2017: Tonga

  1. Jury begins deliberating in 2nd phase of Maui murder trial (The New Zealand Herald)2017-01-03
  2. How did our ancient ancestors face climate change? Scientists peek thousands of years back (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-15
  3. No verdict in University Challenge rape trial (BBC)2017-02-15
  4. University applications 'depends heavily on where you live' (BBC)2017-02-17
  5. Island kingdom of Tonga mourns the death of its queen mother (The New Zealand Herald)2017-02-22
  6. Island kingdom of Tonga mourns the death of its queen mother (Washington Post)2017-02-22
  7. University bans phrases such as 'right-hand man' and 'gentleman's agreement' in favour of gender-neutral terms (The New Zealand Herald)2017-03-02
  8. Artificial human life could soon be grown in lab (The New Zealand Herald)2017-03-03
  9. Watch: Juggler proves sobriety to police (The New Zealand Herald)2017-03-09
  10. Penn State sex abuse: two former administrators plead guilty (The Star)2017-03-13
  11. A new definition would add 102 planets to our solar system - including Pluto (The New Zealand Herald)2017-03-20
  12. Oxford University puts up more portraits of women (BBC)2017-03-30
  13. Penn State bans frat where student was fatally injured (The New Zealand Herald)2017-03-30
  14. University's three-legged cat 'relieves exam stress' (BBC)2017-04-09
  15. Why do University Challenge contestants go viral? (BBC)2017-04-10
  16. University Challenge: Professor Stephen Hawking presents winners' trophy (BBC)2017-04-10
  17. Monkmania lives on despite University Challenge loss (BBC)2017-04-11
  18. UEA's Antony Gormley art installation criticised by students (BBC)2017-04-14
  19. Swansea University smart bandage trials 'within 12 months' (BBC)2017-04-16
  20. Student accused of rape arrested after texting victim to say 'sorry' (The New Zealand Herald)2017-04-19
  21. Teenager brought down websites, then sold software to criminals (The New Zealand Herald)2017-04-21
  22. Avoiding making eye contact is a sign of racism says Oxford University (The New Zealand Herald)2017-04-22
  23. Oxford University sorry for eye contact racism claim (BBC)2017-04-28
  24. Man in custody after alleged stabbing spree at the University of Texas (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-01
  25. University of Texas stabbing: enrolled student on murderous spree (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-05-02
  26. A black student, a glue gun and a lockdown prompt debate over race at Colgate (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-02
  27. Rhino horn stolen from University of Vermont; reward offered (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-04
  28. Queen's University, Belfast, criticised over gender pay gap (BBC)2017-05-09
  29. Penn State students face charges over death from hazing ritual (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-09
  30. Besty DeVos booed at Bethune-Cookman University (Al-Jazeera)2017-05-11
  31. Documents offer harrowing timeline of frat's deadly night (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-11
  32. Stormzy donates £9,000 to a student's Harvard crowdfunding campaign (BBC)2017-05-15
  33. Oxford student Lavinia Woodward 'may avoid jail' for knife attack (BBC)2017-05-17
  34. Later dementia diagnosis for Welsh speakers, study shows (BBC)2017-05-19
  35. Professor confronts white nationalist at the gym - which terminates his membership (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-22
  36. Oxford University student Lavinia Woodward: 'No guarantees' over return (BBC)2017-05-22
  37. Student denied bail in fatal stabbing investigated as hate crime (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-22
  38. Q&A: What to expect during Bill Cosby's jury selection (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-23
  39. How the AP-NORC poll on long term care was conducted (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-26
  40. Pound for pound, Dillard University is a physics powerhouse (The New Zealand Herald)2017-05-27
  41. PICS: Bill Cosby sexual assault trial begins (The Star)2017-06-05
  42. Highlights from the testimony of Bill Cosby's chief accuser (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-07
  43. Wales rugby tour: McBryde names three new caps v Tonga (BBC)2017-06-14
  44. Disgraced S. Korean leader's friend Choi gets three years in jail (Daily Nation)2017-06-23
  45. Noisy cities disrupt heartbeat and could trigger disease - study suggests (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-25
  46. Earthquake hits Tonga northwest of island (The New Zealand Herald)2017-06-25
  47. Sheffield University student Joana Burns died after taking ecstasy (BBC)2017-07-02
  48. Abduction suspect makes first appearance in court (The New Zealand Herald)2017-07-04
  49. Boris the dog attends University of Reading graduation (BBC)2017-07-08
  50. FBI tape allegedly captures kidnapping suspect describing 'ideal victim' (The New Zealand Herald)2017-07-08
  51. Wimbledon 2017: Jamie Murray & Martina Hingis win mixed doubles title (BBC)2017-07-16
  52. Wimbledon 2017: Remarkable 'reverse winner' from Jamie Murray in mixed doubles final (BBC)2017-07-16
  53. Johanna Konta up to fourth in rankings, Andy Murray remains number one (BBC)2017-07-17
  54. Tyson Foods to invest $320M in new chicken plant in Kansas (The New Zealand Herald)2017-09-05
  55. Police find body of child encased in concrete in Kansas home (The New Zealand Herald)2017-09-07
  56. NFL 2017: New England Patriots lose opener to Kansas City Chiefs (BBC)2017-09-08
  57. NFL: Kareem Hunt makes sensational debut for Kansas City Chiefs (BBC)2017-09-08
  58. Kansas lawmaker: I'd give to North Korea before public radio (The New Zealand Herald)2017-09-08
  59. Widow of Kansas bar shooting victim faced deportation (The New Zealand Herald)2017-09-08