2017-04-25: US

  1. O'Reilly surprised by Fox exit, says truth will come out (The New Zealand Herald)00:10:08
  2. Bill O'Reilly says he's surprised that he's off TV but is confident the truth will come out about his exit from Fox News (The New Zealand Herald)00:10:08
  3. HGTV's 'Flip or Flop' to return with divorcing co-hosts (The New Zealand Herald)00:30:16
  4. Donald Trump's first 100 days in 100 of his own words (BBC)00:40:18
  5. Box Office Top 20: 'Fast 8' races to No. 1 again (The New Zealand Herald)01:10:10
  6. Californian beauty queen jailed over child porn (The New Zealand Herald)02:10:09
  7. Writers Guild votes to authorize strike as talks continue (The New Zealand Herald)02:10:09
  8. Ex-reality TV star arrested in Phoenix for car theft, drugs (The New Zealand Herald)02:30:12
  9. Trump slaps tariff on Canadian softwood lumber (The New Zealand Herald)02:50:10
  10. Donald Trump compares his television numbers to 9/11 terrorist attack coverage (The New Zealand Herald)04:10:11
  11. US students score poorly on national arts and music exam (The New Zealand Herald)04:30:16
  12. Faye Dunaway speaks on Oscar's best picture fiasco (The New Zealand Herald)04:30:16
  13. Volunteers accompany US immigrants to court to allay fears (The New Zealand Herald)04:50:10
  14. Trump races an imaginary deadline to get his border wall on track (Washington Post)05:10:53
  15. Astronaut breaks US space record, gets call from Trump (The Star)06:51:09
  16. Companies decry Trump plan to eliminate Energy Star program (The New Zealand Herald)07:30:17
  17. Trump's 100-days promises: Fewer than half carried out (The New Zealand Herald)07:50:11
  18. Gov't shutdown, health bill rescue at stake in Congress (The New Zealand Herald)07:50:11
  19. Trump touts executive orders he once lambasted (The New Zealand Herald)08:10:15
  20. Study: Trump's hardball tactic on health care may backfire (The New Zealand Herald)08:10:15
  21. Trump's Mar-a-Lago loses State Department promotion posting (The New Zealand Herald)08:10:15
  22. A budget deficit challenge for Trump's tax plan (The New Zealand Herald)08:10:15
  23. California: Teens rush Oakland regional train, rob riders (The New Zealand Herald)09:50:09
  24. Are flying cars the future? (BBC)10:00:39
  25. Voices from around the world consider Trump's first 100 days (The New Zealand Herald)10:30:17
  26. Lena Dunham plans to take feminist Lenny Letter on the road (The New Zealand Herald)10:30:17
  27. FCA, Google begin offering rides in their self-driving cars (The New Zealand Herald)11:30:16
  28. Coke falls shy of 1Q profit forecasts (The New Zealand Herald)11:50:11
  29. Caterpillar tops Street 1Q forecasts (The New Zealand Herald)12:30:14
  30. Former US Ambassador Samantha Power writing a memoir (The New Zealand Herald)12:30:14
  31. NYC firefighter's widow gets help to pay off mortgage (The New Zealand Herald)12:30:14
  32. Report: NYC subway bias crimes, felony assaults increase (The New Zealand Herald)12:50:10
  33. NYC has increase in homeless students (The New Zealand Herald)13:10:09
  34. Former AG Sally Yates to testify May 8 in Russia probe (The New Zealand Herald)13:10:09
  35. US home prices rose at the fastest pace in nearly 3 years (The New Zealand Herald)13:30:14
  36. Former NY police, lawyer arrested in gun licensing probe (The New Zealand Herald)14:10:11
  37. Lady Gaga, 'Pokemon Go,' Women's March snag Webby Awards (The New Zealand Herald)14:10:11
  38. Main parachute not found connected to skydiver who died (The New Zealand Herald)14:30:16
  39. US new home sales increase 5.8 percent in March, strongest pace in 8 months (The New Zealand Herald)14:30:16
  40. The Latest: Trump says he hasn't changed position on wall (The New Zealand Herald)14:30:16
  41. Google targets 'fake news,' offensive search suggestions (The New Zealand Herald)14:30:16
  42. US new-home sales climb to 8-month high in March (The New Zealand Herald)14:30:16
  43. Drake to host first-ever "NBA Awards" on June 26 (The New Zealand Herald)14:30:16
  44. Wild monkey spotted in Florida suburb (The New Zealand Herald)15:10:11
  45. Healthy profits for McDonald's, others vault stocks higher (The New Zealand Herald)15:10:11
  46. US consumer confidence dips in April but remains strong (The New Zealand Herald)15:10:11
  47. JetBlue's profit sinks 59 percent as fuel costs rise (The New Zealand Herald)15:10:11
  48. The Latest: White House refuses lawmakers' request on Flynn (The New Zealand Herald)15:30:18
  49. TV's 'Orange Is the New Black' honors slain character (The New Zealand Herald)15:30:18
  50. Disney to premiere 'Descendants' sequel across 5 networks (The New Zealand Herald)15:50:09
  51. Tyson foods to buy AdvancePierre for $3.2 billion (The New Zealand Herald)15:50:09
  52. Committee approves Trump's choice to lead trade office (The New Zealand Herald)15:50:09
  53. Simulating mom's womb in research to help earliest preemies (The New Zealand Herald)16:10:09
  54. Disabled Amtrak train at Penn Station snarls morning commute (The New Zealand Herald)16:10:09
  55. J.Crew to cut 150 jobs with sales in retreat (The New Zealand Herald)16:30:12
  56. Soggy Seattle lives up to name, breaks another rain record (The New Zealand Herald)16:30:12
  57. White-power groups banding together, but for how long? (The New Zealand Herald)16:30:12
  58. Sir Rod Stewart's son Liam Stewart stars for Great Britain (BBC)16:30:21
  59. 'Grey's Anatomy's' Jesse Williams files for divorce (The New Zealand Herald)17:10:09
  60. Hello? Justice Stephen Breyer's cellphone rings in court (The New Zealand Herald)17:10:09
  61. Paul McCartney adds tour dates for New York, New Jersey (The New Zealand Herald)17:10:09
  62. Mayors grapple with 'sanctuary' label after Sessions meeting (The New Zealand Herald)17:10:09
  63. Q&A: Hawaii reassures tourists after brain parasite cases (The New Zealand Herald)17:10:09
  64. The Latest: NYPD commissioner vows changes amid dept probe (The New Zealand Herald)17:10:09
  65. Anti-government suspect declines to stand for judge in court (The New Zealand Herald)17:10:09
  66. Traditional, classic moments at Bridal Fashion Week (The New Zealand Herald)17:30:13
  67. The top 10 books on Apple's iBooks-US (The New Zealand Herald)17:30:13
  68. Driver fatally shot after police pursuit around LA County (The New Zealand Herald)17:30:13
  69. The Latest: Sentencing of teen for fatal fire still pending (The New Zealand Herald)17:50:10
  70. Senator: Trump won't let NKorea build missile to reach US (The New Zealand Herald)18:10:11
  71. US urges new sanctions against South Sudan, Russia says ‘no’ (Washington Post)18:20:44
  72. Deputies search lake for missing California boy (The New Zealand Herald)18:30:17
  73. Fire at upstate New York home kills father, visiting son (The New Zealand Herald)18:30:17
  74. Los Angeles' piano-playing mayor declares 'La La Land' day (The New Zealand Herald)18:30:17
  75. Congressional organization denies credentials to Breitbart (The New Zealand Herald)18:30:17
  76. How Google plans to get a billion users (CNN)18:30:30
  77. An intimate look inside the lives of New York's Chinese immigrants (CNN)18:30:30
  78. Trump stacks schedule for foreign policy advice (CNN)18:30:30
  79. Senate Intel Chair says US is in a new Cold War with Russia (CNN)18:30:30
  80. The Latest: Official estimate could upend Trump tax plan (The New Zealand Herald)18:50:12
  81. Imprisoned in North Korea: The Cases of 3 Americans (New York Times)19:30:01
  82. Official: White House to name new Secret Service director (The New Zealand Herald)19:30:15
  83. Detective: Durst's wife told neighbor of beating, threats (The New Zealand Herald)19:50:10
  84. Trump, Australia prime minister to meet next month in NYC (The New Zealand Herald)19:50:10
  85. Czech president’s visit to US postponed due to NKorea crisis (Washington Post)19:50:46
  86. Trump backs down on border wall funding (BBC)20:00:24
  87. Aretha blasts Dionne Warwick but she declines to fire back (The New Zealand Herald)20:10:08
  88. The Latest: Trump aims to ease farming regulations (The New Zealand Herald)20:10:08
  89. NPR's Robert Siegel leaving 'All Things Considered' (The New Zealand Herald)20:10:08
  90. Kidz Bop ready bigger tour with help from Live Nation (The New Zealand Herald)20:10:08
  91. US judge blocks Trump order to cut off funding to cities that limit cooperation with immigration authorities (The New Zealand Herald)20:30:15
  92. New York bowler rolls perfect 300 game in just 86.9 seconds (The New Zealand Herald)20:30:15
  93. Judge blocks Trump order on sanctuary city funding (The New Zealand Herald)20:50:11
  94. Chipotle says key sale figure rose more than expected (The New Zealand Herald)20:50:11
  95. Moving beyond China and Mexico, Trump targets Canada trade (The New Zealand Herald)20:50:11
  96. Ella Fitzgerald's 100th birthday marked with Grammy exhibit (The New Zealand Herald)21:10:12
  97. Amid North Korean tensions, US to launch test missile off California coast (The Sydney Morning Herald)21:20:08
  98. OAS to hold emergency meeting Wednesday on Venezuela crisis (The New Zealand Herald)21:30:14
  99. Jurors hear closing arguments at trial over student's death (The New Zealand Herald)21:30:14
  100. Rough week for Fox broadcast in television ratings (The New Zealand Herald)21:30:14

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