2018: Sudan

  1. Al-Shabab extremists execute 5 alleged spies in Somalia (Washington Post)2018-01-03
  2. Deadly protests grip Sudan over rising bread prices (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-08
  3. High school student killed in protests as price of bread doubles in Sudan (The Guardian)2018-01-08
  4. Watchdog urges Sudan to stop seizing dailies amid protests (Washington Post)2018-01-09
  5. Watchdog urges Sudan to stop seizing dailies amid protests (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-09
  6. Anger over the rising price of bread in Sudan (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-09
  7. Power outage said to hit Sudan during president’s speech (Washington Post)2018-01-10
  8. Power outage said to hit Sudan during president's speech (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-10
  9. South Sudan warring parties ink new ceasefire (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  10. Sudan optimistic about growth after US says it would lift sanctions (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  11. South Sudan ceasefire goes into effect (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  12. Salva Kiir promises new dawn of peace in South Sudan (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  13. 22 killed, 18 injured in inter-clan war in South Sudan (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  14. Sudan imposes state of emergency in two states (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  15. Volunteers in effort to count number of South Sudan war dead (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  16. Sudan seizes newspapers after criticism on high cost of bread (Daily Nation)2018-01-13
  17. 28 aid workers killed in South Sudan last year, a new high (The New Zealand Herald)2018-01-18
  18. Group urges Sudan to halt arresting reporters amid protests (Washington Post)2018-01-19
  19. Captured, raped, ransomed: the kidnappers preying on Eritrean refugees | Sally Hayden (The Guardian)2018-01-19
  20. Sudan Jails Journalists in New Sign of Repression (New York Times)2018-01-20
  21. Sudan's press freedom: Concern about confiscations (Al-Jazeera)2018-01-22
  22. Sudan Frees 2 Journalists Working for Foreign News Agencies (New York Times)2018-01-23
  23. 29 cattle raiders killed in three months: Uganda army (Daily Nation)2018-01-23
  24. Burnley 1-1 Manchester City (BBC)2018-02-03
  25. Big Bash League: Adelaide Strikers beat Hobart Hurricanes to win maiden title (BBC)2018-02-04
  26. Uganda: Donors threaten refugee aid cuts over alleged abuses (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-06
  27. Uganda: Donors threaten refugee aid cuts over alleged abuses (Washington Post)2018-02-06
  28. 'Madly in love': Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce having baby with former staffer (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-06
  29. Sudan seizes 3 newspapers for covering protests over food prices (Daily Nation)2018-02-09
  30. Sudan's Bashir axes intelligence chief (The Star)2018-02-11
  31. Watch ants rescue their wounded comrades – video (The Guardian)2018-02-14
  32. Without meaningful change Sudan will descent into chaos (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-14
  33. US says ‘deeply concerned’ over political arrests in Sudan (Washington Post)2018-02-15
  34. Mohamed Salah inspires "I'll be Muslim too" chant (BBC)2018-02-16
  35. African fashion on display at early 'Black Panther' shows (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-16
  36. Liverpool fans embrace Mohamed Salah with Muslim chant (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-16
  37. Life after Ebola (BBC)2018-02-19
  38. Sudan frees dozens of activists detained after protests (Daily Nation)2018-02-19
  39. Sudan releases activists arrested over 'bread protests' (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-19
  40. Sudan 'to free' all of last month's detainees (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-19
  41. Hunger in Africa at the heart of UN conference in Sudan (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-24
  42. Sudan: Journalists released amid press freedom concerns (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-24
  43. Women’s rights activist: ‘I was harassed working at UN aid agency’ (The Guardian)2018-02-24
  44. UN says Rwanda police killed 11 refugees during food riots (Daily Nation)2018-02-27
  45. Sudan releases dozens arrested over bread protests (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-27
  46. Sudan releases dozens arrested over bread protests (Washington Post)2018-02-27
  47. No African country will end child malnutrition by 2030, says study (The Guardian)2018-03-01
  48. Sport offers hope to South Sudanese youth (Al-Jazeera)2018-03-25
  49. Machar’s house arrest lifted, days in SA numbered (The Star)2018-03-27
  50. South Sudan shuts dowm telecom firm Vivacell (Daily Nation)2018-03-27
  51. South Sudan shuts down telecom firm Vivacell (Daily Nation)2018-03-27
  52. Knife attacker kills 3 in Sudan mosque: police (Daily Nation)2018-03-28
  53. South Sudan an unlikely haven for many Sudanese refugees (The New Zealand Herald)2018-03-30
  54. Sudan repatriates seven female 'IS members' from Libya (Daily Nation)2018-04-05
  55. Alliance says charges against ex-PM could lead to death (The New Zealand Herald)2018-04-05
  56. Alliance says charges against ex-PM could lead to death (Washington Post)2018-04-05
  57. More elderly are dying after falls as care crisis deepens (The Guardian)2018-04-07
  58. Omar al-Bashir sacks Sudan foreign minister (Daily Nation)2018-04-20
  59. Sudanese president fires foreign minister after pay remark (Washington Post)2018-04-20
  60. Archeologists open burial chambers in Sudanese pyramid (Washington Post)2018-04-24
  61. Death sentence quashed on Sudanese teen who killed 'rapist' husband (The Star)2018-06-26
  62. Death sentence quashed for teenager who killed rapist husband in Sudan (The Guardian)2018-06-26
  63. Sudan court scraps teen's death sentence in marital rape case (Al-Jazeera)2018-06-26
  64. Death sentence quashed on Sudanese teen who killed husband: lawyer (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-06-26
  65. Death sentence overturned for Sudanese teen who killed 'rapist' husband (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-06-26
  66. South Sudan's latest cease-fire is violated within hours (The New Zealand Herald)2018-06-30
  67. Sudan opposition party says its leader denied entry to Egypt (The New Zealand Herald)2018-07-01
  68. Amnesty accuses Indonesian forces of unlawful killings in Papua (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-07-02
  69. Slam from Sudan: how Emtithal Mahmoud shook the world (The Guardian)2018-07-02
  70. Sudan opposition leader blocked from entering Egypt: party (Daily Nation)2018-07-02
  71. Meet the activist held without charge in a notorious jail (BBC)2018-07-03
  72. Amnesty: Indonesian forces behind unlawful killings in Papua (Al-Jazeera)2018-07-03
  73. Amnesty calls on Sierra Leone to end protest crackdowns (The New Zealand Herald)2018-07-03
  74. First test tube rhino embryos could bring extinct species back from dead (The Guardian)2018-07-04
  75. Labor MP Michael Danby's preselection meeting undemocratic, candidate says (The Guardian)2018-07-16
  76. Upskirting row MP Sir Christopher Chope under fire again (BBC)2018-07-17
  77. Labor MP Emma Husar faces investigation of bullying claims (The Guardian)2018-07-20
  78. Would-be MP referred for psychiatric tests over pro-Hitler posts (The Guardian)2018-07-20
  79. Egypt, Sudan seek to bolster ties after years-long tension (The New Zealand Herald)2018-07-20
  80. Daryl Maguire to resign from New South Wales parliament (The Guardian)2018-07-21
  81. Details of ex-Sudan VP John Garang's death (Daily Nation)2018-07-28
  82. South Sudan: Oil revival to boost economic recovery (Al-Jazeera)2018-08-28
  83. South Sudan rebel leader Machar 'refused' to sign peace deal (Al-Jazeera)2018-08-28
  84. S.Sudan rebel chief Machar refuses to sign peace deal (Daily Nation)2018-08-28
  85. South Sudan Rebels Refuse to Sign Peace Deal (New York Times)2018-08-28
  86. South Sudan's Machar refuses to sign peace deal, says mediator (The Star)2018-08-28
  87. Inside a Neonatal Clinic in South Sudan: ‘In Some Ways, It Felt Wrong to Be Here’ (New York Times)2018-08-28
  88. South Sudan's opposition refuses to sign final peace deal (The New Zealand Herald)2018-08-28
  89. Riek Machar agrees to sign S.Sudan peace deal: mediator (Daily Nation)2018-08-29
  90. Another rebel faction disowns South Sudan peace deal (Daily Nation)2018-08-29
  91. At last, Riek Machar approves peace deal with rival Salva Kiir (Daily Nation)2018-08-31
  92. South Sudanese rebels 'approve' peace deal with government (Al-Jazeera)2018-08-31
  93. ER actress fatally shot by police during wellness check at home (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-09-01
  94. Headless body in fish tank leaves neighbors fearing worst for local eccentric (The Guardian)2018-09-02
  95. Radio Dabanga: Is Darfur losing its media lifeline? (Al-Jazeera)2018-09-02
  96. South Sudan, Ethiopia to form joint border security force (Daily Nation)2018-09-02
  97. 'Miracle' woman says El Salvador's Oscar Romero a saint (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-06
  98. Boston rape victim, 16, found by drone with thermal camera (BBC)2018-10-06
  99. Police drone finds girl, 16, who called 999 to report rape (The Guardian)2018-10-06
  100. Boston drone arrest: Man held over rape released (BBC)2018-10-07

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