New York Times)2018-01-03
  30. The Latest: Rosenstein meets with Ryan on Russia probe (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-03
  31. Syrian rebel shelling destroys at least seven Russian planes, report says (The Guardian)2018-01-03
  32. 10 Things to Know for Thursday (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  33. Trump slams ex-aide Bannon, says he has 'lost his mind' (Daily Nation)2018-01-04
  34. President Trump's lawyers send cease-and-desist letter to Steve Bannon (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  35. Donald Trump issues legal threat to Steve Bannon after book revelations (The Guardian)2018-01-04
  36. Trump-Bannon row: White House lawyers issue cease-and-desist order (BBC)2018-01-04
  37. Manafort sues to challenge Mueller's mandate in Russia probe (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  38. Trump says #SteveBannon has lost his mind (The Star)2018-01-04
  39. 2 Russian soldiers killed in attack on air base in Syria (Washington Post)2018-01-04
  40. 2 Russian soldiers killed in attack on air base in Syria (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  41. Russia warns US not to meddle in Iran during protests (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  42. Irn Bru panic as fans stockpile before recipe change (BBC)2018-01-04
  43. Moscow's Little Kyrgyzstan (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-04
  44. Putin approves Moscow-Cairo flights after 2-year ban (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  45. Reports: At least 10 killed in Siberian warehouse fire (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  46. Reports: At least 10 killed in Siberian warehouse fire (Washington Post)2018-01-04
  47. Russia rejects plaque about Red Army’s commander actions (Washington Post)2018-01-04
  48. Russia rejects plaque about Red Army's commander actions (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  49. Jakarta Journal: Across Indonesia’s Capital, a Legacy of Soviet-Inspired Design (New York Times)2018-01-04
  50. Civil rights organizations ask for info on Justice Department’s police reform work (Washington Post)2018-01-04
  51. Panera Bread pay-what-you-want cafe in Missouri to close (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  52. East Coast snowstorm disrupts air travel, leading to widespread cancelations at Northeast airports (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  53. Donald Trump's lawyers seek to ban explosive book from publication and threaten to sue Steve Bannon (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-04
  54. 'Bannon may already be cooperating with Mueller': tell-all book shifts frame of Russia inquiry (The Guardian)2018-01-04
  55. Trump Bannon row: Book publication brought forward to Friday (BBC)2018-01-04
  56. Donald Trump's attempt to silence Steve Bannon in court will help free speech (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-05
  57. Inside ref camp: Where Premier League referees are trained (BBC)2018-01-05
  58. Trump tried to stop Session recusing himself from Russia inquiry, sources say (The Guardian)2018-01-05
  59. AP Source: Trump had lawyer urge AG against Russia recusal (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  60. At Trump’s behest, top White House lawyer urged Jeff Sessions not to step aside from Russia probe (Washington Post)2018-01-05
  61. Red Square, Bangkok temple among ice festival sculptures (Washington Post)2018-01-05
  62. Trump threatens ex-ally #SteveBannon with legal action (The Star)2018-01-05
  63. New head appointed to Australian building and construction regulator (The Guardian)2018-01-05
  64. Saakashvili sentenced in Georgia to 3 years in absentia (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  65. Stephen Fry steps down as Bafta Film Awards host (BBC)2018-01-05
  66. Earnings scheduled for the week of 1/8/2018 (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  67. Teen burned in New Year's Eve bonfire in medical coma (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  68. White supremacist faces terror charge after train stopped (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  69. Ronald Klain: Why Trump may have flip-flopped on Clinton (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  70. Wife of Russian man slain in US meets vet who got his kidney (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  71. Trump ordered lawyer to stop recusal (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  72. Ed Rogers: Bannon exposed by book (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  73. Moscow-led church in Ukraine refuses to bury boy from Kiev church (The Guardian)2018-01-05
  74. The FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation (Washington Post)2018-01-05
  75. Ski Sunday: Paddy Graham attempts massive world record jump (BBC)2018-01-05
  76. Rebekah Mercer, the billionaire backer of Bannon and Trump, chooses sides (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  77. New residents wanted: Would you move to this remote Scottish island? (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  78. FBI investigating Clinton Foundation corruption claims (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-05
  79. Republican senators want ex-British spy behind Trump dossier to be investigated (The Guardian)2018-01-05
  80. Republicans urge investigation into Trump dossier author (BBC)2018-01-05
  81. Winds on this mountain in the US will make it feel like -67C (BBC)2018-01-06
  82. FBI has been investigating Clinton Foundation for months (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  83. Russia: US exploiting Iran protest to sink nuclear deal (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-06
  84. Anne Noblett 'Deep Freeze' murder: New calls to police (BBC)2018-01-06
  85. This Russian presidential contender has zero chance against Putin. But a man can dream. (Washington Post)2018-01-06
  86. The week in patriarchy: hoping for a better year – but not holding my breath (The Guardian)2018-01-06
  87. The Latest: Trump says he's done nothing wrong in probe (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  88. 'Not way off, but off': Trump challenges reports he meddled in Russia inquiry (The Guardian)2018-01-06
  89. Russian Orthodox mark Christmas in midnight Masses (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-06
  90. Dormant volcano Kadovar wakes with first eruption in known history (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-07
  91. New life for Rome's 'baldy' Christmas tree Spelacchio (BBC)2018-01-07
  92. 1 Powerball ticket sold in New Hampshire matches all 6 numbers to claim $570 million grand prize. (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-07
  93. 1 winning ticket for $795 million US Powerball draw (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-07
  94. Surprise awakening of Papua New Guinea volcano forces evacuations (The Guardian)2018-01-07
  95. Donald Trump, the gorilla channel and the blurred line between satire and fake news (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-07
  96. Former Guardian editor Preston dies at 79 (BBC)2018-01-07
  97. Amazon, Google, Apple battle to fix major security flaw (Daily Nation)2018-01-07
  98. 1 winning Powerball ticket to claim $570 million jackpot (The Star)2018-01-07
  99. What's on center stage at the CES tech show? Your voice (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-07
  100. Republicans defend Donald Trump's mental stability as Stephen Bannon issues apology (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-01-07

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