2019-02: Yemen

  1. UN envoy reported 'optimistic' on Yemen cease-fire (The New Zealand Herald)2019-02-01
  2. UN envoy reported ‘optimistic’ on Yemen cease-fire (Washington Post)2019-02-01
  3. Yemen coalition alarmed at Houthi cease-fire violations (Washington Post)2019-02-02
  4. Ellie Yarrow-Sanders: Judge's Twitter plea to missing mum (BBC)2019-02-02
  5. Jordan to host talks between Yemen’s warring parties (Washington Post)2019-02-02
  6. Yemen peace talks held on UN-chartered boat off Hodeidah (The Guardian)2019-02-03
  7. Yemen government, Houthi rebels meet on UN ship to discuss truce (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-03
  8. UK's arms export supervisor attacks NGOs over Yemen deaths (The Guardian)2019-02-04
  9. Hospitals in Yemen unable to cope with swine flu (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-04
  10. Red Cross: Yemen prisoner release ‘hanging in the balance’ (Washington Post)2019-02-04
  11. Early Facebook investor blasts company in new book 'Zucked' (CNN)2019-02-05
  12. Yemen’s warring parties discuss stalled prisoner exchange (Washington Post)2019-02-05
  13. Self-harm content 'grooms people to take own lives' (BBC)2019-02-05
  14. Facebook lets senders undo sent Messenger messages (Daily Nation)2019-02-06
  15. Amnesty calls for halt to arms sales to Saudi-led coalition (Washington Post)2019-02-06
  16. From Iraq to Yemen, counting the cost of war is an inexact science (The Guardian)2019-02-06
  17. UN: Efforts for Yemen ceasefire deal 'beginning to pay off' (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-06
  18. US lawmaker questions arms sales to Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-07
  19. Correction: Yemen story (Washington Post)2019-02-07
  20. Morocco freezes involvement in Saudi-led coalition in Yemen (Washington Post)2019-02-07
  21. UN: Yemen’s warring parties reach preliminary pullout deal (Washington Post)2019-02-07
  22. Grain to Feed Millions of Famished Yemenis Could Rot, U.N. Warns (New York Times)2019-02-07
  23. Morocco re-evaluates role in Saudi-led Yemen war coalition (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  24. Doctors plead for conjoined twins to leave Yemen for treatment (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-08
  25. Yemen's cancer patients suffer as clinics are closing (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-08
  26. Yemen negotiators agree to begin handover of civil war dead (Washington Post)2019-02-08
  27. Saudi-led coalition denies supplying Houthis, al Qaeda-linked fighters with US weapons in Yemen (CNN)2019-02-10
  28. Is the world failing Yemen? (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-11
  29. Pompeo won’t find a future for Middle East peace in Warsaw (Washington Post)2019-02-14
  30. Have world leaders really got the will to bring peace to Yemen? (The Guardian)2019-02-16
  31. Land Mines Block Saudi-led Assault in Yemen, Killing Civilians (New York Times)2019-02-17
  32. UN envoy arrives in Yemen to discuss truce around port city (Washington Post)2019-02-17
  33. Yemen and Houthi rebels agree to withdrawal deal (The Guardian)2019-02-17
  34. Deal to free Hodeidah may open way to aid in Yemen, UN envoy says (The Guardian)2019-02-19
  35. UN envoy says Yemen ports deal is chance for peace talks (Washington Post)2019-02-19
  36. United Nations moves to help combat sexual abuse in its ranks (Daily Nation)2019-02-20
  37. The nightmares of a Yemeni mother (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-20
  38. Phone app links patients to blood donors in war-torn Yemen (Al-Jazeera)2019-02-20
  39. Denmark’s Inger Andersen elected UN environment chief (Washington Post)2019-02-21
  40. Photographers from Bhutan, Yemen and Sudan enter Stenin contest for first time (The Star)2019-02-21
  41. Photographers from Bhutan, Yemen and Sudan enter Stenin contest for first time (The Star)2019-02-21
  42. UN chief discusses Yemen, Venezuela with Pompeo (Washington Post)2019-02-21
  43. Yemen Dispatch: For Yemen Child Soldiers, a Refuge Mixes Play With Saudi Propaganda (New York Times)2019-02-22
  44. Chinese-Australian billionaire wins media defamation suit (Washington Post)2019-02-22
  45. Patriots owner Kraft accused in prostitution sting (BBC)2019-02-22
  46. Super Bowl champion team owner charged with soliciting prostitute (The Sydney Morning Herald)2019-02-22
  47. UN court sets date for deciding Bosnian Serb leader’s appeal (Washington Post)2019-02-22
  48. Birmingham stabbing: Boy stabbed in Small Heath named (BBC)2019-02-23
  49. ‘I won’t talk about Hoda’: Alabama responds to Muthana’s plea to return (The Guardian)2019-02-24
  50. Mother of victim on Birmingham pub bombs inquest (BBC)2019-02-25
  51. Birmingham pub bombings: Inquests into 1974 deaths to resume (BBC)2019-02-25
  52. Bordesley Green stabbing: Boy, 17, stabbed to death (BBC)2019-02-25
  53. Yemen crisis: UN to make record aid appeal (BBC)2019-02-26
  54. UN conference for Yemen seeks funds for $4b target in 2019 (Washington Post)2019-02-26
  55. Cardiff family plea for grandson's release from Yemen (BBC)2019-02-26
  56. UN envoy arrives in Yemen to discuss truce around port city (Washington Post)2019-02-26
  57. Birmingham pub bombings inquest: tributes paid to victims (The Guardian)2019-02-26
  58. More than half of $2.6bn aid to Yemen pledged by countries involved in war (The Guardian)2019-02-26
  59. Birmingham pub bombings: 'I drove my sister to her death' (BBC)2019-02-26
  60. U.N. Seeks $4 Billion to Save Millions from Famine in Yemen (New York Times)2019-02-26
  61. What happened to 4 starving Yemeni children since The Washington Post visited their village in December (Washington Post)2019-02-27
  62. Birmingham stabbings: 'Knife crime is an emergency' - police chief (BBC)2019-02-27
  63. Will Birmingham's boom benefit all? (BBC)2019-02-28
  64. Hundred firefighters battle factory fire in Birmingham (BBC)2019-02-28