2018: Rwanda

  1. Rwanda scheme shows saving lives can be as easy as getting blood from a drone | Karen McVeigh (The Guardian)2018-01-02
  2. Rwanda bans livestock, fruits imports from S Africa over viral disease (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  3. Masters: Ronnie O'Sullivan thrashes Marco Fu - best shots (BBC)2018-01-16
  4. Rwanda becomes first poor country to provide eye care for all (The Guardian)2018-01-31
  5. Rwanda, Uganda trade claims over treatment of refugees (Washington Post)2018-02-02
  6. Djibouti seizes control of DP World’s container terminal (Washington Post)2018-02-23
  7. G5 Sahel military force still needs money (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-23
  8. Central African Republic: Half the population needs aid (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-23
  9. Madagascar's Ravalomanana wins African political leadership award (The Star)2018-02-26
  10. Eritrean diaspora is mourning (Al-Jazeera)2018-03-01
  11. At least 16 killed as lightning strikes SDA church in Rwanda (Daily Nation)2018-03-11
  12. Rwanda Seventh-Day Adventist churchgoers killed by lightning (BBC)2018-03-11
  13. Lightning strike kills 16, injures 140 at church in Rwanda (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-11
  14. Lightning strike kills 16, injures 140 at church in Rwanda (Washington Post)2018-03-11
  15. Lightning strike kills Rwandan churchgoers (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-03-11
  16. Rwandan authority to auction off stock of jailed govt critic (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-16
  17. Rwandan authority to auction off stock of jailed govt critic (Washington Post)2018-03-16
  18. Boston group using basketball to improve health in Rwanda (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-17
  19. Buhari puts off signing ACFTA free trade deal (Al-Jazeera)2018-03-19
  20. African Continental Free Trade Area: What you need to know (Al-Jazeera)2018-03-20
  21. African leaders sign largest free trade agreement since creation of World Trade Organization (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-21
  22. African leaders sign continental free trade agreement (Al-Jazeera)2018-03-21
  23. Why Yoweri Museveni skipped Kigali trade summit (Daily Nation)2018-03-22
  24. Kenyan court blocks anal probe as test for homosexuality (Washington Post)2018-03-22
  25. SADC to host African liberation heritage meeting in Pretoria (The Star)2018-03-23
  26. SADC ministers to host African liberation heritage meeting (The Star)2018-03-23
  27. Are we witnessing a 'new scramble for Africa'? (Al-Jazeera)2018-03-27
  28. The Scientific African launched to increase research output (Al-Jazeera)2018-03-27
  29. Rwanda closes thousands of churches in bid for more control (The New Zealand Herald)2018-04-04
  30. Rwanda closes thousands of churches in bid for more control (Washington Post)2018-04-04
  31. Long battle to stop firms bribing Africa for contracts (Daily Nation)2018-04-29
  32. Rwanda's Paul Kagame accuses ICC of bias against Africa (Al-Jazeera)2018-04-29
  33. The female moto drivers of Kigali (Al-Jazeera)2018-05-01
  34. Friendly seal nuzzles up to diver in Isle of Man (BBC)2018-05-06
  35. Official: 18 killed amid flooding, landslides in Rwanda (Washington Post)2018-05-08
  36. Google touts 'digital wellbeing' tools to help users disengage from phones (The Guardian)2018-05-08
  37. Google's robot assistant now makes eerily lifelike phone calls for you (The Guardian)2018-05-08
  38. Bill Cosby sentencing set for September (The Star)2018-05-15
  39. Teacher suspended over 'relationship' with boy, 17, is shot dead in driveway (The New Zealand Herald)2018-05-15
  40. Crowds annoyed at RAF Derwent Dambusters flypast mix-up (BBC)2018-05-16
  41. 13 Reasons Why: Season two is 'unnecessary', critics say (BBC)2018-05-18
  42. 500 Tesco website jobs under threat (BBC)2018-05-22
  43. How the US and Rwanda have fallen out over second-hand clothes (BBC)2018-05-28
  44. Senegal pushes new laws to promote employment for disabled people (Al-Jazeera)2018-07-24
  45. South Africa inquiry into top-level state graft opens (Daily Nation)2018-08-20
  46. 'It will not benefit us – we don't have cars': Nairobi community demolished for road (The Guardian)2018-08-20
  47. South Africa to launch probe into corruption under Zuma (Al-Jazeera)2018-08-20
  48. The problem with Cyril Ramaphosa's friendly visit to Kinshasa (Al-Jazeera)2018-08-20
  49. WATCH: 27-year-old launches drones that delivers blood to hospitals in Rwanda (The Star)2018-08-20
  50. Kenya burial site shows community spirit of herders 5,000 years ago (The Guardian)2018-08-20
  51. South Africa: What will the fallout be from fraud inquiry? (Al-Jazeera)2018-08-20
  52. Africa’s potential 'game changer' in the fight against malaria (BBC)2018-08-21
  53. A Time to Swim: A Story of Resistance in the Forests of Borneo (Al-Jazeera)2018-12-05
  54. Critic of Rwandan president cleared of insurrection and forgery (The Guardian)2018-12-06
  55. Rwanda’s high court drops all charges against opposition figure who challenged president in election (Washington Post)2018-12-06
  56. Real Madrid far behind top European clubs in women’s soccer (Washington Post)2018-12-10
  57. The 50 best TV shows of 2018: No 8 – Black Earth Rising (The Guardian)2018-12-11
  58. SA recalls envoy to Rwanda over 'insulting' comments (Daily Nation)2018-12-11
  59. SA-Rwanda relations under the microscope again (The Star)2018-12-11
  60. Suspect in Rwanda genocide home after Denmark extradites him (The New Zealand Herald)2018-12-11