2017: Vanuatu

  1. Vanuatu volcano pollutes drinking water, forces Dunkirk-style evacuation (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-10-01
  2. Planes, ships, barges: the DIY evacuation of Vanuatu volcano island (The Guardian)2017-10-01
  3. Locals evacuate Ambae island as Vanuatu volcano threatens to erupt – video (The Guardian)2017-10-02
  4. Vanuatu island exodus continues even as volcano stabilizes (Washington Post)2017-10-02
  5. Vanuatu says most residents evacuated from belching volcano (Washington Post)2017-10-04
  6. Cook Islands faces its 'worst case scenario', being granted developed country status (The Guardian)2017-10-08
  7. Tsunami waves hit after magnitude 7 quake rocks New Caledonia (The New Zealand Herald)2017-11-20
  8. Tsunami waves detected in New Caledonia, Vanuatu after earthquake: PTWC (The Sydney Morning Herald)2017-11-20
  9. Tsunami waves expected in Vanuatu after 7.0 magnitude earthquake (The Guardian)2017-11-20
  10. 7.0 quake off New Caledonia sparks tsunami alert (The Star)2017-11-20