2018: Tonga

  1. Winter Olympics 2018: Tonga and Bermuda ignore freezing Pyeongchang conditions (BBC)2018-02-09
  2. Cyclone Gita: Tonga declares state of emergency (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  3. Cyclone Gita: Tonga declares state of emergency as storm strengthens (The Guardian)2018-02-12
  4. Pacific nation of Tonga braces for Cyclone Gita (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  5. Pacific nation of Tonga braces for Cyclone Gita (Washington Post)2018-02-12
  6. Live: Cyclone Gita set to slam into Tonga, MFAT warns travellers (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  7. Gita's fury: Tropical cyclone hits Tonga (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  8. Cyclone Gita: Buildings destroyed in Tonga, people injured (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  9. 'Scary night' for Tonga capital Nuku'alofa in Tropical Cyclone Gita (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  10. Cyclone Gita: Tonga devastated by worst storm in 60 years (The Guardian)2018-02-12
  11. Damage assessment begins in Tonga following Tropical Cyclone Gita (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-12
  12. Tonga begins cleanup while Fiji prepares for Cyclone Gita (Washington Post)2018-02-13
  13. Cyclone Gita smashes Tonga, heads towards Fiji (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-13
  14. Fiji on notice after cyclone flattens Tongan parliament (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-02-13
  15. A Powerful Storm Leaves Tonga’s Parliament Homeless (New York Times)2018-02-13
  16. Gita leaves some Fiji islands in the dark as Tonga picks up the pieces following mass destruction (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-13
  17. Fifty-thousand Tongans affected by severe tropical Cyclone Gita (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  18. Tongans face long wait for services to return after cyclone (The New Zealand Herald)2018-02-14
  19. Tongans face long wait for services to return after cyclone (Washington Post)2018-02-14
  20. In Fiji, villages need to move due to climate change (Al-Jazeera)2018-02-14
  21. 'A slow pace but it's a pace': Tongan skier surpasses goals in Pyeongchang (The Guardian)2018-02-16
  22. 'Topless Tongan' skier avoids last place (BBC)2018-02-16
  23. ‘Shirtless’ Tongan skier, others ‘live to fight another day’ (Washington Post)2018-02-16
  24. Australian Domino's store shuts after 'absolutely disgusting' pictures emerge (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-11
  25. Work for the dole an 'intergenerational time bomb' for Indigenous communities (The Guardian)2018-10-11
  26. Daughter's hilarious obituary unravels mysterious life of her father (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-10-11
  27. Rising energy and childcare costs show need for wages reform, unions say (The Guardian)2018-10-12
  28. Mother dives on top of baby during Australian hailstorm, suffering severe bruising (Washington Post)2018-10-12
  29. Bill Shorten: 'We've got to end the climate change war' (The Guardian)2018-10-12
  30. 'I feel like an empty shell': the patients left behind when MSF had to quit Nauru (The Guardian)2018-10-12
  31. 'Our son was blackmailed online for sex images' (BBC)2018-10-17
  32. Who was the real Granny Smith? (BBC)2018-10-20
  33. England Netball: Commonwealth Games champions' new investment (BBC)2018-10-23
  34. Banned but still in business: law fails to stop rogue landlords (The Guardian)2018-10-24
  35. Stephen King sells film rights for story to Welsh teenagers for $1 (The Guardian)2018-10-24
  36. Police officer cleared of punching 14-year-old-boy (The Guardian)2018-10-24
  37. Cathay Pacific data leak affects millions of passengers (Al-Jazeera)2018-10-24
  38. Super Typhoon Yutu bears down on Northern Mariana Islands (The Guardian)2018-10-24
  39. 'Unprecedented' Super Typhoon blasting US Pacific islands with 289 km/h winds (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-24
  40. Frightening category 5+ Typhoon Yutu ravaging US islands at 290km/h (The Sydney Morning Herald)2018-10-24
  41. ‘Catastrophic’ Typhoon Yutu Slams Into U.S. Commonwealth in the Pacific (New York Times)2018-10-25
  42. Royals Harry and Meghan arrive in Tonga on Pacific tour (Washington Post)2018-10-25
  43. Royals Harry and Meghan arrive in Tonga on Pacific tour (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-25
  44. 'Like a small war passed through': Super Typhoon Yutu smashes Pacific islands (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-25
  45. Meghan seen with tag dangling from dress in Tonga (CNN)2018-10-25
  46. Northern Marianas Islands survey damage from Super Typhoon Yutu (The Guardian)2018-10-25
  47. Royals Harry and Meghan dedicate forest reserves in Tonga (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-26
  48. Resilient islanders brace for long recovery after typhoon (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-27
  49. Guam ancient village gone at Marine base, official says (The New Zealand Herald)2018-10-30
  50. Drones to deliver vaccines in Vanuatu in world-first trial (The Guardian)2018-10-31